Happy first day of winter!  We are feverishly trying to finish up the Christmas shopping over here and I've spent the last three nights, including tonight, shopping.  I'm just about there and hoping I can finish up tomorrow and get all the wrapping done on Friday.  If that's not last minute, I don't know what is... actually, I do, but this still feels very last minute for me!

Something I've been getting a few questions about (thank you!) is Vlogmas--where the heck is Vlogmas?!  If you're not familiar, it is a December tradition of vlogging everyday.  I did it last year, and the year before, and loved it, but it's a ton of work.

After getting super sick for four weeks in the middle of November, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't participate in Vlogmas.  I was bummed to have to decide that, but had to put my health first. I don't want to get too negative, but working full time, blogging on the side and filming my life, editing and uploading a video every. single. day. for the month is a lot.  Add that on top of the general holiday excitement of hosting parties, going to gatherings, seeing family and trying to check everyone off your list, it will legit take a toll on the bod (case in point: when I got sick during Vlogmas last year).

So all that to say, I had to put Vlogmas on hold this year, and just focus on everything else... and I hope you don't mind, and understand.  I've been extra focussed on getting daily content up for you, sharing awesome sales and gift guides, outfits and more.  I truly put my heart and soul into this blog and appreciate you girls so much.

That said, I will be continuing to post daily content after Christmas because the sales are going to be huge!  I've already been getting a few sneak peeks at what retailers have in store and will share with you all my top picks and what you need to buy.

I'm sharing a little video I made below where I basically share everything I just went over about why I haven't done Vlogmas, but there is also some fun footage of my family's annual tree decorating and how I make my favourite pancakes that you always see in my Weekend Recaps.  Hope you are having a great day, and see you tomorrow!

A few fave Vlogmas videos you may have missed:


It's October and if you're in a cooler climate like me, I hope you're taking advantage of the boots, layers and general sweater weather.  Personally, I love wearing all my favourite suede and leather boots that I can't wear once the snow flies (because they will get ruined!).

Today I'm sharing a fun little fall lookbook with two, easy to recreate, outfits.  I'm also teaming up with my girl friend Jamie, from Glam Latte, as she's bringing a killer fall inspired make-up tutorial #thoselashestho.  So, click over if you're a beauty fan, and show her some love.

Watch the video after the jump.  Happy October!

 I love surprises, and surprising my loved ones is something that makes me so happy... even if it isn't their favourite thing #sawray.  

So last month, while my boyfriend, Marco, was away for work, I sneakily took his car and had something done to it...

Fall is absolutely my favourite season for dressing because of the great options, fabrics, layers, textures and more.  I've been doing some major fall shopping and you've seen a few outfits and more to come, but today I wanted to share all the things I've purchased thus far for the season.

The video is after the jump and I'm sharing all the links to everything I mentioned below it, so if you like anything, you can scoop it up yourself.  Hope you girls have a great weekend!

I'd like to caption this photo with, 'There was a wasp..."

Hi ladies!  Hope you're having a great day.  I wanted to jump on and share a new video I posted--a little YouTube channel update (eek, exciting news!), plus random chit chat and a behind the scenes look at my cousin's bridal shower I attended a few weeks back.

If you are new, I'd love it if you subscribed to my channel, I post new videos every week and there's lots of fashion and everyday life stuff I share that never makes it to the blog or Instagram.  So with that, onto the video...

Hi ladies!  Today I'm sharing a new video I posted on my YouTube channel earlier this week.  I wanted to start sharing my monthly favourites, but sometimes I find those types of videos so long.  When I have time to sit and watch, I enjoy it, but often I want quick hits so I've decided to create short monthly favourite videos, with five items: two fashion, two beauty, and one lifestyle.

Everything I mentioned will be listed below, and if you like videos, please subscribe to my channel, I will be uploading two videos a week for the month of September and would love your support!

As always, thanks for watching! xo

I hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on opening day and was there first thing in the morning.  I had an appointment with a Stylist who took my Wish List in advance, had everything in a fitting room for me and more--literally the best shopping experience I've ever had.  

Overall, super successful day of shopping, I showed you everything I tried on, and today I'm sharing everything that came home with me.

I'm linking everything after the jump so if anything jumps out at you, head over and scoop them up before they are gone.  Everything is from the brand new, Fall 2016 Collection and prices go back up on August 7th.  

Today I'm sharing a mini designer haul.  As I mention in the video, I don't buy a ton of designer pieces, but as I've gotten older, I've started to invest in things I really love.  A lot of thought goes into these purchases, and they are never made on a whim--although that would be fun, wouldn't it?--and they are always pieces I have debated for some time.

I find that the majority of any big purchases I make are pieces I can foresee myself wearing for several years to come, often in neutral colours, and I would be lying if I didn't say finding these things on sale doesn't get me excited.

So with that, a mini designer haul of a few pieces I've splurged on this Spring/Summer.  As always, thanks for watching! xo

A few months ago, I balayaged a pair of hair extensions.  Essentially, I had an old pair lying around, and grown out hair that no longer matched any extensions I owned, and I wasn't feeling dropping $300 on these beautiful extensions.  I have zero hair colouring experience, but figured it was worth a shot.

The end result ended up coming out really well--you can see me wearing them in the photos above and below--and I loved my renewed extensions.  They were a great match, and for an older pair I hadn't worn in years, it was $25 well spent.

I recently had my hair coloured, and the blonde did not exactly turn out how I had hoped, and my former extensions no longer matched--my new blonde was much darker.  I had another pair of extensions that matched a bit better on the ends, so decided to grab some colour and try my hand at balayaging again.  I filmed the process so hope you enjoy and it can help out if you're considering this approach.

As always, thanks for watching! xo

Last month, we went to Toronto to take in a Raptors game and take a mini getaway.  I captured some footage and thought I'd share in a little vlog.  

We stayed at One King West, which was right downtown and quite nice--definitely a great spot if you're looking to walk to sporting events, the Eaton Centre, great restaurants, etc.  You can see a photo recap of the weekend here.

Happy Saturday ladies!  Today I'm sharing a huge Spring Haul with a ton of new items I've recently picked up.  I've linked most of the items below, after the jump if you're in a shopping mood.

Also, I will be sharing a huge Summer haul soon, with more warm-weather pieces, including swimwear, so stay tuned.

As always, thanks for watching! xo

A little update on why I've been so MIA in the YouTube space and how that is changing...

As always, thanks for watching.  xo

I know we have been back from our trip to Cancun for a while now, but I've finally pulled together all the footage I took while we were down there and put together a little recap of our trip.  Hope you enjoy.

Hi ladies!  I'm back from a sunny week in Mexico and if you follow along on Snapchat (I'm acoest1984), you've already seen a ton of my week, and I'll be back tomorrow with some photos of our trip and a follow up post with the outfits and details.

Today, I'm sharing a new video on how to use Snapchat.  I know a ton of my friends are using it, but there are still so many people who don't know what it does or how it works.  Snapchat is great for real life stuff--it's beyond the pretty filters of Instagram, it's not curated and it's regular ol' life.  I share outfits, what I'm eating, outings with Marco and of course my fave, the cat-selfie (see it after the jump).

Hope you find this quick video helpful if you're new to Snap and please leave your user name in the comments so I can follow you!

Watch the video after the jump...

Sharing the last day of my trip to LA.  If you follow my YouTube channel, you've already seen this (sneaky sneaky!) but if not, here we go.  On the last day we went to Malibu and drove the PCH, grabbed A├žai bowls and had a huge crab feast.

Today I'm sharing day three of my trip to LA; we switch hotels, do something touristy, and more.

Hi ladies!  I spent most of the plane ride editing the blogs from my trip to LA--which I had totally planned to upload while there, but hey, life.  

So, here we are--day one and day two featuring some fun sights, how I eat healthy when travelling and meeting up with a couple of my favourite blogger friends.

Hi ladies, I'm sharing a secret:  I've been cutting my own hair for about a year, and today I'm showing you how to do it.
Grab some shears (I use these ones), a comb, a brush & press play.
Thanks for watching! xo
Every year I do an annual recap and this year I thought it would be fun to do one through video.  2015 started off great, and some great things happened.  We visited Vegas and Italy, we skied a lot and rented a cottage in the Summer with 20 friends.  We celebrated our good friends who got married, welcomed two new nephews (my best friend & sister both had their second babies) and ate some great food.

However, there were some very sad times, as we lost Marco's Dad suddenly which was tremendously devastating and had to say goodbye to our family dog, Peanut.

I'm going to let the video and happier moments do the 'talking' and as always, thanks for watching!

More related links after the jump...

While in Florida a couple weeks ago, of course some shopping was done so today I'm sharing the haul, complete with links to everything I bought (so you can score them too!).

As always, thanks for watching! xo

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