Thursday, March 31, 2011

Listening to...

...this track.  Morning, noon and night. (It's becoming an obsession, really).


Neutral & Nudes

Just a few new additions to the room.  These arrived while I was in Florida, so sadly I haven't worn them yet.  C'mon summer, I wanna wear these sandals.  As far as the wedges go, I'm planning a DIY for them and have already ordered the supplies, so stay tuned.

Must be something about those back zippers...

 These don't seem to be available in nude anymore but I did find them here in smaller sizes


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

La Favorita

Husband and I went on a lil' date the other night to a new place we'd never been to (thanks for the recommendation LM) and loved it.  We got dolled up, didn't have a reservation (they don't take 'em between 6pm and 8pm) and were seated pretty quickly despite the restaurant being packed. (I actually think they made a table for us while we waited - how's that for service?).  The food was delicious and we had a fantastic time.  I pretended it was my 'birthday dinner' since hubs picked up the tab (love that) but still had to be the DD and get us home.  Ha.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks for Nothing, Sinuses

 Costa Blanca jacket (last seen here), Mexx leather skirt (last seen here), Aldo wedges (last seen here), Club Monaco scarf, Joe Fresh gloves, Givenchy tights & Aldo clutch

So I've been keeping a bit of a secret: I've been sick for the past week.  I know, I know, I've kept up the charade of being fine... er, well, online at least... in person, not so much.  You see, last Monday I woke up feeling crappy; sore throat, headache, you know the symptoms.  Despite feeling this way, I headed to work as it wasn't awful and no need to take a sick day.

The following Tuesday, I felt worse, much worse, but again went to work.  Talking hurt my throat, my head was ridiculously congested and I felt like a ton of bricks were inside my head.  Sheesh.  My boss noticed and sent me home at noon.  I stopped at Walmart on my way home to get something, anything that would combat this cold.  I picked up Buckley's Cold & Sinus tablets.  I'd never tried them before but figured I had nothing to lose.   After spending the afternoon in bed, resting (watching tv, surfing the 'net on my laptop and being relatively bored), I was starting to feel better.  By dinner time my sore throat was almost extinct and I'd turned into a Buckley's lover overnight... er... within hours. 

I woke up Wednesday ready to face the day and headed into work.  Still taking the meds, it relieved my sinus congested, my throat was tolerable and I felt like I was on the mend.  Turns out, not so much.  This is where it gets worse: that night I woke up at 3am to let the dog out.  While waiting for her to come in, I started feeling super nauseous and immediately started sweating (like, buckets).  I brought the dog in and ran to the bathroom where nothing happened except I continued to feel horrible.  I quickly tried to make my way to bed and passed out in the hallway.  This has never happened to me before and I was only out for a few seconds, but, whoa.  Hubs immediately came to the rescue and eventually helped me to bed. 

The next morning I got up, and you guessed it, was ready to head into work, but started to feel those symptoms wash over me.  I quickly got back into bed and it eventually subsided.  I called in sick and went to the Doctor later that day.  She told me it could have been the meds or the virus itself (also, I don't take a lot of meds, ever, so my body could have been in shock from it), but the symptoms I had (nausea and sweating) are common signs you are about to faint and if you experience them, you should lie down immediately, wherever you are (note to self). 

I stayed home Friday as well and am still not fully recovered.  I went back to work yesterday and felt better-ish but started feeling awful in the afternoon.  I'm definitely on the mend, but this damn cold is running a lot longer of a course than I'm used to.  So now ya know.  Have any of you ever had a really bad sinus cold?

Husband took these photos the other night after our date and it was fa-reeeezing.  We made it work though by taking a page from Jentine's book and throwing on the high-beams and creating a midnight photoshoot.

Monday, March 28, 2011

OPI Shatter

Revlon 'Silver Screen'  |  OPI 'Shatter'

If you haven't heard of OPI 'Shatter', you might be living under a rock.  This stuff is blowing up and it's awesome.  I picked up a bottle about a week ago and it was perfect timing as my silver mani was starting to chip a bit.  I touched up the tips and then applied the shatter and my nails were instantly 'done' again.  T

his stuff is super cool, it starts to 'shatter' within 5 - 10 seconds (right before your eyes) and dries pretty quickly too (and you just apply one coat).  The next day I had three compliments before lunch time (and one was from a guy).

It's going to be hard to resist putting this over every colour I paint my nails now.  Husband even liked it so much he let me paint one of his toenails (shhh don't tell).


Birthday Brunch

On the weekend, my good friend took me out for brunch for my birthday.  We went to our favourite spot and had an amazing meal (and conversation, of course).  She also gifted me with the most fabulous gift (but you'll have to wait and see. Hint). and then we partook in some retail therapy afterward.  A truly fantastic birthday celebration.  Thanks SS.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

100 Ways (to a better you)

I found this amazing post called, 'A Better Life in 100 Ways', and while I can't remember how I found this article (I think a friend tweeted it, but I can't remember who), thank you, it's been so insightful.

While reading the list, each point hit some part of me, some points really stuck with me and some even motivated me.  I live every day trying to be the best version of myself, but sometimes that motto slips through the cracks.  We can only be the best we can be, but it's a conscious decision to do so.

If you don't want to read the whole list, here are a few of my favourites:

1.  Accept Your Mistakes

You’re human. We, humans, are making mistakes. Accept what you did wrong and try to do better next time. No need to punish yourself forever. In fact, accepting your mistakes is the only way to make them disappear.

2.  Accept Your Friends Mistakes

Maybe you got hurt by somebody. Happens. Just accept it and deal with it. People are making mistakes and if you can accept that for yourself, accept it for your friends too. In the end, all you need from them is their love.

* so often this reigns true with me and reading this clears all the bullshit and puts things in perspective.  We only need our friends' love, and if they're still offering that to us, and they're trying their best, we can try our best to move past their mistakes too.

9.  Create and Keep a Morning Phrase

Whatever you say to yourself in the morning, it will most likely come true during the day. Why not taking advantage of it? Create a simple morning phrase and say it to yourself first thing in the morning. Is that simple.

21.  Be Better, Not Perfect

Striving too much for perfection will ruin your life. It will wipe out all those little imperfections which are making you… human. Being better, on the other side, is rewarding. Look back at the yesterday you and just say: I’m better!

25.  Avoid Fighting

Fighting is the biggest energy leak of your being. Trying to prove another guy wrong is so against your true nature. You’re here to acknowledge life’s wonders, not to prove anybody’s wrong. They’re not wrong, just have different opinions. And that’s part of life.

40.  Start a Monthly Challenge

Being it physical, mental or social. Intend to acquire something new in your life in 30 days. Improve your health using new methods, or your relationships by starting new things together. Make it count. And count on it.

42.  Follow a Coincidence

Well, there aren’t any coincidences, I lied. Everything has a purpose. If you witness something which may seem like a coincidence, then you’re very lucky, you just got a sign. Follow it with trust, it will lead you well.

48.  Break Up with a Person You Don't Really Like

Maybe you’re friend with somebody just by habit, chemistry being dead for a long time now. Just break it up. Tell him. Ok, let’s unfriend us, this will not work. It will bring up something you thought you lost it long ago: courage.

* this is hard, I've been there, I've done that.  That's not to say I don't miss those people now, but at the time it was the right decision.

65.  Say Something Nice to Somebody

Just like that. Out of the blue. Pick an unknown person and say something nice. After the initial surprise you’ll be amazed by the unmasked joy and gratitude they’re expressing. Admit it: you would like that too, right?

77.  One More Second

Create the habit of looking at things for one more second. Spend one more second before taking an important decision. Delay something. Time will follow your intention and open some unexpected window for you. Slow it down a little.

85.  Laugh

This time is not about smiling. It’s about laughing. Don’t you ever miss another opportunity to laugh. Especially at yourself. The longer your laughing sessions, the shorter your misery ones. Looks like a nice deal, isn’t it?

87.  Trust Your Emotions

Don’t underestimate your emotions. Or overestimate them. Your emotions are your feed-back system and for that they are very important. Trying to ignore your emotions is like depriving yourself from lights in a car running in the middle of the night.

97.  Make Your Own Rules

And stick with them. Go for what works for you, not the others. Go for what you want, not the others. Including me. Make your own system and be proud of it. You may upset some people in the process, but hey, that’s life.

100.  No Regrets

Regretting something is another form of not accepting reality. What you can do about it now? It’s gone. It doesn’t exist anymore. Focus on what you can change: your present moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Now. Live now.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Florida: iPhone Snaps

 Dunkin Donuts 'Cool Latta' - I drank a few of these.  We don't have Dunkin Donuts in Canada and these are way better than Iced Caps from Tim Hortons.  Oh, and btw, that's a medium.  Love those Americans.

During my trip to Florida, I kept a bit of a photo diary with my iPhone whenever I could.  Sometimes I didn't bring my camera with me (shocker) or only had a second to snap a quick shot.  I'm missing the warm weather a ton but the snow here is melting and despite temperatures being below zero still, Spring is on it's way.

Daytona Beach

 The cart from my trip to Ross with my mom.  That store is amazing and we clearly don't have that in Canada, either.

 A solo evening at the beach.

My favourite beer which often comes 2-for-1 at many restaurants (another fantastic American thing).  The one on the left was from my dinner at the Washington airport on my way home.  Ending my trip and keepin' it classy: a solo beer and burger.

One morning, during my run, there were tons of seagulls congregated on the beach, just standing around.  I stopped running, pulled my iPhone from my armband and snapped a shot.

 Daytona Bike Week  (psst, spot the dog?)
Various Beach Shots

Clockwise from top left:  (1) Peanut butter M&M's  (2) Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Chili's (my fave)  (3) Side Ceaser Salad from Chili's  (4) Chips & bean dip from Chili's  (5) My almost-everyday breakfast, toast with peanut butter and banana and a huge glass of milk  (6) Chips and salsa from El Toucan  (7) My Dad checking out how they make Salt Water Taffee in Daytona Beach  (8) Chicken Enchilladas from El Toucan  (9) Candy Apples in Daytona Beach  (10) Cowboy Burger from AppleBee's  (11) Steak dinner (which was horrible so I exchanged it for number nine) at AppleBee's


Friday, March 25, 2011


 Dynamite blazer (last seen here), Love Culture dress, Sirens leggings, Delicious booties (last seen here), 
Suzy necklace, various bangles & Guess bracelet

Isn't the top picture so cool?  There was a bus zooming by and the camera caught it. 

Do you guys have casual Friday at work?  We do, and every Friday is like the candy day of the week because I get to put together an outfit with jeans.  All week long it's pencil skirts, dresses and other more business-y stuff, but Friday, Friday is the day to let loose (well, not that loose) and be creative with denim.  And this is what happens.  The pressure gets to me, I try on six pairs of different jeans before deciding I cannot choose what to do with them and I put on something that would work just as equally from Monday to Thursday.  What is wrong with me!?

 Showing off my new Guess bracelet (a birthday gift from my SIL)

Annnd this is what happens when you put the camera on your car's spoiler with the 
vehicle still running (so I could jump back in at a moment's notice because it was cold).  Awesome.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm frolicking on jennifhsieh today while she frolicks in conference-land.  


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Featured: A.Co on Fashion by He

I've been featured on 'Fashion by He'.  Check out the first blog from a guy's POV.

A Scarf Story

 Stitches cardigan (last seen here), C'est Moi top (last seen here), American Apparel leggings
Aldo boots (last seen here), Club Monaco scarf, H&M bangle & Stitches ring

Wanna hear a story?  It's about my scarf.  So, many years ago (at least five) I was shopping at Club Monaco and that location was closing (read: lots of sales).  I tried on several things but didn't find much (I'm sure Amanda circa 2011 would have found much more than Amanda circa 2006) except a pair of navy wool crop skinny pants (which still have yet to be worn - unreal, I know).  As I was getting ready to check out, I decided to check out the accessories.  On a table were these scarves in grey and black.  100% cashmere.  What is cashmere?  (Yes, those were my thoughts back then).  I almost didn't buy it but finally decided to drop the $9 and pick one up.  Yes.  Nine dollars.  Down from one hundred dollars.  I should have bought five.  But then again, what the hell do I need five cashmere scarves for (except to be the most amazing gift giver ever).



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Spirit?

 Club Monaco top (last seen here), Jacob skirt (last seen here), unknown heels, Le Chateau bangle & g21 sunnies

Look everyone!  It's my St. Patrick's Day outfit...  Yeah, turns out, I'm not so good with the whole you-have-to-wear-this-certain-colour-on-this-certain-day-of-the-year.  I was rockin' a green belt with this outfit which I promptly removed upon arriving at work (that sounds familiar).  Then I was badgered with the, 'Where's your green, Amanda?' all day long (mainly by people not wearing green, might I add).

I got these shoes during my trip to Florida and they are so fab (yes, tooting my own shoe horn right now, so?).  They are super high, snug on the foot and they stay put when I'm running around work.  The only problem?  They kill my feet.  Like so badly I told my sister I wanted to chop my feet off that day (her response?  'Um, or you could just take them off...'  okay, smart-ass).  They dig in mad right where my toes meet my foot (aka the toe cleavage area) so badly that when I removed them (and this was constantly throughout the day, while sitting at my desk, rest assured) I had a massive indentation of a line running across the tops of my toes.  So sad.  So painful.  What a disappointment.  Fortunately I only spent $16 on them (I love that Ross store, I tell ya) but it's sad to know I'll likely always choose a different shoe before them.  Le sigh.

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