You ladies know, I'm a huge clothing and shoes lover, but I often get asked what I do with the stuff I'm not wearing anymore.  I've talked about consigning before, but something else I always do is donate my clothing to charitable organizations.  It's a small way to give back to the community, in hopes that it finds its way to help out other women.

My thoughts are this: if it's something you once loved, that someone else could put to good use and help them get ahead in life, I'm in.   Giving back doesn't always have to take a lot of effort, and one of my favourite quotes is, 'If we all do a little, no one has to do a lot'...

Today I'm finally sharing our condo tour--which I thought I had already shared on here when I uploaded it to my YouTube channel last Summer, but apparently not #badblogger.  

I wanted to share it here since (1) I had promised I would after sharing the pre-move in tour, (2) because I have a few posts coming up that will relate, and (3) who doesn't love being nosy (I do!).

Finally, a few things have changed since then, like the location of the dining room table, the cat's bed, and we've added a new living room chair into the mix, along with a new tv, a mirror in my closet, and I have 'finished' the bedroom (with art work, Euro pillows, etc.).

As always, thank you for watching! xo

Links for additional photos after the jump...

My closet-office room is the second bedroom in our condo and was built using the Ikea Stolmen system, which is completely customized to whatever you like.

We chose to go with three sections as it was important for me to have lots of hanging space for tops and a longer hanging area for dresses.  I needed shelves for folded pants and accessories, and then we put shelves across the top to house shoes.  

The initial plan was to install drawers but they were too deep so we returned them and picked up the cubbies instead.  I had the faux black leather boxes already (from Loblaws) which fit perfectly into the spaces.

Overall the build took a few days and turned out great. I use the built-in closet in the room for jackets, skirts and to tuck away sweat pants, leggings, swimsuits in various boxes, etc.  I recently added a mirror and artwork to the room too so it's really coming together and will share more updates soon.

I'm finally sharing some photos of our finished living room.  We ordered the couch a month before we moved, waited four months and it arrived at the beginning of July.  Since then, we've sold the previous furniture, given my parents the end tables and moved the kitchen table into the room (it was originally in that nook space off the kitchen).

Something I really like about our place is how neutral and bright it feels.  Normally I would cringe at almost-white walls but I really love that it's so airy.  I feel like my last apartment was such a tiny space, with so much stuff crammed into it, it's nice to have more of a minimalistic feel here (but trust that every nook, cranny and drawer is stuffed to the brim!).

We are now on the hunt for a rug to fill out the space, and I'm thinking a shag, but unsure of the colour.  I also think an arch floor lamp would be awesome in the back corner behind the couch and then we could get rid of that Ikea paper one in the corner by the tv.  Any suggestions on the colour for the rug?  I love white but it's probably not realistic, especially with a little black feline prancing around (or life in general, ha!).

See the view looking the other way & furniture deets after the jump...

My closet - office room is just about complete and I'd love to share some photos with you if you'd like to see.

Come on in...

More photos after the jump...

If you follow me on YouTube, you have already seen this when it was uploaded a couple days ago.  That said, I couldn't not share it here, since I've been bringing you along for the entire process of moving.

I filmed this video back in February, prior to us moving in because I wanted to share the space empty before we moved and filled it up with all of our stuff.  This also makes for great before and after photos and videos.  I will eventually film an updated condo tour to show you how everything looks now, but without further adieu, here is a quick tour!

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The master bedroom is off the living room and hosts a three-piece ensuite and walk-in closet.  Although I was skeptical we would fit a king bed in here, there is more than enough room.  Clearly I can't visualize space without furniture in it.  In the photo above, I'm standing at the window wall, looking back.  You can also see a peek of the kitchen out the door to the left.

I took these photos before we moved in back in February, hence the empty space and the snow on the ground outside.  I won't say much more since I will be sharing photos of the fully furnished space soon so here is a look at it before we took over.

More photos after the jump...

The living / dining room in our new space is a great size with large windows.  Since it's a corner unit, we have a really nice view of the Ottawa river and towards downtown.  The light that streams in during the morning is both beautiful and annoying for those who love sleeping in (this girl!).

Since we have to wait a few months for our new sectional, we moved my furniture in for the interim. Once the new couch is ready, we will sell this furniture to make room.

Plans for this room include the new couch, an entertainment stand which will go on the left-hand wall/side for the tv, and a rug.  The couch we've ordered is a light heather grey--you can see a sneak peek of the fabric in my hands here--and I'm thinking a dark grey shag rug would be nice.  However, since the furniture in the space are currently brown tones, we might hold off on purchasing a rug.  That said, it's pretty echo-y in here but we haven't found the perfect rug yet either.

Lastly, since wall space is so scarce, the main focus for art will go on the left wall, before the door--which leads to the master bedroom.  The wall is slightly curved and quite large so we are thinking about what we would like to put there, likely a large abstract piece or three coordinating abstract canvases.  There is no major rush for this, as priorities are going to and have gone to furniture, bedding, vacation, eating out, etc.  

In the photo above, I'm standing in front of the kitchen, so when you turn around, you see...

Since there is a lack of cupboard space, the owner added that small armoire on the left.  We have since moved that to the second bedroom to keep things open.  We are thinking about looking for a hutch but have been using a similar light wood armoire that I brought from my old apartment; it matches the floors well and is storing all our stemware.

You can see how the space looks now, with furniture and a big ol' mess that needs to be unpacked, after the jump...

When we were looking for a place to move, two bedrooms was imperative and Marco has graciously agreed to help me turn the second bedroom into a full closet-office room.  He has full reign of the master walk-in-closet, but it's still pretty excited that this room belongs to me.

The room houses a sizeable and well laid out closet, as you can see above, and has a huge floor-to-ceiling window on the opposite side.  The plan is to make this room functional and nice to look at, since you see it straight ahead when you walk into the condo (photo below).

The idea for the space is to use the current closet, and build an exposed closet on the right-hand wall. Since the door opens on the left side, I want to get a desk to put facing the door, but touching the left wall.  Hopefully this will 'hide' the mess of the exposed closet on the opposite wall until you step into the room.

Now here are a few photos of the room filled with boxes, rolling racks (which I will eventually get rid of once we build the exposed closet), and more.

Finally, finally, finally here is the vlog from our move day on Monday, March 10th.  It got off to a dramatic start when our movers bailed on us and the day just went from there.  Check out the video for how the day played out and a peek at our new space too.  Thanks for watching!  xo

I'm slowly making my way through all the footage from leading up to our move with just one more to go after this one; the actual move day, itself!

In this video I show you the kitchen in our new place, some packing clips and go on a date with Marco.  Thanks for following along and watching.  Once I get the final video up, I'll share a condo tour, photos and more!  Still slowly trying to unpack and living amongst boxes, but it takes time, right?  Or at least that's what I'm telling my very minor Type A side.

MOVE DAY (was): Monday, March 10

THIS VLOG: Sunday, March 9

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Two days before move day I hit the gym and go out to breakfast with Marco.  I show you some packing clips, share my ideas for bedding +more.

THIS VLOG:  Saturday, March 8

MOVING DAY (was):  Monday, March 10

Thanks for watching! xo

I'm playing catch up with all the footage I took leading up to our move.  Here is last Friday night, Saturday's vlog has already been edited and Sunday--aka day before moving--is currently in the queue.  I'm trying to unpack the chaos that surrounds me in our new place but also need some "down time" doing something I love.  In this vlog I show you my new closet and Marco & I go on a date.

MOVE DAY (was): Monday, March 10th

THIS VLOG: Friday, March 7, 2014

Thanks for watching! xo

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It's finally here: move day!

I was up until after almost 3am last night finishing my packing--turns out, I was less organized than I thought.  That said, it's done.  It's done!  Now just have to supervise the movers, bite my tongue and pray nothing gets broken.

The plan for the day is as follows: movers arrive at Marco's at 9am.  I will be heading there just before then so we can keep an eye on things at both ends.  Once all packed up, we will head over to my place together and get this place packed up by the movers.  Then, it's on to the new spot for unloading.

The bonus is that we both have our apartments until the end of March, which means there will be a few items remaining once the movers load up my place, such as my bed, dresser, armour, etc.  All things I plan to sell and don't want to move.  Additionally, a garbage bag of laundry--how do people deal with that?--and some bottles of wine that I suppose I will just transport over the coming days on my own.

Tomorrow I have taken the day off work to unpack and organize and putter away at my own pace, which I'm looking forward to.  I'm even more excited to spend the first night in our new place, and in our new bed--from the couple quick lie downs, it seems like something I could get used to!

I'll share weekend snaps on Tuesday and you can see what my apartment living room usually looked like here, if you'd like.

MOVE DAY: Monday, March 10th (tomorrow!)

THIS VLOG: March 5, 2014

I am counting down the days till I move and bringing you along on this life adventure!  In this vlog I give a bit of an update on what's going on plus share my messy apartment and some packing clips.

Thanks for watching! xo

I'm living in a bit of a chaotic mess, currently, but that's kind of expected with move day only four days away, right?

Four days you guys!  

I'm so freaking excited, but did have a big of an ugly-cry-meltdown in front of Marco on Monday night.  I like to keep it real here so I think with all the happiness and excitement, the stress of moving and such a big change was suppressed and it just bubbled up quickly and had to come out.  That said, I feel so much better and understood and just, ready.

So we've had a few hiccups this week, with regards to the move but I'm trying to stay positive.  Basically we were all set to move in this coming Sunday and have been advised that we are not allowed to move on the weekend, according to the condo Property Manager.  Additionally, we have to pay a fee to move in--does this sound ridiculous to you?  It sounds a little ridiculous to me.  However, chins are up because ultimately this is exciting and by this time next week I'll be moved in with a glass of wine in hand (likely while continuing to unpack, ha).

I have been doing some slow packing this week, and am taking a load to the consignment shop tonight, which will get rid of some of the clutter.  I have five garbage bags sitting in my front foyer to be donated and a kitchen that hasn't been touched, as far as packing goes.

However, I've packed up more than half my clothes, most of my decor and trinkets, and shoes.  I feel like when you start packing though, you realize how much more you have than you thought.  So, in a sense I feel like I'm doing good with the packing, but know I have a ways to go.  With that, the next few days are open and dedicated to packing.  C'mon Monday, I'm excited for you!

I am counting down the days till I move and bringing you along on this life adventure!  In this vlog Marco and I order our new couch, have our bed delivered +more.  As always, thanks for being here & watching!

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For my video lovers, here's a repeat on my life update.  Move date is next weekend; can't wait!

Outfit deets: 
* Vero Moda top (new!).
* Zara pants (old) which you saw a year ago at my birthday dinner.
* Aldo heels--my favourite pumps right now that I wear at least twice a week.  They are still available too in many sizes.
* Accessories: Le Chateau cuff, F21 necklace and Aldo & Spring midi rings.

I'm so excited to share these photos because I'm standing in my future kitchen.  I've been dreaming of all the things I want to cook and how clean I will keep the refrigerator.  Don't worry though, I'm sure that novelty will wear off real quick and we will be ordering take-out faster than you can say butter chicken.

As March quickly approaches, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do.  I'm becoming super ruthless with items in my closet and the sell/consign/donate pile has grown (check out my closet sale here).  That said, my apartment is suffering big time as it feels like I'm drowning in clothes--not a terrible problem, but still.  I keep telling myself it's temporary because as of March 1st, I'm going to take any items that don't sell to my favourite consignment store.

We have decided to officially move in the weekend of March 8th and are in the process of doing some furniture shopping.  We've decided on a beautiful platform bed and are on the cusp of sealing the deal on a sectional.  I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself but mister man wants me to hold off on sharing photos until we are in and settled--but not to worry, I've got befores and afters coming your way soon!

As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing this piece of my life, the comments on my move post were so sweet and supportive.  I feel I have real friends in you all, and I read every comment--now, who's coming to the housewarming!?

Photos by Serena Rivard.

I'm so excited to share with you all that I'm moving!  No, my condo is not ready yet--more on that later--but I'm moving to a bigger, and better space and am so excited.  I have been in my small, one-bedroom apartment for two and a half years now, and while I never planned to stay that long and have been frequently frustrated over the lack of dishwasher and in-unit laundry, I have really loved living here.  I'm not so much as sad to leave, but it will be a transition for sure.

That said, things have happened a lot quicker than expected, but a wise friend said that when things fall into place as they are, with no hiccups, it's meant to be, and this case is no exception.

The search for a new place to live started several weeks ago, and I saw many places.  When I saw this place, I couldn't stop thinking about it for days and almost two weeks later, it was a done deal!  The move in date is on March 15th (my birthday!) but the keys have already been handed over, and the place is vacant so it will be a gradual move over the next few weeks and then one big moving day for the larger items.

I have been busy adding more items to my closet sale and will begin purging other items from my apartment.  I'm going to be selling several pieces of my furniture as there just won't be space for them, and I'm looking forward to a fresh start. 

I plan to take photos and a video tour of the place empty this weekend, and then of course vlog and share the moving and decorating process, and ultimately the final outcome, so stay tuned!

And the most exciting part of all, my new roommate...

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