Outfit deets:
* Ashley B faux leather jacket which you've seen multiple times with an all-grey ensemble, when I went to Montreal with my guy, and with my other favourite jeans of the moment (in a more casual look).
* Dynamite t-shirt.
* Chiqle denim which you've seen before I cut the bottoms off.
* Forever 21 heels from last summer which you've seen with a dress last fall.
* Accessories: Deux Lux bag (similar), Suzy Shier necklace, Call it Spring + H&M rings, Gucci shades, Swarovski & Forever 21 bangles.

Raw hem denim is having a serious affair with my heart.  These are the second pair of jeans I've chopped at the ankles and I'm loving the look.  It's a little edgy, a little chic and you can do it yourself within a minute.  It's a quick way to push your personal fashion box and be slightly ahead of the curve (since this trend hasn't fully caught on yet).

Photos by Serena Rivard.
Outfit deets:
* Lord & Taylor coat (from The Bay) which you've seen in my recent Spring Trends haul.
* Dynamite top.
* H&M denim.
* Accessories: Kate Spade necklace (birthday gift), Expressions ring, Swarovski bangle, Gorjana bangle, Gucci shades & vintage clutch.

The minute I saw this jacket I had to have it.  It was a bit of a splurge, but I'm loving the palm print and it's such a pretty and well made piece.  I know I'll wear this a ton to and from work and when I get dressed up on weekends.  It's such a chic twist on a classic silhouette.

Photos by Serena Rivard.

Outfit deets:
* Aeropostale top (new!).
* Aeropostale bralette (new!).
* Bongo denim (old) and ripped myself (I saw similar pairs at Urban Planet & Zara in the past week).
* Converse.

I'm not sure what's up this week but I'm feeling a little blocked, creatively.  Not sure if it's the pressure of trying to finish up the second bedroom before my guy's parents come this weekend, the weather--it's been rainy and cold all week--or just  general tiredness kicking in.

Here are a couple highlights of my week so far, though: meeting up with my bestie for a little shopping & food court dinner one night, unpacking and organizing the second bedroom with a friend and some wine (after some thai chicken lettuce wraps) and passing the last few hours in the day watching multiple Suits episodes with my guy.

Hope you're all having a great week thus far.  See you tomorrow.

Outfit deets:
* Dynamite top.
* Chiqle denim from Detox.

I spent several hours filming my next video last night, so here's a little sneak peek of a couple of the pieces I will be sharing.  I love these jeans, the moto-detail on the knees is awesome and they fit like a glove.  If you're more boy-shaped like me, these are a dream and were well priced at $45.

In other news, this week is dragging a bit but luckily it's a short week.  I've spent far too many hours being completely absorbed in Suits--have you guys watched it?  My guy watched all three seasons and is re-watching with me, it's that good.  You know what else is good?  Easter chocolate while watching said tv show.

Happy Thursday!

Outfit deets:
* La Classe Couture faux leather jacket, my black go-to, which you've seen with a navy dress & a long time ago when I used to belt everything.
* Seduction denim (old).
* Sneakers:  Material Girl (last summer)  |  Heels:  Aldo (new!).
* Accessories:  Club Monaco scarf, Aldo clutch, Phillip Lim for Target carryall, Suzy Shier necklace (new!) & Gucci shades.

I'm bringing you two looks today--one casual and one dressed up, using the same base of a leather jacket, denim & a tee.

The first look is one I would wear in the evening to grab Pho with my guy or on weekends while running errands.  While I love heels, I've always held a soft spot for skate shoes and these have a chic twist.  

The second look is more dressed up, I ditched the scarf in lieu of a statement necklace, threw on heels and added a clutch; definitely something I would wear out for date night or to meet up with girlfriends.

More photos after the jump...
Outfit deets: 
* Reitmans sweater (new!).
* Mavi 'Serena' jeans from Jean Machine (new!).
* Converse low-tops (new!).
* Accessories:  MK watch (old).

Happy Friday!

Today is my last day at work before a blissful 10 days of vacation.  We leave for Punta Cana on Sunday for a week and I can't wait to sleep in, eat, feel the heat and wear shorts!

Although I won't be in town next week, I have some fun posts lined up for the blog and may even check in with some fresh vacation photos while they are happening.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram as I'll be posting up a storm on there (I'm @acoest1984).

Before we go, I have a few things to take care of; this week I've been to the mall twice and to a few Winners in search of three things: a floral kimono, some flat sandals & a sexy dress.  I have had zero luck thus far and only come home with purchases for Marco.  Not a total fail, but certainly not as fun.

Tonight I'm meeting up with Serena to shoot the look I'm wearing today--hopefully the rain holds off--and then I plan to dash to the mall with high hopes I'll find what I'm looking for.  I've already purchased more sunscreen, a new lotion and some aloe vera gel in case someone gets too zealous in the sun.  Tomorrow will be spent packing and cleaning, and then we are off!

Hope you have a great weekend!
Outfit deets:
* Vero Moda blazer which I purchased on Boxing Day and you've seen with a pretty floral dress.
* Jules & James fox top which you've seen with hot pink shorts in the summertime.
* Jacob jeans (thrifted) which I don't wear often because they stretch out quickly but I love the knee and back details on.
* Aldo Baulch heels which you've seen with red leather pants.  Considering I was torn on spending the $40 bucks on these and wear them at least twice a week, I'd say I've easily gotten my money's worth.
* Accessories: Limité necklace, Bijoux Terner cuff & vintage (via garage sale) clutch.

I picked up this cute fox top almost two years ago at Zellers and it's been a favourite in these summer and winter time.  It has spaghetti straps but the neckline is pleated and the fabric is a thicker, matte satin finish--all around goodness.  It feels good and looks good considering it was such an inexpensive find.  On top of all that, the print is cheeky and unexpected and always makes people giggle--I like that.

One of my favourite tips to share with friends when rolling your jeans is to keep it messy, 'Like you didn't try, but you actually did'.  It looks effortless despite the few minutes it took to get those messed up cuffs juuust right.

Photos by Serena Rivard.

Outfit deets: 
* Forever 21 jacket (last year) which you've seen with pastel skinnies & also with a different pastel and neon all at once (which I ended up really liking as a combo).
* Dynamite top (last year).

How is everyone's week going?  We're halfway to the weekend so that's always pleasant and today, after a car appointment, I will be heading to the mall to start my shopping for my next video.  I'll be showcasing some holiday looks, so I'm hoping to have some luck tonight.  

I love shopping for holiday parties and am hoping to get the chance to wear the special dress I purchased last year--the same one I wore for the PDO Christmas Campaign photoshoot--and never got to rock.  Sequins, black & gold scream festive if anything but.  At this point, I have no Christmas party to attend, but I suppose that could change.  What about yourself?  And, have you chosen what to wear yet?

See you tomorrow!

Outfit deets:
* Seduction jeans (old) which you've seen with a black oxford and wedges.
* Spring boots (from last year) which I've worn to death and refuse to give up because (1) they are so comfy, (2) totally my style, and (3) hidden wedge with an option to wear the boot shaft up or rolled down like seen here.  Love love love them--they were my go-to last winter every weekend.  Get a better look at them this time last year not folded down with magenta skinnies.
* Accessories:  Garage fingerless gloves (new!), Spring headband (new!) & Aeropostale circle scarf (new!).

It's almost Friday, it's almost the weekend!  Picture me singing that because I'm so excited to sleep in and do whatever I want for a couple days in a row.  

I stopped by H&M tonight and was seriously disappointed the Isabel Marant for H&M collection is apparently not coming to Ottawa.  What?  Dislike.  That said, I meandered around and tried on six things and walked away with something I was actually looking for: a snug, black dress with sleeves.  I pinned a picture recently of an inspiring photo and found an almost identical dress--for $15  (hello)  so naturally I bought it.  

Normally I don't go for tight, tight, tight, but this was an exception and inexpensive so less guilt.  I can't find the actual dress on the H&M website but it also comes in navy (they didn't have my size or she would have come home with me too) and orange. 

And in other news, these photos were taken during filming of my most recent video, Bundling Up (for winter).  Some of the pictures came out so I thought I'd share them on here as an outfit post--why not.  

Outfit deets:
* H&M jeans (old).
* H by Halston cap-toe heels from Bakers (picked up in Vegas) which you've seen with maroon waxed pants, with a sequin skirt & when I went to Toronto in March 2013 for Fashion Week.
* Accessories: A.Co Designs key necklace & MK watch.

These photos are actually from months ago and I just realized I never posted them!  Nothing too special, a simple metallic sweater I picked up during my trip to Vegas and some skinnies for a casual Friday during the winter.  Definitely not wearing this sort of thing right now with the heat, thankfully.

How is everyone's week going?  Mine is pretty awesome (even at times when it's not so awesome, let's be honest, we can all be a little more grateful for what we do have, than what we don't) and I'm counting down till the weekend.  Love that it's a short week!

Happy 4th to all my American readers!  Thanks for your continued support, comments, likes on FB and Instagram and tweets.  And not just the Americans, but all my readers.  You guys really make blogging more worthwhile and more enjoyable so thank YOU.

Outfit deets:
* Winners top.
* Vigoss jeans (via Alloy) that I love because they come in a 37" inseam & last seen almost three years ago with a classic trench.
* Aldo wedges.
* Accessories:  Club Monaco scarf & Aldo clutch.
(This outfit is actually from early spring last year and I never used it, I'd totally rock this look for fall though).

I love living in the city.  It's been just over a year since I moved out of the suburbs and into an urban area and it's been great.  I love being close to work, downtown, shops and stores and how easy it is to get together with my other city-living friends. 

So while taking a walk on my lunch break the other day, around the neighbouring neighbourhoods, I was shocked when I felt a little sad about no longer living in suburbia.  Surely I couldn't be pining for a lawn and garden to keep up with, not to mention all that extra space a house holds that needs to be kept clean?  But yet I was and I envisioned back to what life was like with a yard, and space, and multiple rooms (a far cry from the one-bedroom apartment I now call home). 

Then a moment of anxiety set in: will I grow tired of city living before my new condo is ready?  Will I wish I was moving back to the quiet subdivisions I always knew and loved?


And the moment was dashed because I know one day, when I'm ready, I will eventually move back to the outskirts of the city, where there is still bustle, but is is less congested and where I will have more space, and a lawn, and a garden and separate living rooms... and besides, I really hate gardening anyways.
Outfit deets:
* Old Navy button down that I've had for years.  The last time I wore it was with dark denim (flared this time), no cami underneath and the same belt!  Sub-concious inspiration?  Also seen with a leopard skirt and the white/grey striped version.
* Smart set cami.
* Sirens jeans which I don't think I've blogged before but do wear them frequently.
* Aldo wedges which I picked up last fall and am so glad I did because they are chic, comfy and easy to walk in.  Plus I love pairing them with jeans.
* Accessories: H&M belt & thick bangle, Old Navy bangle, Pandora bracelet & Suzy rings.

I am a bad reactor.  

If someone does something I don't like, namely someone close to me, I might react badly.

I like to be in control.  You can't always be in control.  Someone who likes to be in control but isn't can sometimes have a bad reaction.  


I have discussed negative qualities on my blog before; we all have them, it's inevitable, but it's how we handle those traits.

I had an interesting discussion with my parents last weekend about reactions.  Without going into too much detail, my Dad (who I consider one of the most laid-back people I know) offered up some advice on this topic.  Now, before I spill the words of wisdom, you must know that this is a very simple piece of advice, but very difficult to execute:

Don't react.

That's it!  That's it?  Yes, that's it.  Simple and effective, but certainly not easy.  

A counselor once told me when you are put into a situation where you emotions are getting the best of you, your brain immediately turns to 'fight or flight'.  If you take the simple step of taking a deep breath in through the nose and a big exhale through the mouth, the two options (fight or flight) will dissapate and you will be able to more calmly react.

So with those two words of advice, I have been putting this to the test since Monday, and you know what?  It kind of works.  That's not to say I didn't want to errupt at times or fly off the handle (or actually did for that matter), but it did put a thought into me that I've never had before: don't react.

Try it for yourself and see if it works!

And one from Instagram (follow me):

 Max Studio top (last seen here), H&M jeans (last seen here), Aldo wedges (last seen here), Suzy earrings, Costa Blanca bangles, Charlotte Russe & Sirens rings

This weekend I'm heading out of a town for a birthday celebration, but not before checking out a movie tonight and spending some good time relaxing.  It's been semi-good to get back to work this week (mind you, I do miss sleeping in) as far as the routine goes, but I'm still happy the weekend is here!  Have a wonderful weekend!

 Dynamite jacket (last seen here), La Senza tank, American Eagle sweater, Foxy jeans (last seen here), 
Aldo wedges (last seen here) & H&M snood (last seen here)

Last night I had one of my closest friend's over to celebrate her birthday.  I told her that I would bake whatever she wanted for her birthday dessert and she chose a chocolate mousse cake.  Something I've never made.  Turns out, chocolate mousse cake can be pretty darn overwhelming, however, I did it!  It feels like such an accomplishment because while I enjoy being experimental with cooking, baking is more my sister's hat and something altogether different.  I will be posting the pictures and the recipe in the next few days as it turned out really good (at least everyone said it was really good...).

Today is her official birthday and we are celebrating today by going for a morning break at the cafeteria at work.  Happy Birthday J!

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