Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Would you ever get Botox?

I have a few friends, in their thirties, who have done it and everyone says the same thing, 'It makes you look.... refreshed'.

I have enjoyed seeing their results--which have been really nice yet subtle, to be honest--and curiously picking their brains about the procedure, cost and of course, how badly does it hurt?!  

While I'm not sure for myself, I am definitely not ruling it out a few years down the road.  At the same time, the thought is scary because it's your face.  I want to age gracefully, through preventative measures (SPF every day, staying out the sun, being physical active & getting plenty of sleep... that last one doesn't really apply to me) but let's be honest, it's happening whether we like it or not.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, if you've tried it before or even if you are totally against it and your reasons.  Sound off in the comments below!

An update after the jump...

I had a guy friend reach out to me, he wanted to comment anonymously, but as you know, I've disabled this feature for the time being.  That said, I loved what he had to say and wanted to share it here:  

"Dear women,
I want you to know that you're absolutely beautiful the way you are. All the scars, all the lines, all the little imperfections tell a different story. A story that all the great guys out there love."



Midori Thomlinson said...

Botox definitely is NOT for me. I believe in living as naturally as I can (no artificial tanner, minimal make-up, etc...). I have never been inclined to spend money on (or the time worrying about) cosmetic or superficial changes, so it's just not something I would ever consider. But besides that, I love the character that comes with age. I think the natural progression of peoples' aging bodies is unique and absolutely beautiful!!! I love seeing crows feet, laugh lines, expressive wrinkles, beauty marks, etc. and it's such a shame to me that there is this negative connotation associated with those things. Everyone gets older, everyone experiences wrinkles and looser skin. It happens. I think we should embrace them - they are a natural part of us and our individuality! :)

Cameron said...

I flip flop on the idea of entertaining botox... Recently noticed that my hubby and I share the same wrinkly laugh lines - wouldn't change that for the world!
The forehead wrinkles and ones around the mouth are the ones that irk me. :S

Cameron said...
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Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 said...

GAH!! What a beautiful answer! I wish everyone felt this way, such a great POV, M, THANK YOU for sharing. Love this and makes me consider all things you mentioned!

spiffykerms said...

I'm not a fan of Botox on myself, primarily because I find it's still in the "new" stages, even if it's been around 10-15 years. That is STILL new. I'd rather wait til I'm way older, to see if any side effects from the injections will happen. I ain't gonna be no guinea pig!

Ann said...

I'm 46 and haven't yet tried it, but I don't need it yet either. I don't know how I'll feel once I have obvious wrinkles...been really lucky so far. I'm not opposed to it at all, and I think it has enough of a history to now be deemed quite safe.

586Rexford said...

I was at a piano student's house and the mom wanted to pay me but realized she didn't have money in her purse. At that point she resorted to a jar in her kitchen posted "Botox Fund." I always laugh when I hear mention of Botox since then. However, maybe I shouldn't because this particular mom is stunning and does not look like her mid-forties age!

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