Outfit deets:
* Ardene 'Partier' top (new!); how cute is this?  When I saw it I had to think for a minute but then realized the nod was for Cartier--cute!  It was super cheap and totally on trend.
* Dynamite waterfall blazer.
* Zara jeans (old) which you've seen a few years back in a parking garage with all black errthang.
* Aldo Periera booties (Christmas gift) which I had my eye on for months, but never purchased and then funny story, my mom purchased for herself, they came in, didn't really suit her and I saw them in her pile of 'returns' and snatched them up.  I told her I pay for them but she said I could have them as a Christmas gift--it was Christmas day when this happened, too!
* Accessories:  Expressions by The Bay necklace (old but they still have it), Ardene 'Love' bracelet, F21 wrap bracelet & Aldo bangle.

Okay, it's that time.  New Years resolution time.

I said I would share and I've been thinking long and hard--and you know I'm a fan of attainable resolutions--so here goes:

* Minimum one video per week on my YouTube channel.

* Don't take on everyone's problems--listen, empathize, let go.

* Pay off my credit card every month.  #keepinitreal

I think that's good.  Those are attainable, but also challenging for me.  

Making videos is a time consuming ordeal, and while it's a labour of love, there is a lot of behind the scenes work from preparation of myself (hair, camera make-up), the camera itself (setting up, focusing, etc.) and then the editing which is easily three to six hours per video.

I'm a naturally empathetic and compassionate person, who takes others problems and make them my own; it's my (astrological sign's) way of helping others.  In reality, it causes stress and worry, and most of the time it's the other person who has to fix it on their own.  That isn't to say I'm going to turn cold hearted, I just need to learn to accept I can only help someone else so much.

Finally, my credit card.  A balance on my credit card looms over me and while it might not be a terribly high amount, it still looms.  I want to pay it off, and keep it at zero come the end of every month.  Definitely do-able, but will have to keep my spending in check.

What are your resolutions?  I'd love to hear!  Share them in the comments below.

Outfit deets:
* Nine West dress from The Bay (new this summer) which I love.  I showcased it in my, 'What to Wear to a Summer Event' video.  The a-line silhouette is not my typical pick but I love how I feel in this and it is very figure flattering.  I've only worn it a couple times in a few months because it's so unique looking but it would be perfect for picnics, a baby or bridal shower, a lunch date and as I wore it: for work.
* Gap cardigan (old) in navy.
* BCBG nude peep-toe pumps (old).

The quality of these pictures turned out terribly, and because I was using my point-and-shoot, I didn't realize until I was exporting them off my camera. 


Whatever though, I wanted to share because the outfit was pretty and I felt good in it.  Additionally, I post fewer than few outfits so really can't afford not to share this one.

The good news is the weekend is almost here and tonight is my last volleyball game before the tournament in a couple weeks.  I joined a beach volleyball league for the first time this summer (I've only ever played indoor before) and while I have enjoyed it, the get-sand-in-place-UOENO, has run it's course.  Basically I'm sick of having a permanent hair-washing date every Thursday night so cyanara beach v-ball.

And a fun one from the 'gram...

Outfit deets:
* Dynamite lace top (with an old Dynamite tube top underneath) which you've seen in my Fall Fashion vlog & with similar pants and similar shoes (but not the same).  Kind of bummed I didn't get a picture of the back of this top, it's a v-neck in the back with a zipper running all the way down.
* Nitrogen Signature pants which you've seen a few years ago with a striped top (love this look) and also with a cape & white opaque nails (and my fave ankle boots which sadly no longer look that new!).
* Accessories:  Suzy necklace, Auslini bangle & Swarovski skinny bangle.

Happy Friday!  The weekend is finally here! 

This weekend I'm heading to Mont. Tremblant which should be a blast.  Additionally, I have a ton of laundry to get to, need to edit and upload a recent haul video (still),  but have been making some small changes around my apartment (oops, I was supposed to take you along for that ride...) which is refreshing!  I'll share some pictures next week and if anyone has any requests for videos (my YouTube channel HERE), please leave a comment below. 

Happy weekend!

* Sorry for the 'meh' quality pictures of late.  The weather is crap here (tons of snow and freaking freezing) and I just can't drag myself outside, without a jacket like I used to.  It's too cold, so until it gets a bit warmer (or I take another trip south), this will have to be good enough.  Thank you all so much for reading along!
Outfit deets:
* Smart Set ruffled neckline top which you have seen with dark denim (a favourite post, too).
* Sirens dress pants (old) that are actually long enough for me to wear with heels (shocker).
* Accessories:  H&M belt, Bijoux Terner bangle, Bay ring, Gucci shades & consigned necklace (no brand).

I love love love mixing stripes with leopard and this was kind of my first time doing it.  Later that week I did it with polka dots.

So, how is everyone doing with their Christmas shopping?  I'm rolling along quite nicely, considering how stressed I was last week.  Do you ever find that one awesome gift for that one person and feel so much better?  Like a whole bunch of stress has been lifted as you can now focus on the small stuff, last minute items and stocking stuffers.  I'm so excited for Christmas and while my shopping isn't yet complete, I'm getting pretty close and that's a relief.

Happy 12/12/12!
Outfit deets:
* Jessica Simpson blazer (from my Boxing Day haul) which you've seen with tuxedo style cropped pants
* Covet tank (from my Marshalls haul) (new!).
* H&M waxed pants (picked up during my trip to Vegas) (new!).
* Accessories:  consigned necklace (new!), Gucci shades & Aldo rose gold bangle (new!).

This outfit is quite different from last year's Thanksgiving outfit, but the weather was much different and I wanted to break out my new waxed pants.  Since my sister is on her honeymoon, my parents and I were invited to have dinner with my grandparents at their senior's residence.  It was a full turkey dinner (so I got my fix) with pumpkin pie to top it off.  Only problem?  No leftovers!  Wah wah.

Outfit deets:
* Urban Planet top (new!) and picked this up when I was shopping prior to filming my Vlogger entry video (I paid for this myself).
*Smart Set cami.
* Sirens pants which I've had forever and are actually long enough for me to wear with heels.
* Payless heels which you have seen with a black & white striped dress (and can I just say I feel like I'm in flats in these shoes?  They are awesome).
* Accessories:  Stitches necklace, Suzy ring, F21 bangle & Gucci sunnies.

Life is ca-razy right now.  I just got back from Vegas (amazing times!) and my apartment is a disaster, I haven't even unpacked yet but did manage to get some other stuff done.  Work is busy busy and I'm playing catch up.  My sister is getting married this weekend and my Grandpa just landed in the hospital.  Needless to say, things are quite hectic.

I haven't had a chance to go through my Vegas photos yet, but I have been posting some on Instagram if you care to check that out.  And in other exciting news, I'm meeting my new boss for my Vlogging gig today for lunch to sign my contract and discuss everything (exciting!).  Otherwise, I'll do my best to get those up and hope you're having a great week so far!

Outfit deets:
* Urban Og dress (old) and seen with nude wedges and turquoise earrings (I sense a sub-concious theme here).
* Accessories:  J.Crew bubble necklace, Swarovski bangle and vintage (thrifted) clutch.

I wore this to a baby shower last weekend and it felt so pretty.  I purchased this dress over a year ago, wore it once (on Canada Day, last year, with red flats) and washed it.  The netting part at the top got kind of ruined in the wash and I threw this dress in the, 'To be altered (or fixed)-pile'.  Well, I finally stitched all the loops back together that had come undone with my sewing machine when I was making a top for myself and can now wear this (and always use a lingerie bag to wash it now).

Thankfully when I was getting dressed (in a rush), the sun was beaming into my room and I noticed that the dress is completely see-through!  OMG.  I quickly pulled out a long tank and bandeau top and made a make-shift tube dress to rock underneath to ensure full coverage.  Imagine showing up at a baby shower, not realizing you're pretty much flashing everyone and having nothing to rectify the problem with?  Eep!

Happy weekend!

Outfit deets:
* Brody Myles top via Winners, seen here with red pants and boots.
* InSight skirt (new!) via Winners.
* Vince Camuto 'Kastern' sandals (new-ish!) which you've seen with here with my crochet shorts.
* Payless nude pumps (new-ish!) which I've worn a lot including with dark denim skinnies and a purple top as well as with a thrifted purple dress.
* Accessories:  Aldo necklace, F21 square bangle & Gucci shades.

Let's talk about dating.

Dating can be fun.  Dating can be exciting.  Dating can be complicated, exhilarating and nerve-wracking.  Dating can be down-right disastrous.

I think we have all had our fair share of good, bad and ugly dating experiences.  My question is though, when you see red flags, when do you throw in the towel?  How bad does it have to get before you say goodbye?

I think it's important to set standards for yourself, of what you will and will not accept when it comes to choosing a romantic partner.  I think those standards can get a little foggy when you are wow'ed by other things that seem so great, and at the same time compromise is also important.  They always say hindsight is 20/20 so often looking back upon an experience you can say, 'Yes, there were many red flags that I chose to ignore'.

Be brave if you comment, what is the longest relationship you've had with someone that you knew was not a good fit for you?

Outfit deets:
* Costa Blanca top (new & thrifted) which I have in white and seen with a black, lace (thrifted) pencil skirt.  I bought the white one many years ago in a size small.  This black one is an extra large.  The white one is far too tight for my liking (it looks pretty tight in these pictures, but I liked it like that, back then) now so I'm happy I found it in black as it's such a pretty top.  Smart Set cami underneath.
* Tribal skirt (thrifted) which I've worn twice already (love it) but this is the first time on here.
* Guess pumps (which you've seen a million times).
* Accessories: Emily Elizabeth Jewelery necklace, Joe Fresh bangle (gifted from my sister for my birthday), F21 bangles & Gucci shades.

Wednesday!  Hoorah!  Middle of the weekend closer than ever to the weekend.

This week has been kind of a slow week, and yet I feel so exhausted.  On Monday evening, my girl friend and I helped another friend start packing up her place (she's moving in a month) and she made us an amazing dinner.  Afterwards we indulged in The Bachelorette and strawberry shortcake.  While I've been hoping to get some sewing done, it just hasn't happened, but I have stayed on top of my dishes, which is pretty incredible (my nemesis).

This weekend is my sister's bridal shower and I couldn't be more excited.  It was a surprise, but unfortunately someone ruined it (doesn't that just make you so mad when that happens!?), however, it's still going to be an amazing day.  So between doing last minute prep for that, getting organized and enjoying the beautiful weather, well, I guess it's understandable that I could use some extra shut eye.  But, it's summer, and I always say, 'Who cares, it's summer!  We can sleep come winter!'  And it's true.  I want to make the  most of my summer, even if that means being a little more tired than normal as these are the best days of our lives and we should enjoy them!  

Have a wonderful day.  xo

Outfit deets:
* Joe Fresh top (new!).
* Parasuco jeans (via Marshalls) which I've worn considerably, but not yet on the blog.
* Payless heels which are new-ish and have been worn with a purple dress (what is it with these shoes and purple!?).
* Accessories: vintage necklace, A.Co Designs charm bracelet & Old Navy bangle.

Do you make lists for when you shop?  Or perhaps, make a note of certain things you're looking for?

I don't.  I just go where the retail therapy takes me, however lately, while clothes shopping, I have been on specific hunts for certain items.  Lately I've noticed some gaps in my closet (is that possible?) and have been narrowing my search down.  

Things I have been shopping for lately:
* More purple (specifically: lavender skinnies)
* Tops with sleeves (like the one I'm wearing)
* Skirts for the office that are longer

It's interesting as I can certainly see why I ended up with so many sleeveless shirts (and so few with sleeves), as I tend to grab for those first.  I find though, with a list (in my head, at least), I am more apt to focus on what I'm looking for, versus simply buying because it's beautiful.


 Outfit deets:
* Calvin Klein dress (from Ross) that was a birthday gift from my parents (that I picked out).  First time wearing this!
* Dynamite faux leather, perforated blazer (a Christmas gift from my parents).  Seen with a ruffled top and navy.
* Payless heels (new!).  Love these and saw my mom rocking them and had to get a pair for myself (that's a first!).  They have a snake-skin print to them and a lower heel, which is nice for those days where you want a heel but don't want 4+ inches.  These are also super comfortable and when I went shopping with my girlfriend to get them, she picked up a pair for herself!
* Accessories: H&M necklace, Pandora bracelet, Suzy rings & Jacob bangle

Monday is here already!  My weekend went by fairly slow, and I did quite a bit so I can't complain too much.  That and with the weather getting warmer, it's getting lighter earlier in the mornings and the sun is staying out past 7pm making getting up for work on Monday not so bad (I'm grateful to have a job also, as there have been many lay offs recently and it's just awful).

Friday night I went for a massage after work at a new spot and it was amazing.  The girl really knew her stuff and gave my muscles a good work out.  Afterwards it was home to get ready and out to dinner.  Saturday ended up being a totally impromptu shopping day with one of my besties and I finally got to check out the new Marshalls that just opened up here; and you guys, I picked up some killer finds (video coming) that I'm extra excited about.  That evening was a birthday celebration for my grandpa (85!) and I hung out with some girlfriends afterwards.  Sunday ended up being totally lazy (well, I did go for a 'quick' 2km run, which is pretty impressive since I never workout on the weekend) and while I felt a little unproductive and bored at times, meh, sometimes you need that on the weekend.

Outfit details:
* Dynamite blazer (a personal fave), last seen with a ruffled pale pink dress, here with a geometric print dress & with skinny pants.
* Spense dress, picked this up in Florida at Ross and was part of my birthday gift from my parents.
* BCBG heels from TJ Maxx last year when I went to Florida.  Last seen with white skinnies, here with grey denim, and my with my favourite ruffled skirt.
* Givenchy nude fishnet tights that I wear all. the. time.  I found a handful at Winners and scooped them up as they are hard to find and since I've been wearing them for years, I need to replace them yearly.
* Vintage necklace,  Pandora bracelet (with two new charms I received for my birthday: 'Journey' and my birthstone, 'Aquamarine,' similar), Dillards & F21 bangles.

I'm switching up how I list my outfit details, what do you think?  Do we like it?  LoveMaegan... does something similar and I really like how she lists what she previously wore with something and gives a visual before you even click the link.  Thoughts?

So I wore this dress to work the other day, and while I got a ton of compliments and love the colour, I couldn't wait to rip it off when I got home.  Too tight and too fussy!  The following day was dubbed a 'flowy' day where I wore skinnies and a flowy top.  Ah.  To be able to breathe.

I know I said I had a purchase post coming soon on the loot I nabbed in Florida, plus a recap of my vacation, also I want to share the birthday gifts I received; I did not lie, it's just taking me a bit longer.  Between going through all my photos, editing them, and (the worst) not having Internet (the connection I was pirating has now been locked.  Damn!), I've been a little slow moving.  But alas, I have a 'net connection now and will get those posts up very soon.  Hope you are all having a great day!

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