Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Goodies

 { black & white with lots of stripes }

I was totally spoiled this year for Christmas by my family, friends and hubs, and wanted to share with you a few of my favourite goodies.  

 { two jackets with fur & a tulip dress }

 { chiffon & wool tops with a clutch & pashmina to match }

 { the wool snood I was coveting & a super soft scarf }

 { various shoe paraphenalia }

 { MAC Fix + this stuff was a savour on our wedding day thanks to the BFF }

 { Gucci shades - ballinnnnnn' }

 { recognize this shoe?  Hubs had our jeweler custom make this pendant.  
The stone is a orange sapphire }

 What you didn't see:
* Sewing machine (sneak peak)
* Various Bath & Body Works products
* A spider catching device (don't ask)
* Two pairs of black lace-ish patterned tights
* Spa gift certificate (mani, pedi, facial & hair styling)
* Mall gift card & some money
* An iPhone clock radio
* Leopard Christmas ball ornament
* BCBG beaded bracelet in navy with a 'pisces' charm
* Pier 1 candle in my favourite scent
* White fur knee boots
* China serving platter & bowl
* Lots of chocolate



Hayley said...

Love the fur and that shoe tape dispenser is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love everything! Do you happen to have a picture of the alloy wedge boots? Would love to see how they look IRL. Thanks!

Valerie said...

Wow, you were totally spoiled this year! I love all the stripes and shoe stuff. How sweet that your husband made a necklace out of your wedding shoes!


Taylor Sterling said...

Great items babe! I love all these!

Isabel said...

looks like you had a very good xmas! im off to google "spider catching device" LOL

Anonymous said...

You got some great stuff! The sunnies and shoe pendant? Amazing.

stephanie. said...

woweeeee sister. you made out big time!!!! love the everything especially the fur coat(S!) and lovely pendant. i'm a sucker for shoes and sentiment. happy new year!

Elle Sees said...

i'll take it all.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I'm loving all your stripes!

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