Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Look Back at July

So July has come and gone and we are heading into August, which I love because we are still in warm, sunny, summer months but Fall fashion starts making an appearance in stores and not that I want to wish away this weather, but I'm a big Autumn fan.
I kept up with my workout schedule, ate at El Camino, Pure Gelato & Tennessy Willems.  I spent weekend time with a friend on a patio (and shopping!), played tennis with my guy and shared one of my favourite outfit posts.
I showed you our 'finished' living room (is it ever really finished?), went to the Katy Perry concert, and bought some new Supra kicks.  Sarah sent me flowers when I was not feeling well, Marco and I went to Kingston for the day (and brought Peanut with us) and saw Bruno Mars in concert.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Would you ever get Botox?

I have a few friends, in their thirties, who have done it and everyone says the same thing, 'It makes you look.... refreshed'.

I have enjoyed seeing their results--which have been really nice yet subtle, to be honest--and curiously picking their brains about the procedure, cost and of course, how badly does it hurt?!  

While I'm not sure for myself, I am definitely not ruling it out a few years down the road.  At the same time, the thought is scary because it's your face.  I want to age gracefully, through preventative measures (SPF every day, staying out the sun, being physical active & getting plenty of sleep... that last one doesn't really apply to me) but let's be honest, it's happening whether we like it or not.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, if you've tried it before or even if you are totally against it and your reasons.  Sound off in the comments below!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Black Kimono with White Skinny Jeans

Outfit deets:
* Garage kimono cardigan which you saw in the my last outfit post (with a leather skirt) because clearly I have no other clothes to wear.
* H&M tank with a low back which I wore to Taco Fest.
* Paige white denim which have quickly become my favourite pair of pants and I'm convinced this is the brand I should buy from now on... except the price point.
* Accessories: Le Chateau cuff & 'Hope' necklace by Emily Elizabeth jewellery.

When I first bought this kimono-like cardigan in beige, I was a little uncertain about it being so... house-coat-ish?  Despite loving the look on other girls, it felt weird at first wearing this out of the house, despite the sweater-like material.  However, like most trends when you try them there is often an awkward, 'Can I really pull this off?' phase that will usually pass once you arrive at your destination.

This was no different, and even when I purchased the black, got it home and realized it was about 6 inches longer than the beige colour, despite it being the same size, I again felt a little odd rocking it for the first time.  And then again, after the first wear it almost becomes old hat and voila! you've made a trend your friend and can rock it with confidence.

Ever feel slightly out of place in your new duds at first?

Photos by Serena Rivard.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

I feel like the weekend kicked off on Thursday, despite having to work on Friday, because we went to the Bruno Mars concert...

More photos & deets after the jump...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Place d'Orleans Fashion Vlogger | 2014 Summer Trends

Today I'm sharing my newest video as the Place d'Orleans Fashion vlogger: Summer Trends!
I took several trips to PDO to cultivate this haul, trying to nail down some of Summer's hottest trends this year.  I've already shared a few of my finds, like the printed slouchy pants, the heather blue t-shirt dress and the LWD (little white dress).  Press play to see the other items I scored and am loving for the season.
As always, thanks for watching! xo
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Condo | The Living Room

I'm finally sharing some photos of our finished living room.  We ordered the couch a month before we moved, waited four months and it arrived at the beginning of July.  Since then, we've sold the previous furniture, given my parents the end tables and moved the kitchen table into the room (it was originally in that nook space off the kitchen).

Something I really like about our place is how neutral and bright it feels.  Normally I would cringe at almost-white walls but I really love that it's so airy.  I feel like my last apartment was such a tiny space, with so much stuff crammed into it, it's nice to have more of a minimalistic feel here (but trust that every nook, cranny and drawer is stuffed to the brim!).

We are now on the hunt for a rug to fill out the space, and I'm thinking a shag, but unsure of the colour.  I also think an arch floor lamp would be awesome in the back corner behind the couch and then we could get rid of that Ikea paper one in the corner by the tv.  Any suggestions on the colour for the rug?  I love white but it's probably not realistic, especially with a little black feline prancing around (or life in general, ha!).

See the view looking the other way & furniture deets after the jump...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On Mean Comments & A Suede Pencil Skirt

Outfit deets:
* Urban Planet sweater which you've seen in my Pre-Spring Trends Try-On video.
* Vintage (thrifted) suede skirt which you've seen a long time ago with a grey leather jacket.
* Zara basic sandals which you've seen with a palm printed coat, burgundy pants & skinny jeans.
* Accessories: Material Girl cuff, Deux Lux bag, Alfred Sung sunnies & Spring midi ring.

Hey guys, thanks for popping in to hang out for a minute.  Some of you have been leaving me some really nice comments lately while some people have not been following the, 'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all'-adage.

I love blogging and connecting with you all.  I have said it before, and I'll say it again: my life is not perfect, I have hardships, emotions and difficult days.  What I share here is meant to be positive, uplifting and generally enjoyable for anyone who might stumble over here (or check in on the daily because I know some of you are simply awesome like that).  I don't expect everyone to like me or agree with what I'm doing or how I'm living.  That said, I do expect everyone to be respectful and kind.  I try to treat everyone I encounter with respect and kindness and if my blog isn't your cup of tea, no need to be nasty, simply move on to something that is.

On the flip side, to the reader friends who have been here for a long time, or a short time, and leave the sweetest comments, sometimes even defending comments, or simply enjoy my blog silently, thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Putting yourself out there on the Internet is going to cause some drama, at some point, and I love that you have my back and enjoy this space.  That makes me want to continue and share and be here too.

For now, I have changed the comment settings so you will have to sign in if you would like to comment.  I know a lot of you leave positive comments under anon, so I'm sorry to remove that option for the time being.  You can always send me an email or tweet me (@acoest1984) if you'd like.  BIG HUG and thanks for reading.

Photos by Serena Rivard.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

VIDEO | Karaoke in the Car

I'm finally got around to editing the vlog footage from a couple weekends (July 4 - 6) ago so here we go.  In this vlog Marco and I go out to eat, we hit the gym, have my parents for dinner and I show a bit of my messy closet.  We head out to a movie and sing a little in car (cringe!).

Thanks for watching!

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here, if you'd like.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday night I got home and had a headache and a pretty awful day, so I got into my comfy clothes and watched some YouTube in bed.  I decided to whip up some thai chicken lettuce wraps (recipe coming soon!) since I had some chicken in the fridge once I started feeling hungry.  

Outfit deets:  90 Degree by Reflex tank, MPG leggings, Velocity sports bra & Nike Free 3.0.
I chatted with a girlfriend and since Marco was away for the weekend with some friends, I decided to lift my spirits and hit the gym.  I had a good workout and came home and edited my Katy Perry footage into a mini recap video of the concert.

More photos after the jump...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Katy Perry Concert Recap in One Minute


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Black on Black for Summer

 Outfit deets:
* Garage kimono sweater which you've seen in a sand colour and on the weekend (in the sand colour).
* Joe Fresh tank.
* Vintage leather skirt (thrifted years ago & made in Canada which I thought was pretty cool).
* Iro heels.
* Accessories: Urban Planet necklace, Gucci sunglasses, Aldo & Michael Kors bangles.

I know I'm wearing these shoes a lot, which is pretty unlike me as I like to rotate through as much as possible, but I can't get enough of them.  You know they're good when you wear them multiple times per week and want to pair them with everything.

This is what I wore when I went out to Tennessy Willems the other night, but was coming from work so there was no outfit change.  I cannot get enough of black on black and while I used to feel so strange wearing it in the summer, now I can't seem to get enough.  Lately I have been gravitating towards neutrals and simple silhouettes; it's all I want to wear!

That said, I love being able to pair some of my warmer weather neutral pieces together to achieve a summer appropriate look.  For instance, leather shorts (or a skirt like this) with a tank or white pants with a grey sleeveless blouse.  I used to poke fun at my mom's wardrobe which is chronically black and white, and now, it seems I'm following directly in her footsteps!

Photos by Melissa via my iPhone.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Wood Oven Pizza at Tennessy Willems

Last night, Melissa and I got together again for dinner and this time hit up Tennessy Willems in Hintonburg.  She had never been, so like our outing two weeks ago at El Camino, it was a first time experience.

Now, I have been to this place before, and had take-out as well and the gourmet wood oven pizza is seriously amazing, the salads are fresh and unique and the drink list isn't expansive but will likely suit whatever it is your looking for.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Navy & Black

Outfit deets:
* Thrifted top from several years ago (it's one of those poly-blend tops from the 90's that has a boxy shape).
* Banana Republic skirt (thrifted).
* Accessories: Suzy Shier necklace, Deux Lux bag, Material Girl sunglasses & Old Navy bangle.

Hello!  So sorry about the radio silence for the past couple days, I have been a little busier than normal in the evenings the past two days. 

The most exciting of it was attending the Katy Perry concert last night which was amazing.  I'm not a die-hard KP fan, and although her music is fun and catchy, I'm more of a hip-hop / rap / EDM / trap-music lover.  That said, what a show!  Girl can put on quite the performance and ever since seeing her documentary two years ago, I have developed quite the taking to her.  Her concert did not disappoint and it was such a fun evening.  I did take some video so will share that this weekend once I can edit it altogether.

As far as the outfit is concerned, I love black and navy together (here's another super old post wearing the combo).  I know it's not for everyone, but I'm a huge fan of both colours, even separately.  This outfit is fairly simple and plain, but it works for work and the colour pairing is somewhat unexpected which adds a touch of edge.

Photos by Serena Rivard.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

VIDEO | Iro, Zara & Winners Fashion Haul

I did a bit of shopping recently so am sharing a few new purchases, some of which you've already seen on the blog (linked below) and others that are even newer and I haven't yet worn.

Thanks for watching! xo

Things I mentioned:


Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Outfit deets:  Dynamite blazer, BCBG top, Sirens envelope / origami skort, Iro heels & Aldo clutch.
On Friday night I hit the gym after work which brightened my spirits after a slightly stressful week at work.  I went home and got ready for date night with Marco and he picked me up around 8pm which was sweet--it felt like 'old times' where I'm getting ready on my own and he's waiting for me.  It was also the first time I'd really seen him since he returned from California since I was dead asleep when he got home.

We went to Milestones, had drinks, appetizers and caught up on our week apart during an amazing dinner.  It was so nice to be out and catching up.  I had the California salad with chicken, him the burger and we started off with calamari and the baked garlic-flat bread appy.
The next day...
More photos after the jump...

Friday, July 11, 2014

What are your weekend plans?

What are you up to this weekend?  Marco got home last night from a business trip so I'm excited to hear about it and spend some time together.  Today is also my good friend's 30th birthday and we're going to celebrate tomorrow by spending the afternoon together; we are torn between berry picking, a petting zoo or shopping--a very vast selection--so we'll see what happens.

On top of that, great feedback on the Let's Chat topic this week--that was fun and I enjoyed reading your comments, so thank you!  I'd like to keep the posts going every Wednesday so please feel free to suggest any topics or ideas you have.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Joe Fresh Fitting Room Pics

I hit up Joe Fresh the other evening after work, well, I was actually going for groceries and the clothes enticed me.  While I only picked up one item--the black tee above--I did try on several things and though I would share.  I like seeing what other people try on, how it looks, etc. and I've done this before, so here we go.

The tee above is $16 and comes in black and grey.  I had to resist from purchasing both since I'm a bit of a hoarder like that, and went with just the black in a size medium.  It has some pretty pleating on the shoulders, a deep scoop neck and a split-seam, and squared off hi-low hemline.

I loved the wash of these $39 jeans but per usual, they did not fit well.  Pants never work for me with Joe Fresh, but I always give it a shot.  Looking at this photo, they don't look so bad, in fact, I kind of like how they look, but in person it was no bueno.  These were a size 31 and too loose everywhere, but I could not get the 30's done up despite the legs fitting well.

Two more items after the jump...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Would you ever date someone younger?

Maybe you are currently dating someone younger, or maybe you have in the past?

I wanted to bring back the Let's Chat (Wednesdays) because it's interactive and I love hearing what you have to say on various topics.

For myself, although there is a small age gap between Marco and myself, he is older and there is something sexy and attractive about that.  Despite being a team, I love looking up to him, in a sense, for the wisdom he has gained in the few years longer he's been around (sounds kind of silly, but at the same time endearing). 

Your turn: would you date someone younger?  If you have, do you prefer it or feel neutral on the subject altogether?


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Grey Denim & Mint Leather Jacket

Outfit deets:
* Maison Scotch jacket which you've seen on the weekend when I went to Kingston with Marco a year ago. 
* Zara denim which you've seen when I went to Taco Fest.
* Accessories: Auslini bangle, Pier 1 Imports ring & Suzy Shier necklace.

I am loving grey denim this summer and of course even more so when it's distressed.  While I love the look paired with black, I wanted to summer-ize this outfit, if you will, so I paired it with a white top and light mint coloured leather jacket.  The perfect ensemble for a day of shopping or a casual date night with your man.


Photos by Serena Rivard.


Monday, July 7, 2014

VIDEO | Canada Day Vlog

July 1 is Canada Day, the day we celebrate Canada's birthday and since I had the day off, I decided to bring you guys along for a little mini day-long adventure.

In this vlog you'll see me work out at the gym (filmed for the first time ever!), make a quinoa salad and attend a BBQ party.  Come subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you'd like.

Thanks for watching! xo

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Outfit deets:  Smart Set top, H&M denim & Liliana wedges.
I share my casual Friday outfit on my Facebook page.  I love taking advantage of wearing jeans on Fridays but my real faves are distressed denim (which I save for weekends).

Oufit deets:  90 Degree by Reflex tank, MPG pants & Beats headphones
After work on Friday I hit the gym and did triceps, then rushed home to meet up with Marco who had the day off.

We went out for Vietnamese food--my fave--at Pho Thi, which was a first for a Friday night (it's usually such a casual dinner that we grab it during the week, if anything).  

I decided to dress down with...

More photos after the jump...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Tacos at El Camino + Dessert at Pure Gelato

My friend Melissa has been super gracious to stay at our place while we've travelled to Punta Cana and Las Vegas recently, and so instead of having her over for dinner to thank her, this time we decided to go out.

I have been to El Camino many times, it's safe to say it's in my top five, but it was still on her bucket list.  So, off we went to chow down on tacos and amazing deep fried goodness.

The hipster taco bar is located in downtown Ottawa and has quickly gained popularity for it's phenomenal tacos and fresh made margaritas.  The wait time is often over an hour, but worth it in my opinion, to at least try it.  Since we were meeting after work, we didn't have to wait but despite it being only 5:30pm on a Thursday, the place was already buzzing.

We sat down and got straight to business both ordering our fave local organic beer (Mill St).  I love me some tequila but it's hard to beat tacos and beer for me.

More photos after the jump...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

VIDEO | Goodbye June

I vlogged this past weekend so thought I would share what I got up to.  In this video I lose my phone, show you our new couch and meet up with Sarah (and her lil' babe) for brunch.
As always, thanks for watching! xo

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Outfit deets:  Cynthia Rowley tee, SWS skirt, Target bralette & Converse low tops.

Happy Canada Day everyone!  Today we celebrate Canada's 147th birthday.

This morning, after a minor sleep in, I hit the gym and then made breakfast for Marco and I.  He's been working a little bit this afternoon while I have done some cleaning around the condo and made a salad for the BBQ we are attending shortly.  It's a beautiful day here, with some crazy humidity so minimal clothing that's comfy is key.

If you're in Canada, hope you're having a wonderful day & sporting your #redandwhite.  Cheers!


A Look Back at June

Holy smokes, here comes July!  Doesn't it seem like every month we all claim, 'OMG, can you believe it's (insert month here) already?!'  It's hard to believe the longest day of the year has come and gone but summer is just kicking off (thankfully, because we had one helluva long winter here in Ottawa!).
In June I shared the finished (ish) result of my closet - office room.  Marco did an amazing job building a beautiful space for me and I will film a video tour in the coming weeks (aka, as soon as I clean up all my clothes off the floor).
I kicked off the month with a week-long trip to Vegas where temperatures soared above 100F; I did a ton of walking, some shopping and plenty of eating.  I shared what I packed, a Vegas Photo Diary, and some snapshots via Instagram
When we got back, my Dad had generously spent two days polishing my car for me--something I did on my last car when I first bought it, which took me six hours straight.   He knew how much I was dreading doing it again, but I seriously owe him huge and am so thankful.
The following weekend Marco and I popped down to New York state for the day to do some shopping and pick up my new Iro shoes (ordered online in Vegas after trying on the sand suede version).  I also grabbed a few make-up items from Walmart and to recap am really loving that Neutrogena lip gloss (in #40 Gleam).
I shared my pretty-basic skincare routine, rocked some full length overalls and attended the wedding of a good friend (where Marco played the bride down the aisle with his guitar!).  We got our new couch that we had been waiting four months for, I sold my old furniture, worked out almost every day and tried out the slouchy pant trend (spoiler: I'm converted!).
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