Hi ladies, and hope you had a great Easter weekend and ate too much chocolate.

My weekend was a very, very sad one, and although it may have not seemed that way, I didn't share on Instastories why I was travelling.  My Uncle passed away last week and our entire family traveled to the Toronto area to celebrate him and say goodbye.  I shared a little more about my Uncle back in February here.  As you can imagine, we are devastated and words really cannot express how awful it is when you lose a loved one.

I won't get into more details, but it was, of course, so good to see all of our family and lean on one another.  We had also planned a surprise party for my Poppa beforehand as he would be celebrating his 90th birthday on the weekend, so we moved the party from Ottawa to Toronto instead, and did it with our immediately family.  As you can imagine, the weekend was full of mixed emotions.
That said, I did snap some photos to bring you along with me, for the parts that fit things in this space, so let's jump in.

Hey girls, hope you had a great weekend.  I am back from Cancun and will have a recap of the trip up this week--so many photos, lots to sort through so bear with me!

On Friday, we were still in Mexico, living the life and spending our last day on the beach.  These nude flip flops were my go-to all week, despite packing some tall gladiator sandals for daytime, I couldn't even be bothered to wear 'em.  Also, those cat eye rose gold sunglasses were worn the most of the four I brought, even got a couple compliments from strangers; $15 well spent!

Happy Monday ladies!  I'm so excited about the new blog layout, it's got me all amped for the week to begin--which is rare, I'm definitely a lover of the weekends!

In case you missed, but are seeing it now, there's a full post about the new blog re-design, how to navigate it and the cool features.  I hope you love it as much as I do and find it easier to read and find things, but also beautiful to look at.  I'm still tweaking a few things, and open to suggestions.

With that, how was your weekend?  On Friday night, I hit the gym after work and then went home to relax for the evening.  We ordered food and watched a movie, I can't even remember which one, and passed out early.



Good morning ladies, how was your weekend?  It was a busy one over here, but a really good busy, you know?  

On Friday night, my best friend picked me up and took me out to dinner for my birthday (which was on March 15) and we had an amazing meal and evening.  I hadn't been to Allium before and was dying to try it, and it didn't disappoint.  I can't wait to go back!


Happy Monday!  How are you ladies doing?  It was a busy weekend so I'm going to jump right into this bit of photo overload.

On Friday night, I hit the gym and snapped this post-workout selfie, before heading home to see Marco.  After a little convincing through text and voice messaging, he agreed to go for Indian, so I picked him up and off we went...


Hey ladies, how was your weekend?  On Friday night, I hit the gym and then met up with Marco for sushi--again.  We have been all about Uber Eats and take-out for months, and the past three Friday's we've gone out for sushi.  It's been nice to switch things up, because I'm usually pooped by Friday nights!


Hi ladies!  Happy long weekend if you're lucky to get one, I'm working today but that means the Weekend Recap is up!  

This weekend was a busy one, on Friday night Marco and I decided to copy last weekend, and headed out for sushi.  Afterwards we vegged on the couch and called it an early night...

Good morning & happy Monday!  We got hit with a major snowstorm yesterday, it didn't stop snowing all day (did you see my IG stories? If you follow, you know what I'm talking about...) so we mostly stayed in, but it was super pretty to watch.

On Friday night, we decided to head out for sushi, which was delicious.  Afterward, we headed home and watched a movie, but I cannot even remember which one, so clearly it was that good...


Happy Monday!  I'm feeling more like, Monday, noooooo, she wasn't readyyyy.  We got home from Whistler on Sunday morning at 3am and crashed hard.  It was a long travel day home, as we left the mountain around noon in a snowstorm to drive back to Vancouver to catch our flight, and while it's good to be home, I'm always so sad for vacation to come to an end.

On Saturday morning, our last day there, we got up early, and went out to roam around the village and take in some of the scenery.  Since our trip was four days (and two of those days were 12+ hours of travelling), it was our last chance to snap some pics and see more of the winter wonderland.

There is a winding path through the trees that connects the upper village to the lower village in Whistler, and we took that and came across the stream above.  If you squint hard enough, you can see the gondola and the ski mountain in the background.  Just breathtaking!  It snowed like crazy on our last two days, so it was so gorgeous.  That said, our fingers were frozen trying to snap these shots!!  #realtalk

Good morning & apologies for the delay in the Weekend Snaps.  After editing these photos on Sunday night, I got so sick and have been bed ridden ever since.  I'm writing from bed, but actually able to function a little more today, which is a mass improvement from sleeping on and off all day on Monday.  

We had a great weekend, and headed up to Tremblant on Friday night for a getaway with friends.  We shared a cottage rental just outside the village and it was such a cute place!  We arrived late, had some drinks and chats, played Taboo and headed off to bed.

The next morning...

Good morning!  How is the start of your week going?  

I swear those weekends just go by too quickly, but I was super excited to see Sunday afternoon because Marco had been away for the week for work, and he returned home!  I made us a late lunch, we sat at the table and chatted about our weeks before he tucked into the football and I worked on the blog a bit.  It's so good to have him back home.

Otherwise, the weekend was pretty busy, so let's jump into the snaps!

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  I was sharing a ton on IG stories and Snapchat--acoest1984--so if you follow along, you pretty much know everything I'm about to share, but let's jump into it anyway!

On Friday night we drove up to Tremblant to spend the night.  It's about a two hour drive, so it's nice to get that out of the way and then relax until we ski in the morning.  We headed up shortly after the dinner hour and our friend Pete came along with us.


Good morning & happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  We got away to Mont. Tremblant on Friday night, and stayed at a cute Airbnb in the village.  If you follow along on Snapchat (acoest1984) or Insta Stories, you saw how freezing cold it was!

We got in around 8pm, dropped our gear inside and headed into the village for a late night dinner...


Happy New Year!  How was your new years eve?  We went to our friend's place for a semi-formal attire party and had a great time; safe to say, Sunday was a complete write off.  More on the party later, let's jump into the snaps.

On Friday, I hit the gym and then went to the mall to poke around and get some quality me-time in.  I love shopping on my own when there is no time limit, it's a great way for me to recharge my batteries (in other ways that don't involve emerging myself in hours of YouTube videos).

I went to Simons and they had so many amazing sales.  If you saw my Snapchat--I'm acoest1984-- you saw how crazy the deals were!  This sequin dress is under $30 (i.e. less than half price) and the cardigan was around the same.  If you're in Ottawa, head over, I find the deals are better in person than online.  That said, I didn't purchase the dress but picked up a gorgeous bell sleeved top that I wore for NYE.  I can't find it online, but this one is similar.

Happy Tuesday and a belated Merry Christmas!  I always put up a Christmas post, and we were travelling this year, per usual, so I brought my laptop and it just didn't happen.  Between celebrating my Dad's birthday on Christmas eve, then travelling to Marco's family that afternoon and back to Ottawa the next morning, there wasn't a lot of down time.

I wore my new fave sweater for birthday and Christmas festivities on the 24th and I'm not kidding when I say I'm in love with this softie.  It's such a chic, yet versatile piece, I'm finding myself reaching for it for day, weekend, and when I've been rushing out to meet up with friends.  I'm seriously debating the olive green colour!


Happy Monday & last week before Christmas!  Eek!  Can you believe it's just about here?  I'm still completely unprepared but have some ideas up my sleeve so it shouldn't be too bad crossing everyone off my list!

How was your weekend?  

On Friday night, I went to the second annual girls Christmas party--this year the theme was Tipsy Elves with an ugly-sweater-glam dress code.  See last year's party here.  I went with this ridiculously soft sweater (which I will totally be wearing around the house in months to come--so cozy!) and these shimmery leggings.  We had a great time snacking on some delicious treats, dancing and playing some silly xmas games.  You can see a pic of a few of us here.



Hello, hello, Monday how the heck did you get here so fast?!

On Friday night we hosted our fourth annual Secret Santa and it was awesome.  I was finally feeling better, and we had 18 friends join together for a crazy evening of eating, drinking & present opening.

My Secret Santa gave me these pretty rose gold monogram ornaments for the tree & this cozy scarf (which I had my eye on!).  You can see a picture of the whole group of us here.


Good morning & happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  It's been three weeks since I've done a Weekend Recap, which is the longest I've ever gone, because I've been so sick... and am still sick.  And when you're sick, there isn't much to write home about... or share on the blog!  I was improving last week, but by Friday afternoon, I lost my voice and have barely spoken all weekend.  Cue incredibly frustrated faced emoji.  #girlneedstotalk 

By the way, Happy December!  Holy smokes, the holidays are here / around the corner and I'm unprepared, but, there is still time.  How are your preparations going?

That said, I'm functioning and feeling way better than I was, so that's a huge win, and my appetite hasn't diminished, ha, so with that, onto the food-heavy weekend recap.


Hi ladies, how was your weekend?  I've been seriously under the weather for five. freaking. days.  It's been rough and is hanging on hard.  My voice is gone and I wasn't able to sit at the computer for the first four days, hence the lack of posts last week.  Now if this congestion and hacking cough would kick it, we'd be good.

All that to say, nothing went down on the weekend but resting between the bed and the couch, and plenty of episodes of The Walking Dead, Silicone Valley and my YouTube subscription list.

I did share a Weekend Shopping Deals post yesterday and will be covering all the Black Friday Sales this week, so stay tuned!  So excited for the amazing deals, I will definitely be shopping.  On top of that, I'll be hosting a FB Live event on Thursday night at Place d'Orleans at 8:30pm EST.  Tune in online to see me and two other bloggers sharing all the amazing steals and deals under $50.  Can't wait!


Use code FEAST for an additional 15% off.


The weekend has come and gone and it was a good one.  I had Friday off, so my weekend began Thursday night; I hit the gym, went home and relaxed.  My bestie and I actually had tickets to see Amy Schumer, but the concert has been postponed due to illness so, I took it easy instead.


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