Thursday, April 24, 2014


Outfit deets:
* Dynamite top.
* Chiqle denim from Detox.

I spent several hours filming my next video last night, so here's a little sneak peek of a couple of the pieces I will be sharing.  I love these jeans, the moto-detail on the knees is awesome and they fit like a glove.  If you're more boy-shaped like me, these are a dream and were well priced at $45.

In other news, this week is dragging a bit but luckily it's a short week.  I've spent far too many hours being completely absorbed in Suits--have you guys watched it?  My guy watched all three seasons and is re-watching with me, it's that good.  You know what else is good?  Easter chocolate while watching said tv show.

Happy Thursday!



spiffykerms said...

Love the cardi, and love the shoes for SURE

Dianie Collado said...

Love the jeans and the whole outfit as well!!!

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