Friday, June 28, 2013

I had a bad I made a video.

Ever have a bad day?  Ever think your favourite YouTubers and Bloggers don't?  Life seems so perfect on the Internet, but it's not, and I'm here to share my bad day with you.  This is real life.  Thanks for watching xo


Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Crow

Have you guys ever done the Crow?  It's an advanced yoga move that I learned by watching a video on YouTube.  I taught my workout partner and bestie Sarah and she nailed it on the first try!  I, on the other hand, couldn't get it until I tried it on day two, as pictured above.

It's quite difficult and requires some mad balance, and I can't stay up long.  Try it yourself, see if you can master it.  In the video I linked above, she teaches you how to do a baby crow first before the actual one I'm doing which is a great transitioning pose.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Would you ever go on a blind date?

I have never been on a blind date, but I have done online dating before.  Meeting the person for real is kind of like a blind date; you've seen a picture, but never met in real life.  You've chatted, likely just online or through text, but maybe never heard their voice before.  I remember feeling very nervous and trying on a bazillion outfits.

Also, how do you greet the person?  A handshake seems so formal, but a hug is so personal for a 'stranger'.

Would you ever go on a blind date?

FUN FACT:  My parents met on a blind date.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday night I went to Rib Fest for the first time ever which was fun, but crowed and over-priced.  I'm not sure if I'd go again, but the social aspect of it was fun.

On of the rib trucks--the line ups were outrageous! 
Some of the trucks had over 100 people waiting.  Nutso.

Later on, we hit up a patio for drinks and snacks.  Then ventured through downtown, caught a busker circus act on the side-walk and indulged in some BeaverTails (a Canadian must-have).  Afterwards, we went to the casino and put it all on black--okay, not true but a bet was made on black and won.

Saturday morning breakfast at The Arrow & Loon.

Afterwards my bestie and her husband raced against each other in what we've dubbed 'The 100m Finals'.  They had an ongoing debate of who would win, head to head, in a 100m dash.  My money was on Sarah, but her husband ended up winning.  It was hilarious.  See the video proof HERE.

Saturday casual outfit for breakfast and some shopping after (I didn't buy anything exciting; hairspray + eye liner).
Outfit deets:  Bench jacket (new!), Cynthia Rowley tee (new!), Garage bra top & Walmart leggings. 

I finally DIY'ed a pair of jeans I bought a couple months back from the thrift store.  Will show before & after photos this week.  If you want to know how to do this, check out my old DIY Distressed Denim Cut-Offs post.

Can't get enough of my new kicks.

Saturday night party outfit (+ hair).
Outfit deets:  Vero Moda dress (new!).

Sunday morning running errands.
Outfit deets:  Okay denim vest & Old Navy sundress (old).

Outfit deets:  Dynamite lace top & tube top (old) underneath, DIY'ed shorts from above, Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' wedges, Gucci shades & Cleo belt.

Celebrating my sister's impending bundle of joy (a boy!) at her first baby shower.  She's due in a month.

Sunday night dinner--coconut chicken strips.
So easy: butterfly chicken breasts, pound out to flatten, dunk in whisked eggs and coat in unsweetened coconut.  Bake in the oven at 350C for about 20 minutes.  Devour.

And lastly, my new sandals from Ardène.  I felt there were too many straps across the toes so I simply cut a few off and voila! Much more flattering.


Shopping Haul

Find all my videos on my YouTube channel HERE.


Friday, June 21, 2013

New Kicks: Material Girl 'Gwenyth'

When I saw these brand new kick-ass hi-tops at The Bay on Sunday I picked them up, looked them over and thought to myself about how much I liked them.  I turned them over, saw the price, and walked away.

Oddly enough, Tuesday night I was still thinking about them, which surprised me; I really wanted these shoes.  I had a gift card for The Bay, so I called, put my size on hold and made them mine.

Note: these shoes run super big.  I'm always a size 10--and somtimes an 11 at places like Aldo--but I actually sized down to an eight.  What! 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reader Q: How to style a maxi skirt for curvier girls

Q: Do you have any tips on how to style a maxi skirt for someone size 12-14? I have a bit of a tummy and am too self-concious wearing a tight top, but don't want to look like a "sister wife" in a baggier top. Any tips?

Since I'm sure this could help out many people, I have put together a few variations of looks that I think would be great for curvier women.

I personally find styling maxi skirts takes a bit more thought but I found some great options that make dressing yours a cinch.

 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6

While shopping around, I found some great
sites for curvier women:

If you have a fashion or styling question, I'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Would you ever get married?

I know many of you are married, but many of you aren't, so I'm asking this question today.

It seems, as the years pass, more and more people are living together, having babies together, buying homes together, all without getting married.  I know several people who will opt to have children before getting married and not because it was unplanned.

As most of you know, I was married (and now divorced) and it has changed my views a bit.  I love the idea of marriage, and am a bit of a hopeless romantic, but the thought of making a committment like that again is honestly a little scary.  Marriage is a beautiful thing, but knowing what I know now, I'm not so sure if I would go through with it again (watch me bite my tongue down the road!). 

What about you, would you get married?  If you are married, would you do it again?  Feel free to comment anonymously.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colour Family

Outfit deets:
* Forever 21 jacket which you've seen when I posted the #PDOpinupgirls contest photoshoot results (really love this outfit).
* Dynamite lace top which you've seen with olive pants, on the weekend for a date (love this look), and in my Fall Fashion vlog (fun fact: I picked up this top during the shop-off on the day I won the Place d'Orleans vlogger contest!).
* Aeropostale (faded neon) denim (as seen in my Dreaming of Sumer video).
* Zara heels which I'm still loving so much and wear every three days or so; I'd wear them more but try to give my other shoes a chance.  Have I mentioned how ridiculously comfortable they are?
As I ran out the door on this day I went to grab a jacket and would normally reach for something neutral, my grey or cognac coloured jackets but I decided to try this one and ended up loving the two purple-ish tones together.  Would you wear two colours from the same family?


Monday, June 17, 2013

Fashion Vlogger Video #15: 5 a 7 / How to transform your look from day to night!

For this video as the Place d'Orleans Fashion Vlogger, I'm sharing some great finds to take you from work to patio in a snap.

We all have those days where something cool and fun is happening after work, but uh oh!  You're unprepared and wish you had a way to turn your look into something more social-ready.  I have several great finds and a few tips and tricks on how to accomplish this so you're from desk to drinks with minimal effort.

Stay tuned for more videos (specifically on the Place d'Orleans Facebook page).

Other videos:
* Fall Fashion (video #1)
* Wardrobe Classics (video #2)
* Bundling Up for Winter (video #3)
* How-to Style a Sequin Skirt (video #4)
* What to Wear for New Years Eve (video #5)
* New Year, New You! (video #6)
* Accessories & a Hair Tutorial (video #7)
* What to Wear on a Date (video #8)
* Dreaming of Summer (video #9)
* How-To Turn Your Maxi Dress into a Maxi Skirt (video #10)
* DIY Kiss Printed Jacket (video #11)
* Spring Trends (video #12)
* Biggest Spring Trends (video #13)
* Summer Event Wear (video #14)


Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

What a weekend!  It ended up  being quite packed and I did a whole bunch of random and social stuff.  It was so nice to be out with friends for various outings and finally be enjoying some beautiful weather.  I'd love to share some--er, many--photos with you:
On Friday I finally took my floral denim out for a spin (aka to work) and was really feeling this look.  I took these shots in the fitting room at Joe Fresh on my lunch hour (Sarah and I decided to skip our workout on Friday).  I picked up a bra-top/sports bra that was on sale for $7 and that was it.
Outfit deets: Garage denim jacket, Dynamit top, Aeropostale denim, Aldo wedges & thrifted necklace.

Friday night, five of us hit up a new spot in town called, El Camino.  It's a taco restaurant that is totally hipster.  We sat at the funky bar but at a jut-out so as if we were at a hi-top table all facing one-another.  I had three tacos: fish x2 and pork and both were really good.  The cracked pepper calamari was awesome and their salsa is killing it too.  Afterwards, we all walked a few blocks to a pool hall and played long into the night.
Outfit deets:  Garage denim jacket (same as above), Joe Fresh top, Bench denim shorts & Sam Edelman wedges (still available HERE).

Saturday morning breakfast out at a different spot where I used to frequent with a girl friend a while back.  Unfortunately this trip was less than great with terrible service and cold food.

Saturday afternoon.
Outfit deets:  Maison Scotch tee (new!), Sirens shorts, Bamboo sandals (old, but also seen during my trip to Punta Cana) & Urban Expressions bag.

More after the jump...


Friday, June 14, 2013

Currently Loving: Mismatched Earrings

I have had my ears pierced since I was a baby, mainly because I came out looking like a boy and despite my mother dressing me in all pink, people would still comment what a 'cute little boy' I was.  Yeah.  That happened. 

When I was 12, my childhood best friend and I went to a drugstore nearby and split a pack of earrings to each pierce a second hole in one ear (mine left, hers right).  It was like a friendship piercing.  Totally.

After that, my parents were very strict and would not let me get anymore.  However, I think around 16 I convinced my Dad I needed a third and second hole and he finally gave in (he was more strict than my Mom on that front, which was shocking).

Over the years though, those last piercings would get infected over and over again, especially the third hole and eventually I grew out of wearing so much jewellery in my ears I went down to the original first holes only.  However, back at the beginning of this year, I wanted to see if I could shove some earrings through the holes again.  I basically had to re-pierce that third hole (with an earring), and after a lot of wincing and watery eyes, I poked through.  My ear was super red and unhappy, but I took good care of it over the course of the next two months and kept the earring in to sleep despite it being so sore (so bad that I couldn't sleep on my left side for weeks; but I was determined). 

Now, many months later, all holes are perfectly normal for the first time in my life and I can change up the jewellery as I please on the daily.  Since then, I've acquired a ton of different stud-like earrings to switch things up--normally I'd just rock two large faux diamonds in the first hole.  I love mismatching my earrings and since they are small, it's not too in-your-face but a subtle, easy touch that adds some interest to my look.

Earrings (left to right):
Top row: Sawrovski & Joe Fresh x2 | Urban Planet & Dollarama | Smart Set, Joe Fresh & Smart Set
Middle row: Smart Set x2 | Spring & F21 | Joe Fresh x2 & F21
Bottom row: Dollarama & Joe Fresh x2 | Spring & Dollarama | F21 & Spring x2

Thursday, June 13, 2013

In My Cart

Oh if I had no budget.  While I won't be pulling the trigger on any of these items any time soon, it's fun to drool.  Loving all these pieces and almost everything BCBG puts out.

To purchase:


The Faux Side Shave

Outfit deets:
* Zara top (new!).
* Zara pants (new!).
* Aldo wedges (old) which you've seen a million times because they used to be my fave and seen with a mini skirt and low-back sweater (love this post) & in a construction zone (love this one too).
* Accessories: Ardene necklace, various bangles & Gucci shades.

I twisted and pulled my hair back on this day to create a faux side-shave to emulate a Cassie or Rihanna-like hairstyle.  As I was leaving my building, a neighbour who I'm familiar with asked if I had shaved half my head!  Mission accomplished.

On another note, the boyfriend was not a fan of this look and asked me to never wear my hair like this again.  Haha, I guess some styles are more for the girls, case in point.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Are you comfortable with your height?

Patricia, the photographer on my Christmas campaign photoshoot (yes I'm heels, but still).

To be honest, I have my days.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm tall, as in 5'11-towering-over-all-my-friends-in-flats-and-everyone-else-when-I-wear-heels.  Yeah.  Tall.

When I was younger, I had a hard time, but as I've gotten older, I have become much better with it.  Some days I love being tall, and then there are days when you have about five people, including strangers, gapping at you like you're some sort of weird creature.  If I had a nickle for everytime I heard, 'OMIGOD, you're so tall', I kid you not, I would be able to buy a lot more heels.

Once while shopping, a couple years ago, a girl came over the same rack I was perusing, she looked up at me--all 5'2 of her--and gasped, 'Wow! I was feeling so tall when I was at the front of the store and now beside you I feel tiny!'  Thank you.  And now I feel like a sasquatch.

I think people think that it is acceptable to point out someone's height when they are tall because, perhaps they view it as a positive and kind of an awe-inducing thing. Whereas pointing out someone who is short would be insulting. It doesn't really make sense, but I try to take it as a compliment.

Since there is nothing I can do about my height, and I come from a tall family who have always told me to be proud of my height, I am and accept it.  People frequently ask me why I wear heels when I'm already so tall.  I often want to roll my eyes but I will politely smile instead and say something along the lines of, 'Everyone else gets to wear them, so why can't I?' and they nod in understanding, or something, and off I go. 

What about you?  Are you happy with your height?  Wish you were taller or shorter?

 My parents: my mom is 5'10 & my dad is 6'3.

 My little sister who is 5'7.

Some of my girlfriends during a night out last summer.  My lips are at their foreheads.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

soft yellow / bright neon

Outfit deets:
* Alexander Bartlett top (from Winners & old) which you've see with a cognac leather jacket & flared jeans.
* Smart Set chinos (new!) and come in a slew of different colours I might need to snatch up a few more (but be forewarned they do stretch out).
* Christian Louboutin Passmule wedge (old) which I don't wear a ton--they aren't very comfortable, to be honest--but break 'em out every now and again to get my money's worth (haha).  Last seen with the same top (wtf?) and a lime yellow-green cardigan (okay, so clearly there is a pattern here).
* Accessories:  Cleo pony hair belt, Gucci shades, Claire's necklace, Sirens ring & F21, gifted chain bracelet & my DIY Ropes Maine bracelet (I couldn't afford the real deal, so I made my own).

So good news and bad news.  

The bad news is my computer is ladden with viruses, on the verge of completely dying and I could lose everything.  

The good news is I'm getting a new one.

Not ideal circumstances, but when it takes you 26 minutes to boot your less-than-two-year-old laptop up, every click takes minutes and you can't edit your videos in under three hours, there's a problem.  I've been putting up with the problem for a long time now and it's just getting to the point of anger, frustration and tears sometimes when I use it.  So, the time is now.  

Even better news?  I'm going with a MacBook Pro and am so excited (c'mon you guys, it's a big purchase)!  I'm a PC user so the switch to Mac is a little scary and daunting when I think about learning a new system, but everyone who's had one or has one loves it and I've toyed around on one before and got the hang of it in a matter of hours.  Additionally, I'm an iPhone junkie so it only makes sense.  I have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive, which sucks, but let the countdown begin.

Anyone out there with a Mac book and want to share some quick tips and tricks for a first time user?


Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Although it wasn't the weekend, Wednesday night was a mini birthday celebration for a friend and this is what I wore.  I already had my faux-leather peplum top, I just swapped out my work attire for my Zara utility-style pants, wedges & an aysemtrical jacket to make this more casual chic.

This past weekend was so fun and I was so bummed last night that it was coming to a close.  Friday night the man and I went for sushi, which was great.  Afterwards, we headed to a friend's place for an evening of karaoke.  I don't ever sing in front of anyone, but the night ended up getting quite messy and hilarious (with a noise complaint and a visit from the 5-0 to boot!).

Then the handstands started...

...and wall sit contest...

...and then there were two (and I gave up next).

Saturday morning I thought I felt okay so out to breakfast with a girlfriend I went.
Outfit deets:  Garage denim jacket (new!), Marc Andrew dress (old), Ardène flats, Le Chateau pashmina & various necklaces.

We ate at The Standard, which I've really only known as a night-time hot spot, but the breakfast was quite delicious.  I extra enjoyed the in-house-made sausage patties (and I'm normally a bacon girl).

We did some shopping afterwards and then the awfulness that is a hangover kicked in.  I went from feeling pretty good to feeling terrible in the late afternoon.  Ugh.  I grabbed some Gatorade and took a nap, which helped.

That night ended up being a movie night (Identity Thief, it was okay) & the goodness that is peanut butter ice cream (omg).

Sunday I felt much better and it was a random day where the man and I did some shopping in various parts of the city, went out to breakfast, later sat on a patio for an early dinner & beers at The Firkin & Knight, got groceries and just general day-off-ness.

We later decided to swing by Skybox to catch up with friends and have a little BBQ snack to end the weekend right.

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