Outfit deets:
* Joe Fresh jacket.
* Winners top.
* Ardène pashmina & shoes.
* H&M pants.
* Accessories:  gifted belt, MK bracelet & Swarovski bangle.

Funny how the last time I wore these pants it was in a eerily similar outfit. 

So last night I was supposed to get together with Sarah for our Christmas gift exchange but she turned up with the flu and the evening was cancelled.  We are going to try again for tonight, which is pretty exciting.  Dinner, drinks, my bff and presents?  Hello.

Happy Thursday!

Outfit deets:
* Gap jacket (old) and seen over a denim jacket & LBD, also with black skinnies & a no-knit scarf, with a black & blue striped skirt, and with a navy dress that I love but is far to short on me.
* Joe Fresh sweater cardigan which I recently thrifted (video coming soon).
* Winners top (old).
* H&M waxed pants (from my trip to Vegas) which I la-la-love & wore recently for (Canadian) Thanksgiving.
* H by Halston cap-toe heels (also from Vegas) and Ardene black & gold flats.
* Accessories:  Mexx snood, unknown necklace & Swarovski bangle.

It was so bitterly cold and windy the day I took these photos, the ones without my jacket didn't turn out, hence the lack of photos without a jacket.  Sawry.

Life has been so incredibly crazy, hectic and exciting lately.  Sure, it's not all roses (no one's life is), but I am pretty freakin' thankful for all the great stuff that's been happening to me.  After going through such a terrible year and a half, it feels like my life is finally back on the right path and I feel happy again.  It's nice.

This weekend I'm leaving for the Dominican Republic with some friends and am so excited!  We will be gone for a week and staying at an all-inclusive and I seriously need to get some laundry done.  Tonight is going to be laundry, planning and packing.  I'm going to try my hardest to get a post up about what I'm packing as I like to style my outfits in an effort to avoid over-packing (hahaha, riiight).

C'mon weekend, vacation I'm looking forward to you!

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Outfit deets:
* Zara sweater (with La Senza bandeau underneath) which you've seen in a cream colour with a black skirt and also with my chartreuse lace ruffle shorts.
* H&M pants, worn in the same spot two years ago with white and wedges again (and one of my favourite outfit posts).
* Aldo wedges (love these) which you've seen with a hunter green chiffon top & skirt recently and with denim and an unbuttoned button-down.
* Accessories:  H&M belt, MK watch, A.Co Designs bracelet, Suzy necklace, Gucci shades & random bangle.

Do you ever feel like you're running on half a tank?  That's pretty much how I've been feeling for the last three weeks or so.  It's been busy, to say the least with my trip to Vegas and then my sister's wedding.  Additionally work has been crazy and I stayed two hours late Monday through Wednesday last week.  Throw a personal life into the mix and half a tank feels more like a quarter tank.

Tonight is exciting though; I'm heading to the mall where I am the new Fashion Vlogger and we are going to be filming a b-roll for my upcoming videos.  This will be the little 'intro' that goes at the beginning of each haul video I produce, which is pretty cool.  My first haul video will be up soon and it will include all the items I purchased during the shop-off challenge that I competed in and that ultimately won me the contest!  I can't wait to share with you all.

In other news, I've joined a volleyball league with some friends that plays on Thursdays and I'll be starting tomorrow.  I'm kind of nervous.  It's been three years since I played organized volleyball so not sure how my skills are going to hold up!

Hope you're all having a great week!

Outfit deets:
* H&M dress (worn as a top) which I purchased in Toronto almost two years ago.
* H&M pants that you've seen with wedge boots and a sweater and when I dressed up as an Elf at Christmas.
* Kelsi Dagger wedges that I wore with a skirt and new specs.
* Accessories:  Aldo belt, Walmart necklace & Joe Fresh bangle.

I feel like I have some serious writer's block right now.  What to talk about... what to talk about...

I used to belt everything (high up on the waist): tops, skirts and dresses.  Now, I just can't be bothered.  It's unfortunate as I really love the look of a belted outfit, but it just feels so restrictive lately.

Do you like to belt your clothes?

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Outfit deets:
* Smart Set cami.
* Seduction skirt (old) which you've seen with a navy tee and red flats.
* Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' wedges (new-ish) which I'm wearing 24/7 it seems; seen with my DIY denim cut-off shorts (when I purchased my condo), also with white skinnies & shades of green.
* Accessories: Club Monaco belt, A.Co Designs necklace & a close up of my arm stack.

I have been driving the same car for almost nine years.  NineYears.

Long time, 'eh?

So lately, there have been a few things happening with my car, and it's needed some loving.  Half a new exhaust system here.  A new wheel barring there.  And so on.  Fortunately my Dad is a (retired) mechanic and can sometimes do the work for me, and more importantly, taught me how to keep my car nice.

So a week ago, on a Sunday afternoon, while visiting my parents, we were laughing at how none of us were very sure how much longer the 'Silver Bullet' would last (yes, she has a name).  She is 12 years old, after all, and anything can happen.  And so, we started to peruse the AutoTrader, talk cars, and so forth.  And while it seems every Spring I seem to do the, 'This is the year, I'm selling my car and getting something else... finally,' but this Spring I didn't want to do that.

I'm finally settling back into life, getting my finances in order and feeling pretty good.  The thought of a car payment (after so many years without) is a little terrifying to me.  I know for most people, a car payment is just something in life, but when you have gone for years upon years without one, you grow accustom to that extra cash every month.

I figured, at this point, I will drive my car into the ground (versus selling it for peanuts now) and then buy something.

Well, 'then' might have come sooner than later.

Last Monday morning on my way to work, my car broke down.  I wasn't even halfway there and I took off from a set of lights and she did not like the feeling of second gear.  Nor third.  Nor back to second.  

Uh oh.  

I pulled over as she chugged along and called CAA immediately.  They eventually sent a tow truck while I waited for over an hour in the humidity.  Fortunately, after three days of work (trial, error, research, ordering parts, installing, etc.), my Dad was able to fix the problem (and save me about $500), however, who knows when and what will happen next.

And so, the process of, 'Operation (maybe) buy a car,' has potentially begun.

Has anyone purchased a new car recently?

 Outfit deets:
* Lori B dress (thrifted).
* Costa Blanca blazer which I've had for about a year now but haven't worn it on the blog.
* Smart Set cami (I own these in all colours of the rainbow because once upon a time I was obsessed with them).
* Diva Lounge wedges (you know I love these) which you've seen with white skinnies & two different white dresses.
* Accessories: F21 belt, H&M bangle, Foster Grant shades & Dollarama ring.

What are you doing for the weekend?  I'm hosting my sister's bridal shower on Sunday and have lots of last minute prep to do for that.  Otherwise, heading to the Katy Perry movie with some girlfriends tonight with some snacks and drinks afterwards.  A great kick start to the weekend.  Have a great one!

Happy Friday the 13th!
 Outfit deets:
* American Eagle cardigan, fairly new but was on super sale & you've seen once before with a skirt and my neon orange Louboutins.
* Sirens top (new!), I picked this up about a month ago and have already worn it twice (including the day my J.Crew bubble necklaces arrived in the mail).  I love the colour, the ruffle and there is a zipper detail (and another ruffle) on the back.  
* H&M white denim pants that I've worn with lots of colour on Easter.
* Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' wedges (new!) that I've already worn at least four times since getting less than two weeks ago.
* Accessories:  Suzy necklace, Gucci shades, Old Navy (green) bangle, garage sale charm bracelet & F21 faux diamond bangle.

Outfit deets:
* F21 jacket that I bought super on sale a couple years ago and am so glad I did because it's turned out to be the perfect coat.  I've worn it before in autumn and also in one of my first outfit posts (eep).
* Mexx dress that I've worn for Halloween as a sailor (and everyone thought I was a nurse) and once at the park where something embarassing happened.
* Diva Lounge wedges that are becoming a quick favourite.  Seen with denim shorts for my birthday, an Easter outfit and another white dress.
* Accessories: Bijoux Terner beaded necklace, Aldo gold necklace & Baby Phat glasses

Everytime I wear this dress, without fail, someone tells me I look like a nurse.  

With. Out. Fail.

Keep on keepin' on.

 Outfit Deets:
* Gap cardigan (old).
* Joe Fresh blouse (old) and seen before with skinny  jeans.
* Dynamite skirt which I wore two years ago with turquoise silk and the same belt.
* Kelsi Dagger 'Genelle' wedges (new!) which I just picked up at Winners for half the price they are on the KD website (score!).  Am loving heels with lower heels lately (since I have enough of 4inch+) and these fit the bill perfectly.
* Accessories: Joe Fresh belt, Guess & F21 bangles

Some of you know I wear glasses, and while my prescription isn't very strong, it's existent, just ask the people at GlassesUSA.com!  They kindly let me pick out a pair of eyeglasses which is so exciting because I've been wanting to buy glasses but didn't want to fork out the cash (I know, I know).

I picked out a pair of plastic frame prescription glasses by Reece called the Jakob.  While I normally tend toward metal frames (here's a post where I'm wearing my metal framed glasses) I have been itching for a pair of plastics and this was the perfect opportunity to find some.
The website offers a virtual mirror to try glasses on, but since I didn't have a Flash player I simply used the measurements from a pair of glasses I already owned to determine what size would fit my face.

Now, I know this is a review, and I know I got a pair of free glasses, but, I have to mention their customer service.  First know that they did not ask me to discuss this and they are all my own opinions.  I'm not one of those bloggers who is going to say wonderful things about a company I'm not happy with.  This is brutal honesty.
From day one, they were very helpful and I was impressed with how quickly my questions were answered via email.  When I finally placed my order (I himmed-and-hawed for a good three weeks on which pair to purchase) they sent me a tracking number within a day or so.  From there, my glasses arrived within four days.  Four. Days.  Shocking, especially since it seems they outsource their production to Europe and I'm in Canada.  The glasses arrived in a small box with a case and a cleaning cloth, brand spankin' new.  I can honestly say I love them.

GlassesUSA.com would like to offer you lovely readers 10% off any purchase, simply use the code Blog10

And one from Instagram the day I received my new glasses...
Outfit deets:
* Old Navy button down that I've had for years.  The last time I wore it was with dark denim (flared this time), no cami underneath and the same belt!  Sub-concious inspiration?  Also seen with a leopard skirt and the white/grey striped version.
* Smart set cami.
* Sirens jeans which I don't think I've blogged before but do wear them frequently.
* Aldo wedges which I picked up last fall and am so glad I did because they are chic, comfy and easy to walk in.  Plus I love pairing them with jeans.
* Accessories: H&M belt & thick bangle, Old Navy bangle, Pandora bracelet & Suzy rings.

I am a bad reactor.  

If someone does something I don't like, namely someone close to me, I might react badly.

I like to be in control.  You can't always be in control.  Someone who likes to be in control but isn't can sometimes have a bad reaction.  


I have discussed negative qualities on my blog before; we all have them, it's inevitable, but it's how we handle those traits.

I had an interesting discussion with my parents last weekend about reactions.  Without going into too much detail, my Dad (who I consider one of the most laid-back people I know) offered up some advice on this topic.  Now, before I spill the words of wisdom, you must know that this is a very simple piece of advice, but very difficult to execute:

Don't react.

That's it!  That's it?  Yes, that's it.  Simple and effective, but certainly not easy.  

A counselor once told me when you are put into a situation where you emotions are getting the best of you, your brain immediately turns to 'fight or flight'.  If you take the simple step of taking a deep breath in through the nose and a big exhale through the mouth, the two options (fight or flight) will dissapate and you will be able to more calmly react.

So with those two words of advice, I have been putting this to the test since Monday, and you know what?  It kind of works.  That's not to say I didn't want to errupt at times or fly off the handle (or actually did for that matter), but it did put a thought into me that I've never had before: don't react.

Try it for yourself and see if it works!

And one from Instagram (follow me):

 Gap cardigan, Winners top, Zara pants, Gap wedges, Aldo necklace, Suzy ring, Michael Kors watch, Pandora, Swarovski & PharmaPlus bracelets

Smart Set sweater, Winners skirt, Aldo wedges, Walmart necklace & Pandora bracelet

I'm stuck at home today, sick with an upset stomach so I figured I'd share with you all my outfits from yesterday's Valentines' Day.  I love pink and red together and V-Day is the perfect excuse to rock it without getting those, 'You look like you're dressed for Valentines' Day' comments (got that one a few weeks ago).  

For work I wore my coloured denim Zara pants that I've had for 3+ years (despite coloured denim becoming a big trend now), a flowy top and comfy leopard (although you can't see them) wedges.  For an evening out, I pulled together something ultra girly and snug fitting in thematic colours.

Do you celebrate Valentines' Day?  Do you wear red or pink?  Do you have a favourite V-Day memory?  I'd love to hear.

 F21 top, Mexx skirt (last seen here), Lilliana pumps (last seen here) / Aldo booties (last seen here), unknown belt, Givenchy fishnets, Suzy necklace & various bangles

I used to plan outfits around my shoes, but in the past year that has changed.  Now I tend to pick the shoes last (unless I have a new pair that I want to rock purposely) and sometimes I an indecisive; case in point, the outfit above.  

I couldn't decide on the girly ruffle pumps or the edgier wedge booties.  I ended up going with my plain black pumps (the ol' tried 'n' true) as I wanted something feminine and while I love those Lilliana pumps above, they don't stay on my feet very well when I'm walking around (which I do a fair amount of at work).

Which look do you prefer?
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