Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks for Nothing, Sinuses

 Costa Blanca jacket (last seen here), Mexx leather skirt (last seen here), Aldo wedges (last seen here), Club Monaco scarf, Joe Fresh gloves, Givenchy tights & Aldo clutch

So I've been keeping a bit of a secret: I've been sick for the past week.  I know, I know, I've kept up the charade of being fine... er, well, online at least... in person, not so much.  You see, last Monday I woke up feeling crappy; sore throat, headache, you know the symptoms.  Despite feeling this way, I headed to work as it wasn't awful and no need to take a sick day.

The following Tuesday, I felt worse, much worse, but again went to work.  Talking hurt my throat, my head was ridiculously congested and I felt like a ton of bricks were inside my head.  Sheesh.  My boss noticed and sent me home at noon.  I stopped at Walmart on my way home to get something, anything that would combat this cold.  I picked up Buckley's Cold & Sinus tablets.  I'd never tried them before but figured I had nothing to lose.   After spending the afternoon in bed, resting (watching tv, surfing the 'net on my laptop and being relatively bored), I was starting to feel better.  By dinner time my sore throat was almost extinct and I'd turned into a Buckley's lover overnight... er... within hours. 

I woke up Wednesday ready to face the day and headed into work.  Still taking the meds, it relieved my sinus congested, my throat was tolerable and I felt like I was on the mend.  Turns out, not so much.  This is where it gets worse: that night I woke up at 3am to let the dog out.  While waiting for her to come in, I started feeling super nauseous and immediately started sweating (like, buckets).  I brought the dog in and ran to the bathroom where nothing happened except I continued to feel horrible.  I quickly tried to make my way to bed and passed out in the hallway.  This has never happened to me before and I was only out for a few seconds, but, whoa.  Hubs immediately came to the rescue and eventually helped me to bed. 

The next morning I got up, and you guessed it, was ready to head into work, but started to feel those symptoms wash over me.  I quickly got back into bed and it eventually subsided.  I called in sick and went to the Doctor later that day.  She told me it could have been the meds or the virus itself (also, I don't take a lot of meds, ever, so my body could have been in shock from it), but the symptoms I had (nausea and sweating) are common signs you are about to faint and if you experience them, you should lie down immediately, wherever you are (note to self). 

I stayed home Friday as well and am still not fully recovered.  I went back to work yesterday and felt better-ish but started feeling awful in the afternoon.  I'm definitely on the mend, but this damn cold is running a lot longer of a course than I'm used to.  So now ya know.  Have any of you ever had a really bad sinus cold?

Husband took these photos the other night after our date and it was fa-reeeezing.  We made it work though by taking a page from Jentine's book and throwing on the high-beams and creating a midnight photoshoot.


Anonymous said...

Oh no :( Hope youre feeling better soon!

elizabeth s. said...

Love this outfit and those shoes are beautiful!



Anonymous said...

Sinus colds blow! Pun intended.

You certainly looked great dealing with it though. LOVE the leather skirt!

You have a new follower!


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