It's been two years since I purchased my first designer bag, the Givenchy Antigona, during our first trip to Italy.  It was such an exciting day, and I remember wanting to skip down the street back to our AirBnB because I was on cloud 9.

When we came home, I shared the bag in a haul video, and featured it many times on the blog in various outfit posts.  Now that I've been using it for two years, I thought it would be a great time to share my thoughts on it, especially since this bag is still going strong in popularity.

Helloooo weekend!  Just a quick post to share some fun pieces that are currently on sale, are in my cart or great deals.  Hope you have a happy Easter!

The pom-pom beach bag above is adorable, I wish I had gotten it in time for trip but will have to put it to use for the next one--bonus, it's under $30!

It's that time again, Shopbop's big spring sale!  Essentially, if you spend under $500, you get 20% off, but if you spend over $500, you get 25% off, use code BIGEVENT17--plus don't forget, free shipping and returns.  I can also confirm for the Canadian girls, if you pay your duty in advance and make any returns, that duty gets refunded when you send your items back + no additional costs upon delivery.

Today I'm sharing a bunch of cute items I have my eye on that fall in the under $100 category.  I went a little nuts during the last sale, so am trying to reign it in this time.  My grey tank above is on sale and I wear it all the time--even in Mexico to work out when I realized I had forgotten my actual workout tanks.  It washes up beautifully, just hang it to dry to keep it nice.

Also, if you're in the mood for splurging, my newest distressed white skinnies are part of the sale (woohoo!), just size down one size because they run a little big--which never happens for me in pants.  Also, I've linked all the white distressed denim here, if you're on the hunt--perfect for summer!

We are on our way home from Mexico today but I wanted to get this post up for you girls so I am writing from the beach to share some wicked deals that are happening online this weekend.

My new favourite black jeans are currently 25% off with code PRIVATE25.  You will be seeing a lot of these in c coming posts because they are the exact same material as my favourite dark blue denim--so stretchy, comfortable, yet thick enough to feel sucked in.

I'm a big fan of finding quality pieces, and have made that more my motto when shopping over the past year or so, but I can't help but peruse Forever 21 every now and again for a good budget-friendly score.  

That said, I know many of you are American, but a lot of you are Canadian (like me) and I couldn't help but notice the many different items on the two Forever 21 websites.  So, instead of a usual Forever 21 Finds post, I'm sharing my favourites from both the Canadian and the American site so depending where you are, when you click on the image from the site of your home country, it should take you directly there (versus re-routing you to the main page--so annoying).



Happy Saturday!  I've been seeing some awesome deals online lately, and of course since I'm on a semi-shopping ban with our house hunt, it's making it extra hard!

That said, my Vince heels from last year were my #1 go-to pair of shoes and they are so comfy.  I'm usually a 10 but when I ordered mine, they only had a 9.5, so I took a chance.  It worked out, so I wouldn't say they run large by any means, but half size might be okay if they don't have your full size.

Also, I will have a full post of the look above coming soon, but wanted to share about the shoes ASAP.  Hope you girls have a great day and weekend!

A few weeks back, Shopbop held a huge sale & I am normally pretty good at resisting, but this time I went a little ham on the add to cart button!  However, since they offer free shipping & free returns, I figured I had nothing to lose and snagged a bunch of awesome pieces.

Bonus: if you're Canadian, like me, they'll include the duty up front, if you'd like, and reimburse upon return, versus getting a surprise at the door and then having to submit that invoice if you do make return.

So with that said, as promised, I've tried everything on, styled it and am sharing with you today all the details on sizing and more.  Some pieces are from my own closet, but I'm linking them as well, so let's jump in.

Happy Sunday ladies!  I've spent all late afternoon and evening cleaning and doing laundry and now Marco is rushing me to get to the couch for some Walking Dead but I wanted to get this post up for you, as promised.

Also, I tried on all the Shopbop items from my order and that post will be up on Tuesday, and I'll be sharing how everything fits, the sizes I purchased and my favourites.

My fringe boots above have just been restocked in the grey (finally!) but also come in a pretty conga colour too.  I debated between the colours and think both are equally beautiful.

Today is the last day of the Shopbop sale and I placed a huge order the other evening.  I'm excited to share with you what I scooped up, but will be doing a full try on post when the items arrive.  I'll be honest, there were a few more items than what I've shown above, so you will see it all when it arrives!

Since this sale has lasted five days (which is rare for Shopbop), items are starting to sell out and really deplete in sizes--but, I've noticed some things have been restocked as well, so if you saw something you liked before, check again because it might be back.  Bonus, they are doing free shipping and free returns so it's risk free--might as well buy now while it's on sale.

I shared a full round up of the best items + my favourite picks, so if you're looking for suggestions, check out that post and hope you girls have a great weekend! xo

It's that time again, the Shopbop Buy More, Save More sale, and eek!  I'm going a little crazy with the purchases because this sale is so good.  Now is the time to snag the pieces that tend to always be around, but don't go one sale (ahem, I finally ordered these distressed skinnies & my camo jacket is on sale in all sizes), or scoop up something that's on the pricier end at a discount.  I've spent hours perusing the pages and gathering all the best pieces you need to stock your closet with, at various price points.

Plus!  I've got Spring on my mind like crazy!  Even though it's still cold here, it'll be warm and breezy before we know it (or at least I hope so), so I've got a ton of vacation and Spring ready pieces and am sharing everything below, broken up into categories to help you get your shop on.

Happy Sunday ladies!  Today I'm feeling totally lazy, but did spend two hours cleaning the condo this morning--still more to do, laundry to get to, and my desk is a bit of a disaster, but taking a little break to share some amazing deals happening around the web.

First up, my sneakers are not budget friendly, but I do like to mention when they go on sale and right now the peach/nude colour is marked down!  They run true to size and are fairly flat inside, but so comfortable.

Speaking of sneakers, just snagged these (size down a full size).


Happy Sunday!  I am up super early writing this post because I could not sleep.  We had an extra busy day on Saturday, out shopping and just roaming around town, and by the time we got home just after 7pm, we were both beat.  I ended up lying down in bed around 8pm and passed out till 2am!  

From there, I woke up and could not fall back asleep.  I tried everything; YouTube, Pinterest, my eye mask... nothing worked, all the while Marco snoozed peacefully beside me.  I'm usually a good sleeper, so this is totally out of the ordinary.  I can only think of one time last Summer where I woke up around 4am and was up for the day.  I'm always such a night owl and love to sleep in, so can imagine there will be a little siesta in my future today!

Enough rambling, today I'm sharing some of my favourite pieces that have been marked down, plus a couple items I've recently scooped up and things I'm eyeing!



Happy Sunday ladies, we got home from our cottage ski weekend in Tremblant and have been hanging out all afternoon (you can probably still catch a mini recap on Instagram Stories).  We skied yesterday and the conditions were pretty good, so much warmer than the last few times which made it way nicer.  We debating going again today but decided to give the legs a rest since we are heading to Whistler in a few days!

I just got the sweater I'm wearing in the pic above last weekend and now it's half price!  *shakes fist*  Such a steal, super comfy & and comes in a stone blue colour as well.  Full outfit post coming soon.


Happy Sunday ladies!  How is your weekend going?  I've been busy cleaning the condo today + relaxing afterwards, which has been a nice shift from the overall busy-ness of the last week.

There are so many great deals happening around the web, plus I'm sharing a few things I've picked up recently (some of which are already on sale!) so let's jump into the weekend deals...

Happy Boxing day ladies!  I spent the day at the mall shopping and battling the crowds and it was kind of worth it.  I did make out with several pieces, but honestly, the sales are so good online, I'd skip the hassle and just shop from the comfort of home. 

Also, it's the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale (!!) so I'm sharing all the pieces I've tried on, and while mostly everything I'm sharing is marked down, there are a few that aren't on sale.  However, I'm linking them anyway plus to the same or similar items on sale elsewhere so you can snag them.

Finally, I'm sharing a huge round up of all the post-Christmas sales happening around the web at the very bottom of the post, so be sure to scroll through.  I'll have a full Weekend Recap up tomorrow, with details from Christmas and more.  Hope you're having a great day!


It's safe to say that I'm a huge homebody, and although it might seem like I go out a lot, I love to stay in.  As a natural introvert, staying in recharges my batteries, and I genuinely enjoy being alone--surfing the Internet, watching YouTube, editing a video, etc.  That's the stuff that keeps me going so I can go out and be social and spend time with people.

That said, if there is a homebody on your list--or you're just sneaking in a few last minute gifts for yourself--this post is for you!  I'm totally eyeing that olive scarf for myself, and am loving all things copper for the home (ie. those cute salt & pepper shakers!).  And of course that cozy cardigan has my name written all over it!

I have that fluffy eye mask (which also comes in white) and purchased it right before our trip to Italy for our overnight flight, but also wear it on a semi-nightly basis and for weekend sleep ins.  I would say sleeping with an eye mask takes some getting used to, but really helps me fall asleep, if I'm having trouble, and stay asleep longer.

Happy shopping! xo

Shopbop is having another awesome three day sale, this time on designer merchandise that is on sale--they're giving an additional 30% off; use code EXTRA30.  Friday is the last day of the sale so now is your chance to stock up.

That said, I'm sharing my faves, per usual.  I feel like I've been doing a plenty of shopping posts lately, but what can I say, the holiday season has me in the spirit of giving... and maybe following the rule of, 'One for you... one for me'  #treatyoself  

Also, not only would any of these pieces be awesome additions to your closet, they would make great gifts for Mom, sister, or best gal pals.

Hi ladies--there are some crazy sales on currently for designer bags.  I shared a bunch for Black Friday but many have sold out and new ones have also been added.

I've been on a big crossbody kick for a while now.  I love the effortlessness of hands free shopping / everyday life, so for my next bag I'm definitely going to go that route.  I have been coveting this one for a while now--so pretty in both colours!

That said, there is nothing like a beautiful handbag and my Givenchy Antigona (above) was my first designer bag purchase.  There are several of them on sale, in various sizes.  Mine is the medium, which is the largest size and you can see me carrying it here for size reference (I'm 5'11).

All that to say, today I'm sharing a round up of the bags that I'm eyeing because these sales are too amazing to pass up.  If you've been thinking about taking the plunge on one of these beauties, now is a great time.

Happy Sunday ladies!  Just wanted to jump on and share a few awesome deals happening around the web--we are in full recovery mode today after a huge party last night for Marco's 35th (more on that tomorrow in the Weekend Snaps).

My white lace bodysuit is still available, but running low in sizes.  It's obviously very sheer so I actually paired this bodysuit underneath for more coverage.


It's been a while since I've done a Forever 21 post and they have so many great pieces right now, from chic sweaters that look way more expensive than they are, to a great selection of holiday and New Years Eve attire, I'm loving so many pieces!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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