Monday, March 28, 2011

OPI Shatter

Revlon 'Silver Screen'  |  OPI 'Shatter'

If you haven't heard of OPI 'Shatter', you might be living under a rock.  This stuff is blowing up and it's awesome.  I picked up a bottle about a week ago and it was perfect timing as my silver mani was starting to chip a bit.  I touched up the tips and then applied the shatter and my nails were instantly 'done' again.  T

his stuff is super cool, it starts to 'shatter' within 5 - 10 seconds (right before your eyes) and dries pretty quickly too (and you just apply one coat).  The next day I had three compliments before lunch time (and one was from a guy).

It's going to be hard to resist putting this over every colour I paint my nails now.  Husband even liked it so much he let me paint one of his toenails (shhh don't tell).



Hayley said...

LOVE shatter nail polish! yours look great! heard they are coming out with a bunch of new colors including aqua. SO excited!

Kate said...

So fun! Love that this stuff ends up looking like leopard print sometimes! I haven't tried yet, but am tempted to!

julianne. said...

i want andNEED this so badly.
it looks so amazing, i die over it.
first on my to buy list.

sharonlei said...

Kate's right.. sometimes it does look like leopard print. I keep meaning to pick some up from the salon, but I just want to go straight home after work! Hopefully I can get some this weekend. I've been wanting to try this forever!

I like that you layered over silver. :)

xx Love & Aloha

Laura Thatcher said...

I must admit I've been craving this! Thanks for shiwing how it looks when "self" applied. I love it that you used it to extend a chipping mani!

Jamie said...

Hahaha! I've been wanting to try this stuff, but I get my mani done at the salon... does it look good as a pedi?

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