As promised, here are the photos from our trip to Cancun last week.  We stayed at Breathless, which we decided on since we had stayed at Breathless in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic three years ago and loved it.  This resort did not disappoint and I'll let the photos speak for themselves before I go into a little more detail afterwards.


Hi ladies!  Today I’m sharing a huge photo overload of our four days in Cancun Mexico.  We were lucky to fly down for a quick trip for Marco’s work, and we stayed at the amazing Le Blanc Spa resort.  

It was a bit of a whirlwind, with only two full days there and plenty of activities in between.  I’d love to share a few photos with you if you’d like to see…



Today I'm sharing all the outfits I wore in Cancun while on vacation a couple weeks ago.  I definitely love to pack colourfully for vacation, which is a change to my usual neutrals at home.  While I'm a fairly strategic packer, this time around, there wasn't much time so it was a lot of throwing things into the suitcase without much planning.  Needless to say, while I did pack a little much, I never ran out of clothes #optimisticspin

Hope you enjoy the recap of what I wore--I'm sharing links to everything that's still available plus options to similar items so you can scoop them if you'd like.  As always, thanks for reading!

All the outfits after the jump...

We spent last week in Cancun for a full on vacation.  It's the first vacation we've taken as a couple since Italy, this time last year.  It was well needed, and we had a really nice time.  

We stayed at the Grand Moon Palace, and had beautiful weather all week.  The beaches and pools were beautiful, the drinks were great and we spent an entire afternoon playing beach volleyball one day.  We weren't overly thrilled with the food at the resort, hence the lack of food shots, but still fortunate to get away and enjoy some sunshine.

I'll be sharing all my vacation outfits in a separate post with all the details, but for this, I'll let the photos speak for themselves...


Before heading to Mexico, I spent a full evening shopping for a few new items.  I wanted to bring some new pieces with me to wear on our trip and I left almost empty handed--almost as if when you're ready to treat yo' self, you find nothing!  However, I did find this maxi dress and did a little dance when it was long enough.  

I paired the dress over my suit one day but it would be really pretty for evening with a wide bandeau underneath in white, yellow or mint.  I also love how this choker looks wrapped around multiple times and tied in the back--another great way to wear one of Spring's trends I'm loving.

Hi ladies!  I spent last week in Tampa with the boyfriend and it was a nice break for the frigid temperatures here at home.  My days were mostly spent exploring Tampa, the various shopping it had to offer, little restaurants to eat at and relaxing at the hotel.  

Since Marco was working, I had a ton of time to myself, but we did head to Orlando for the weekend and take in some sights.  We didn't make it to Disneyworld, unfortunately, but perhaps in the future at some point.

Since this post is super photo-heavy, I'm going to put everything after the jump and let the photos do the talking.  I will do a separate post with outfit details of any looks I shared.  As always, thanks for reading...

The third and final part of my trip to Barbados last month.  In this video we visit the Limegrove outdoor shopping centre, the west coast, Surf Side Beach and more.  As always, thanks for watching!

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Today I'm sharing part one of our Barbados video recap.  We spent seven glorious days on the rock and saw and did so much.  Since I took over 200 video clips, I've split up the video into three parts to keep it interesting.  In part one you'll see where we stayed, our 'home' beach, hitting a popular touristy spot, trying out Bajan fast food and more!
Thanks for watching! xo
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I wanted to share the photos I posted on Instagram of our trip to Barbados because I know not everyone has Instagram.  If you already follow me (I'm acoest1984), you can skip this post and come back on Monday, but if not, here's a few things you may have missed.

Also, if you wanted to see all the photos--shared by friends and myself--in a condensed format, we created an IG album under the hashtag #brilliantbarbadosbreakaway

Thanks for reading! xo

More photos after the jump...

More photos after the jump...

Hello!  I know it's been a few days since I've checked in but I'm seriously enjoying this vacation and trying to disconnect as much as possible (I mean, besides sharing photos to Instagram every time I get a wifi connection and checking my Facebook when we come back to our home-away-from-home for naps).  I had planned to share a weekend recap with you but I think it's best if I just group the photos together for a Barbados recap instead, once I'm back.

Today was our last full day as we leave tomorrow afternoon.  We got up around 9am and Marco and I went to breakfast on our own to a cute little spot up the St. Lawrence Gap called Happy Days.  From there, we padded down to the beach where our friends slowly joined us and we alternated between lying on the beach and swimming in the ocean--what a life, right?  The biggest worry: what to eat next.  I don't want vacation to end!

On that note, I'll let you go as it's official nap-time here at the house which I've been partaking in on the daily despite not being a huge nap person.  Tonight we're headed out for (more) Bajan food and to see some live music.  Hope you're having a great week!

Photos taken from video via the GoPro.

Sorry for the radio silence, I have been busy preparing for our trip to Barbados!  We arrived yesterday afternoon and have been taking in the sun and sand.  

We are here with five of our friends for a full on vacation and it is so hot (no air conditioning in the house either, except the bedrooms, which is great for sleeping).  We spent the day yesterday at the beach and watched the sunset, came home, got ready and went to dinner at Rude Boys.  We had authentic Bajan food and it was so good.  Most of us called an early night so we were fully refreshed this morning to spend the day at the beach.  

The water here is crystal turquoise and blue, the sand is super soft and fine and the locals are uber friendly.  We sipped on beers all afternoon while hanging out in the ocean, every so often grabbing shade under an umbrella on the beach.  Later we grabbed flying fish sandwiches at a shack bar at the beach.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little bit toasted today, but it was worth the fun afternoon!

Tonight we are headed to a fish fry and later on a party on the beach with an all-you-can-drink party!  Should be a great time and can't wait to try more of their amazing food on this island.

Follow along on Instagram (I'm acoest1984) and check out our unique vacation hashtag #brilliantbarbadosbreakaway for photos from me and my friends too.

If you're already subscribed to my YouTube channel, you've already seen this video; I upload new videos every week too, so worth clicking over.   However, if you haven't seen this, here is a quickie two-minute recap of my trip to New York City this month.

Hello!  Sorry for the radio silence the past couple days, I've been adjusting to the time change (which is hardly anything, at three hours, but still), getting back into the swing of work and trying to just get organized since returning from Vegas. 

I know some of you follow me on Instagram (thanks!) but not everyone has it and I like when others do Instagram recaps on their blogs, and since I did it for Punta Cana, thought I would share my Instagram snaps from my trip to Las Vegas last week.

Warning, this post is super photo heavy, hence why I'm putting it all after the jump.  If you'd like to see a condense version of this, they are in the hashtag album #acoinvegas on Instagram.

So here we go!

Upon arrival, despite it only being 11am, I was able to check in right away.  I stayed at the Aria Hotel which is across the strip from Planet Hollywood and really quite fantastic. 

I was given a tip by a friend to ask if they would offer a complimentary upgrade to a higher floor level / better view of the strip and it worked!  They initially were going to give me the 7th floor (of 54) and bumped me up to the 52nd (hello amazing!) free of charge.

I grabbed some food after dropping my bags, explored the hotel a bit then crashed for a solid six hours (not going to the bed the night before due to a 6am flight will do that to you).  When I got up, just after the dinner hour, I went downstairs and hit the buffet for an amazing dinner.  Then back to bed to sleep off the remainder of the jet lag.

I ended up getting up bright and early on Monday morning and hit the gym at the hotel.  It was surprisingly busy but quite nice.  There was an abundance of cardio machines--which I never touched--and a sizeable weight area. 

 A lot of people ask me why I work out on vacation but I kind of enjoy it.  My rationale is this: on vacation you technically have all day every day to do whatever you want.  I like to start my day with a workout because I find it sets a great tone for the day; you feel better as you get dressed, there is no rush to be anywhere and I feel a little less guilty about all the indulgence that come with holidays (margaritas & buffets anyone?). 

I could never be the person who gets up during the week and works out before work.  It's either after work or bust, but on vacation, time is infinite (sort of) and especially if you're sitting around in a bikini all day, that helps keep myself in check.

Outfit deets:  Urban Planet romper (new!) tucked into Bench shorts, Diba sandals & Target lace bralette.
After my workout and breakfast, I showered and got dressed.  I headed out to explore the strip, but mainly to shop.  I hit up Ross & Marshalls and scored huge at latter.

 More photos after the jump...

I know I teased you with a teaser video the week before last and I have finally edited all the footage together from our trip to Punta Cana in April.  So sorry for the delay, there was a ton of footage but at the same time, I wasn't super consistent with it.  That said, I made a short & sweet musical montage, if you will, of our week at Breathless Resort.  Hope you enjoy this vlog.

You can find me on YouTube to see videos as they are uploaded.

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Outfit deets (L to R ):
1.  Urban Planet romper (tucked into shorts), Bench shorts & Target bralette.
2. H&M tank, Sirens skort & Winners bralette.
3. Urban Planet romper, Only denim vest & Winners bralette.

While packing for Vegas I was mainly focussing on casual-ish day outfits that would work in extreme heat and pair easily with the gladiator sandals I brought.  I also didn't want anything too tight, clingy and figured sleeveless would be best.

Sure enough, it's a sorcher here and I'm glad I packed these fairly minimalistic outfits.  Additionally, I paired the majority of my outfits with bralettes instead of bras for comfort and breathability (and I'm kind of loving that look right now too).  Plus, since a lot of the outfits are somewhat revealing, in a casual way, it's a sweet way to pretty up any outfit with a peek showing.  

As I'm here for six days and five nights, I packed six day outfits, four evening outfits, two bikinis, four pairs of shoes and gym clothes (not shown).

I'll be sharing photos wearing these outfits so keep up on my Instagram if you'd like to see (I'm acoest1984).

Shoes (clockwise from top left):
Nike, Diba, Liliana & Zara

Bikinis (clockwise from top left):
American Eagle, Dynamite, Victoria's Secret, Ardene, Victoria's Secret

Outfit deets (L to R):
1. F21 tank, American Eagle skirt & Winners black racer-back bralette (not shown).
2. Sirens dress & Expressions by The Bay necklace.
3. Ardene tee & Sirens skort.

Night outfits (L to R):
1. Dynamite dress (new!).
2. Poetry Clothing top & Sirens skort.
3. Dynamite dress (new!).
4. Zara top (new!) & Urban Planet lace shorts.

I arrived yesterday--after pulling an all nighter--at 11am Vegas time.  Dropped off the bags in the and went out to explore.  Ended up eating some great Mexican food at a place called Javier's in the Aria resort and then took a 6-hour nap!  Clearly pulling an all-nighter is not ideal, but when you have to leave for the airport at 3:30am, it almost seems pointless to go to bed--that and I'm a horrible last-minute packer.

Speaking up packing, I will be sharing what I've brought on this trip tomorrow, along with my weekend snaps later today.  Hope you don't mind on the delay.  Additionally, I edited a new haul video on the plane so expect that sometime this week too.  

It's only 8am here and I'm up and off to the gym, then to find breakfast.  Today will be an exploring-the-strip kind of day, I'm thinking.  Was so excited to fluke and catch the fountain show last night at the Bellagio so I can check that off my list.  Thanks everyone so much for the fabulous suggestions for the city on my post last week--so helpful and can't wait to check some of them out.

I finally pulled together all the footage from my trip to Punta Cana last month off both our phones, my iPad and the GoPro and there is a lot of footage.  I started sorting through it all, but put together a 15 second trailer for the interim.

I hope to get the full video up by next week, which is always posted on my YouTube channel first, so subscribe there if you'd like, and see you tomorrow!

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