Outfit deets:
* Walmart sweatshirt (similar and on sale & cute quilted version).
* Snap quilted sweat skirt (purchased at Winners; almost identical here & better quality here).
* Enzo Angiolini heels (also loving these).
* Accessories: Joe Fresh necklace, Swarovski & Expressions bangles.

I'm not sure why I haven't paired these two pieces together sooner because I'm essentially rocking a glorified sweatsuit!  Well, not exactly but I love the look of a sweatshirt and a statement necklace and since getting these shoes it seems all the outfits I have been waiting to wear with the perfect nude pump are coming to fruition.

I've had this sweatshirt for over a year and wear it now and again but always very casually and never to work.  That said, it's slim fitting through the arms and body which makes it more chic and paired with a statement necklace and fancier pieces it feels very put together.

Lastly, sorry the image quality isn't the norm, I convinced Serena to snap a few photos of me with my iPhone so I could share with you as it seems I'm often wearing a favourite outfit or new pieces on the days we aren't shooting.  Cheers.

Photos by Serena Rivard (via my iPhone).

 Outfit deets:
* Joe Fresh tee which you saw during my trip to NYC but in black and also when I initially tried it on in the fitting room.
* Kenar skirt that I'm obsessed with.  It was one of those purchases I instantly knew I'd make the minute I saw it.
* Accessories: unknown necklace (old), Swarovski & Hot Diamond bangles.

Per usual, I'm drawn to neutrals (and still am, with a mix of olive green and maroon for Fall) and have come to accept it's just what I feel best in.  Colour has a place in my heart but it's taking a backseat currently.  

I totally forgot to post these photos that were taken a few weeks ago and now the weather has turned here in Ottawa, but I figured better late than never.  Additionally, since this is an outfit that's been on repeat, I wanted to capture it even if it meant using my iPhone instead.  Hope you're having a great week & happy October!

 Photos by Serena Rivard (via my iPhone).

Outfit deets:
* Winners top.
* Jacob skirt.
* Zara basic heels.
* Accessories: Ardene sunnies, Emily Elizabeth necklace, Michael Kors stud bangle, Vince Camuto leather bracelet & Aldo bangle.

We found this amazing sunflower patch and knew we'd have to use it shoot an outfit post.  Only days early they were holding their faces high to the sky, soaking up the afternoon sun but by the time we arrived, they were heavy and starting to fall.  Still beautiful nonetheless.

Hope you're all having a great week!

Photos by Serena Rivard.

Outfit deets:
* W118 by Walter Baker faux leather peplum top which you've seen last summer.
* Vero Moda jersey skirt, a Boxing Day purchase last year and you've seen me wear in Punta Cana.
* Accessories:  Suzy Shier necklace,  & H&M ring.

Outfit deets:
* Urban Planet sweater which you've seen in my Pre-Spring Trends Try-On video.
* Vintage (thrifted) suede skirt which you've seen a long time ago with a grey leather jacket.
* Zara basic sandals which you've seen with a palm printed coat, burgundy pants & skinny jeans.
* Accessories: Material Girl cuff, Deux Lux bag, Alfred Sung sunnies & Spring midi ring.

Hey guys, thanks for popping in to hang out for a minute.  Some of you have been leaving me some really nice comments lately while some people have not been following the, 'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all'-adage.

I love blogging and connecting with you all.  I have said it before, and I'll say it again: my life is not perfect, I have hardships, emotions and difficult days.  What I share here is meant to be positive, uplifting and generally enjoyable for anyone who might stumble over here (or check in on the daily because I know some of you are simply awesome like that).  I don't expect everyone to like me or agree with what I'm doing or how I'm living.  That said, I do expect everyone to be respectful and kind.  I try to treat everyone I encounter with respect and kindness and if my blog isn't your cup of tea, no need to be nasty, simply move on to something that is.

On the flip side, to the reader friends who have been here for a long time, or a short time, and leave the sweetest comments, sometimes even defending comments, or simply enjoy my blog silently, thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Putting yourself out there on the Internet is going to cause some drama, at some point, and I love that you have my back and enjoy this space.  That makes me want to continue and share and be here too.

For now, I have changed the comment settings so you will have to sign in if you would like to comment.  I know a lot of you leave positive comments under anon, so I'm sorry to remove that option for the time being.  You can always send me an email or tweet me (@acoest1984) if you'd like.  BIG HUG and thanks for reading.

Photos by Serena Rivard.

 Outfit deets:
* Garage kimono sweater which you've seen in a sand colour and on the weekend (in the sand colour).
* Joe Fresh tank.
* Vintage leather skirt (thrifted years ago & made in Canada which I thought was pretty cool).
* Iro heels.
* Accessories: Urban Planet necklace, Gucci sunglasses, Aldo & Michael Kors bangles.

I know I'm wearing these shoes a lot, which is pretty unlike me as I like to rotate through as much as possible, but I can't get enough of them.  You know they're good when you wear them multiple times per week and want to pair them with everything.

This is what I wore when I went out to Tennessy Willems the other night, but was coming from work so there was no outfit change.  I cannot get enough of black on black and while I used to feel so strange wearing it in the summer, now I can't seem to get enough.  Lately I have been gravitating towards neutrals and simple silhouettes; it's all I want to wear!

That said, I love being able to pair some of my warmer weather neutral pieces together to achieve a summer appropriate look.  For instance, leather shorts (or a skirt like this) with a tank or white pants with a grey sleeveless blouse.  I used to poke fun at my mom's wardrobe which is chronically black and white, and now, it seems I'm following directly in her footsteps!

Photos by Melissa via my iPhone.

Outfit deets:
* Thrifted top from several years ago (it's one of those poly-blend tops from the 90's that has a boxy shape).
* Banana Republic skirt (thrifted).
* Accessories: Suzy Shier necklace, Deux Lux bag, Material Girl sunglasses & Old Navy bangle.

Hello!  So sorry about the radio silence for the past couple days, I have been a little busier than normal in the evenings the past two days. 

The most exciting of it was attending the Katy Perry concert last night which was amazing.  I'm not a die-hard KP fan, and although her music is fun and catchy, I'm more of a hip-hop / rap / EDM / trap-music lover.  That said, what a show!  Girl can put on quite the performance and ever since seeing her documentary two years ago, I have developed quite the taking to her.  Her concert did not disappoint and it was such a fun evening.  I did take some video so will share that this weekend once I can edit it altogether.

As far as the outfit is concerned, I love black and navy together (here's another super old post wearing the combo).  I know it's not for everyone, but I'm a huge fan of both colours, even separately.  This outfit is fairly simple and plain, but it works for work and the colour pairing is somewhat unexpected which adds a touch of edge.

Photos by Serena Rivard.
Outfit deets:
* Billabong top which I scored super on sale a couple years ago for $2 at Winners.  This is the first time I've worn it.
* Mexx faux leather skirt from my Boxing Day post a few years back.
* Ash booties which are definitely in my Top 5 Favourite Shoes despite never wearing them a ton.  You've seen them with black skinnies, at Toronto Fashion week this year & on the weekend.
* Accessories: G21 sunnies, H&M cuff (old) & 'hope' necklace by Emily Elizabeth.

Happy Wednesday!  I'm so pumped this is a short week--who isn't?--and we are quickly approaching the weekend.  I live for the weekend and while this one is quite open as it stands, it doesn't matter. 

There are always things to do or something always comes up.  I will, however, be working this weekend on my next PDO video which will be different than anything I've done before and editing some other videos I have in the queue, if time permits.  In the mean time, you can check out my latest vlog from this past weekend HERE.

Outfit deets:
* DIY Tina Turner concert top (thrifted for $2 & cut up; I used THIS tutorial, sort of) which I made for the gym and have only worn it out instead.
* F21 liquid leather bralette (I'm loving bralettes lately and never go bra-less but did on this day...).
* H&M skirt from my trip to Toronto Fashion Week (part 1 & part 2) in March 2013 (see the vlog / video I made HERE).
* Accessories:  F21 bangle, Ardene cross-body/clutch & Gucci shades.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  How has your week been thus far?

Monday night was awesome, I went on a double date to an Industry Night dinner; basically what that means is a special dinner, mainly for people in the serving industry (I'm not one of them...anymore), that is put on by a top chef of a restaurant in Ottawa.  I had vaguely heard of this before, but never been.  

It takes place on the last Monday of every month and is a four-six course meal for $25.  The word meal is relative as the portions were sharing plates between the four of us, except the main dish--shared between two--and the dessert where everyone got their own.

The restaurant that was putting on this month's evening was Town, a restaurant that I would say is a mix between Italian and French food.  A place I've been to once, been meaning to go back to, and really loved (have the meatballs, if you go). 

We tried a variety of food, and this is definitely a meal you need an open palette for; not for the picky eaters, that's for sure.  We had things like smelt fish, octopus, porchetta, lamb sausages etc.  I am a big food lover and not shy to try anything so this was right up my alley!  Everything was delicious, but the octopus and lamb sausages took the cake for me.  

I ended up vlogging our evening and am currently editing the footage to share with you very soon!  Here's a peak at my outfit from Monday night.

Hope you're having a great week--cheers.


 Outfit deets:
* Imaginary Voyage top (from Winners, new!).  I picked this top up last week during my lunch hour while shopping.  I saw the top, loved it and bought it without trying it on--something I never, ever do--and it worked out.  I might take the darts in at the front a tad as it's a littler roomier there than I hoped, but in these photos it doesn't show.
* H&M skirt (old) which you've seen with a few summers back with pink & my favourite gladiators.
* Diva Lounge wedges (old) which were my go-to shoe last summer (along with my Sophie Low's) and you've seen them with my 'Nurse' dress, an Easter outfit, in Florida for my 28th birthday, and with a pretty white dress.  
* Accessories: gifted circles bracelet, American Eagle open bangle, Swarovski bangle, Claire's necklace & Gucci shades.

I'm so excited to finally post some outfit photos; I've been slacking lately but my point-and-shoot kind of died on me too.  Secondly, I'm slowly learning how to work with a DSLR which is so exciting but difficult to use with a self-timer.  Any Nikon pros out there that can offer some tips on shooting yourself?

This wall is convenient for me to shoot at so you might be seeing more of it in the future; hope you don't mind but I think it makes for a cool backdrop.

Do you guys Keek?  I joined about a month ago and love sharing random clips of my life on there, including outfits that never see the light of day on my blog.  If you don't know what Keek is, it's short, 36 second video clips; just long enough to share something cool but short enough you don't get bored.  Find me @acoest1984.

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