Thursday, January 27, 2011


 Dynamite blazer (last seen here), Mexx top (last seen here), Bongo pants (last seen here), 
Guess shoes (last seen here), Suzy belt, Aldo necklace, H&M bangle & Mexican bracelet

What's a post without words?  Um.  A wordless post?  You guys, it's so late, I'm so tired and I just need to go to sleep.  You don't mind if I skip the words this time and leave you with just some pictures instead?

PS - It's OPI 'Flashbulb Fuchsia'


Anonymous said...

The new shoes look fab!

Isabel said...

love the new shoes!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Mae Lu said...

I love the shoes. They seem similar to your other favorites, but they are really, really hot.

Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

myedit said...

I shall accpet your lack of wors this one time...ok?
Ha, I kid... you are sooo purty I could just stare at your pics anyday (and not in a creepy way).

Anonymous said...

That belt looks fabulous with that white blazer love it!

Classy & Fabulous

Jamie said...

Well you know what they say...a picture's worth 1000 words!! You look fab as always!! Love the belt!!

Schnelle Couture said...

I LOVE this outfit! Love, love, love pink black and white together. Those shoes are fab too! Classic and classy.

modern viking vixen said...

The belt is supercute!


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