Outfit deets:
* Gap cardigan (old) which has a hold in the side seam and I've safety pinned it closed (ghet-to).
* Sirens tank/cami that has a ruffle on the front and the racer-back zipper; you've seen this with white skinnies.
* Forever 21 skirt (old) which is probably the prettiest and girliest skirt I own.  It's stunning, well-made and romantic and although I don't wear it a ton, I'm so glad I purchased it for less than $30 a couple years ago in Montreal.  You've seen with with a black lace top and during the Fall surrounded by beautiful scenery (and I'm wearing booties).  See a similar skirts I own in outfit posts in peach, pink & grey (love this one).
* Zara shoes, probably my favourite shoes of the moment, I want to wear them everyday but don't let myself.  You've seen them with a faux leather peplum top and with faded neon denim.
* Accessories:  American Eagle belt (old), Gucci sunnies & gifted circle bracelet, American Eagle & F21 bangles.

Happy Monday!

Since I live in Canada, I have a long weekend and am off today, hence why there is no weekend recap yet; my weekend is still going!  I will be back tomorrow with a full recap, hope you have a great day.

Old Navy top, F21 skirt (last seen here), Guess heels (last seen here), Givenchy tights, H&M necklace, MK bracelet & F21 bangle

I finally wore this top after raving about it in my Boxing Day shopping video (okay fine, I wore it for an evening in one time, but that doesn't really count) and sure enough, I wasn't the only one that loved it.  Tons-o-compliments and I think it's just because it's so pretty, almost unexpected and I paired it with the girly skirt.  This is major girly-ness happening over here, and I kind of love it.  It's fun to dress feminine and really girly, for me anyways.

So, as I type this, I'm sitting at the airport (how cool is that?!) waiting for my flight.  I have some snacks packed to deter me from eating plane food (but I have to admit, I secretly kind of like it) and I'm pretty pumped I will be in Florida by this afternoon.  However, another reason as to why I'm even more excited for today?  I'm meeting Jamie from GlamLatte in Florida!  It was by total fluke that this is supposed to work out and we are both looking forward to it.  Basically, she is flying out and I am flying in, we're making our paths cross at the airport in order to have lunch and officially meet.  After two years of emailing, skyping and being BBFF's, it's about time!  Exciting!  I'll be sure to share photos.

 Dynamite blazer, H&M dress (worn as a top & last seen here), Stitches skirt, unknown tights, Aldo booties (last seen here), Suzy necklace, Pandora, Dynamite & F21 bracelets

First off, thank you all so much for the amazing comments, yet again, on yesterday's post.  You all brought a big smile to my face; your compassion and empathy, your kindness and sweet words all mean so much.  Thank you.

So in other news, I am so excited: I just booked my flight to Florida!  Ya!  I wasn't planning on going down this year (financially it just wasn't feasible) but things have changed and I am going!  Yipee!  I'm so excited to spend a week and a day on the beach, wearing sandals, eating at my favourite US restaurant (Chili's) and spending some QT with my parents (they go every year and rent the same condo).

I packed a couple weeks ago and sent a suitcase down with my parents (they drive) so I wouldn't have to (a) lug a big suitcase through the airports (simply a carry-on now), and (b) have to pay additional fees to check my baggage.  Not having to think about packing in itself is a stress reliever (more on what I packed later). 

However, the one thing I am 'stressed' (if you can even call it that) about is reading material.  I love to read (especially on the beach) and am currently reading a book, but not obsessed with it (obsessed in the I-will-finish-this-in-a-few-days obsessed).  I'm looking to you dear readers for some good book recommendations.  Are you reading anything right now that I simply must check out?

I wanted to share this photo to give you guys a sneak peak into my new apartment (finding space for my shoes is a work in progress!), plus I kinda liked the photo.

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 Gap cardigan, Winners top, Zara pants, Gap wedges, Aldo necklace, Suzy ring, Michael Kors watch, Pandora, Swarovski & PharmaPlus bracelets

Smart Set sweater, Winners skirt, Aldo wedges, Walmart necklace & Pandora bracelet

I'm stuck at home today, sick with an upset stomach so I figured I'd share with you all my outfits from yesterday's Valentines' Day.  I love pink and red together and V-Day is the perfect excuse to rock it without getting those, 'You look like you're dressed for Valentines' Day' comments (got that one a few weeks ago).  

For work I wore my coloured denim Zara pants that I've had for 3+ years (despite coloured denim becoming a big trend now), a flowy top and comfy leopard (although you can't see them) wedges.  For an evening out, I pulled together something ultra girly and snug fitting in thematic colours.

Do you celebrate Valentines' Day?  Do you wear red or pink?  Do you have a favourite V-Day memory?  I'd love to hear.

F21 jacket (last seen here), Smart Set turtleneck, F21 skirt, unknown tights, 
Aldo flats &booties (last seen here), Suzy necklace & ring

The weekend is finally here (and passing ever so quickly, of course).  This week has been a tough one for getting out of bed in the mornings.  I love sticking to the sheets; the earlier, the stickier.  However, the weekend is finally here which means sleeping in and doing fun (non-work-related) things.  I'm currently out of town brought my laptop with me and was able to get an Internet connection.  The weather is crisp and cool and you can see your breath, perfect for a night in with fresh home-made Indian cuisine, Queen Elizabeth cake for dessert and some of my favourite people. 

 H&M blazer (last seen here), Stitches top (last seen here), H&M tank, Forever 21 pants (last seen here), Aldo wedges, Le Chateau necklace, Bijoux Terner bangle, Swatch watch, Swarovski bangle, Ardene leather bracelet & Charlotte Russe ring

In March I started to make monthly resolutions, figuring tackling a few small goals per month would be easier to handle than the entire years worth (mind you, my New Years resolutions weren't that hard to abide by...).  And while I've been working on my resolutions each month, maybe one of my resolutions should have been to ensure I give a recap on here... in a timely fashion.  I wouldn't say July is very timely for a March Resolutions Recap but we're going to pretend it is because that's what we do.  Oh, that's not what you do?  Well... read on anyways.

1.  I haven't been wearing as many dangly earrings as I resolved I would, but, am rocking them at least once every two weeks (progress, people, progress).

2.  I'm a regular flosser*.  Woot. 

3.  I celebrated my 27th birthday (surprise, surprise).

4.  Operation long nails hasn't exactly been very successful, but that goes in stages.

   * My Dentist loved this resolution.
 Poet dress, Aldo wedges (last seen here), gifted necklace (from natalie's sentiments), unknown bangle & bracelet, Swarovski bangle & Charlotte Russe ring

I used to dance when I was younger... jazz, lyrical, tap and (my personal fave) hip hop.  I still dance (weekly zumba classes) but that and my poppin'-n-lockin' in tha club ain't the quite the same.  Sometimes I look up choreography on YouTube but getting into something choreographed in my (small) home office isn't exactly what I had in mind.  It's kind of like trying to dance in a limo. Tight. And not good.

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."  Dayum.  

Only cool people who can Dougie* can ride in the limo with me 

*Thanks Caitlin.

 A.Co says, 'WHAT'*  |  The tree says, 'WHAT'

* No, she doesn't always talk in the third person.  
I'm kidding.  I never talk in the third person.  Except today.
 Dynamite blazer (last seen here), Love Culture dress, Sirens leggings, Delicious booties (last seen here), 
Suzy necklace, various bangles & Guess bracelet

Isn't the top picture so cool?  There was a bus zooming by and the camera caught it. 

Do you guys have casual Friday at work?  We do, and every Friday is like the candy day of the week because I get to put together an outfit with jeans.  All week long it's pencil skirts, dresses and other more business-y stuff, but Friday, Friday is the day to let loose (well, not that loose) and be creative with denim.  And this is what happens.  The pressure gets to me, I try on six pairs of different jeans before deciding I cannot choose what to do with them and I put on something that would work just as equally from Monday to Thursday.  What is wrong with me!?

 Showing off my new Guess bracelet (a birthday gift from my SIL)

Annnd this is what happens when you put the camera on your car's spoiler with the 
vehicle still running (so I could jump back in at a moment's notice because it was cold).  Awesome.
 Urban Behaviour cardigan, H&M dress (worn as a top & last seen here), 
Zara pants, Guess shoes (last seen here) Suzy necklace & Stitches ring

 I have this thing I do when getting dressed in the mornings.  First, if I can't find anything to wear, I rip apart my three closets throwing clothes all over the floor or any piece of furniture that has a flat surface.  I then consider I should just wear all black, but before admitting defeat, I pull more clothes out, try them on before discarding them to the floor (aka the black hole) and becoming more frantic.  Finally, when I'm about 20 minutes late for work, I go back to the idea of pulling strictly black pieces from the closets, quickly steam them and run out the door.  Then again, there are always the days when I just want to wear all black and make it to work early.  Wait.  Make it to work early?  Who am I kidding, that doesn't happen.

 H&M blazer, dress & jeans, Bamboo boots, Mexx necklace & Bay bangle

The lobby of the hotel we stayed at during our weekend away was so beautiful I asked my mom to snap these shots so I could take advantage. We stopped at H&M on our way into town and despite packing my 'party' outfit, I ended up rocking an entirely new outfit instead.  Enter my new H&M finds.  Jeans.  Dress (worn as a top).  Blazer.  Yipee!

Today is the day my match-making efforts come into play.  I have set up a good friend of mine with someone I work with.  I'm pretty excited they are going out this evening, totally cute.  Who knows what will stem from this, but either way, a fun night for both I'm sure.  I personally have never been set up, have you?

Lastly, I know someone anonymously asked me what these boots looked like IRL on my Christmas Goodies post.  While I've worn them quite a bit, I never snapped any shots of them (oops!).  Next time maybe I'll just twit-pic the request.  Do you follow me on Twitter?

Urban Behaviour top, Dahlia skirt, Lilliana shoes,
A.Co Designs necklace (last seen here),
Suzy ring & cuff, & gifted Myla earrings

I bought this skirt a couple of months ago and it was super on sale.  I was so ecstatic about this find because I was searching for a lace skirt, and we all know how much I love tiers.  I've been saving it for the perfect day and this outfit sprang to mind as I rushed around getting ready for work.  In past years, I've been reluctant to wear black in the summertime, but this year I seem to be singing a different tune... and I quite like it.

Mexx top, Dalia Collection skirt, belt from here, Aldo pumps (last seen here), H&M bangle, Aldo ring & unknown necklace

We are officially less than three weeks away till the wedding.  I have had three dress fittings and the dress is just about done (she was basically just waiting for my shoes to come in, to do the hem).  I am so in love with this dress and I wish I could show you guys some pictures from my fittings, but they are top secret until the big day.  I will certainly share with you after!

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