Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Are you comfortable with your height?

Patricia, the photographer on my Christmas campaign photoshoot (yes I'm heels, but still).

To be honest, I have my days.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm tall, as in 5'11-towering-over-all-my-friends-in-flats-and-everyone-else-when-I-wear-heels.  Yeah.  Tall.

When I was younger, I had a hard time, but as I've gotten older, I have become much better with it.  Some days I love being tall, and then there are days when you have about five people, including strangers, gapping at you like you're some sort of weird creature.  If I had a nickle for everytime I heard, 'OMIGOD, you're so tall', I kid you not, I would be able to buy a lot more heels.

Once while shopping, a couple years ago, a girl came over the same rack I was perusing, she looked up at me--all 5'2 of her--and gasped, 'Wow! I was feeling so tall when I was at the front of the store and now beside you I feel tiny!'  Thank you.  And now I feel like a sasquatch.

I think people think that it is acceptable to point out someone's height when they are tall because, perhaps they view it as a positive and kind of an awe-inducing thing. Whereas pointing out someone who is short would be insulting. It doesn't really make sense, but I try to take it as a compliment.

Since there is nothing I can do about my height, and I come from a tall family who have always told me to be proud of my height, I am and accept it.  People frequently ask me why I wear heels when I'm already so tall.  I often want to roll my eyes but I will politely smile instead and say something along the lines of, 'Everyone else gets to wear them, so why can't I?' and they nod in understanding, or something, and off I go. 

What about you?  Are you happy with your height?  Wish you were taller or shorter?

 My parents: my mom is 5'10 & my dad is 6'3.

 My little sister who is 5'7.

Some of my girlfriends during a night out last summer.  My lips are at their foreheads.



spiffykerms said...

I often feel much taller than what I am. I'm not quite 5'6" but I always tell people I'm taller than them lol whether or not I am or not.

A lot of people assume that I'm much taller than what I am (I don't know why?) but I've heard it's because I'm "all legs" so maybe it's deceiving? lol

My best friend (who lives in Ottawa) is 6'1" and I never thought it was odd. Just normal. I used to be taller than her - in grade 2 ;) (Seriously)

MelMac!! said...

I have had the same feelings as you and I am 5'7 but I almost always wear heels so that takes me to about 5'9. I have gotten the same comments that left me feeling like the Ogre Queen and have developed a querk about dating guys that are shorter then I am, I don't like feeling like I am a monster next to my BF :-)
It's completely strange that it's acceptable to point out people who are tall. Like would you go up to someone and say "Wow! Your nose is SO BIG! Thanks for making me feel like my nose is small"? No WAY would anyone do that! So why point out when someone is tall? Think they haven't noticed that themselves? LOL But it's one of those people-are-weird things that will probably never go away.
There are perks to being tall:
-It's easy to navigate in a crowded area, you aren't getting elbowed in the face.
-You can easily gain 5-10 lbs without anyone else really noticing
-You don't have to get a chair to reach things that are on a high shelf.
- Your legs look long and lean. Shorter people are envious of that, trust me.
-This might be a weird one but I feel safer being tall. If someone is going to attack a woman walking down the street, do you think they would pick someone who is 5'11? No they would go after the one who is 5'2
-Most clothes look way better on tall people, that's why models are tall after all!

I have met you once and I thought you were stunning and your height only accentuated how beautiful you are so you should be proud! Wear those heels Girl!

LandOfTheGlam said...

I think we've touched on this before. I'm 5'10 (and a half) (not quiteee 5'11" - or so I like to think). I was always conscious of my height growing up and felt out of place. I always wanted to be short like my friends, because they didn't have to worry about finding pants that fit and wearing heels was never second guessed.

Now, I feel much more confident. Sometimes I have my days when I "feel" tall, and others, like today, I embrace the heels baby. However, I never pass the 3-4" mark...after that I feel like I'm just towering.

So to sum it up - yes I am more comfortable with my height now but it's still a work in progress.

A.Co said...

@Nancy: I have an average-height friend who frequently does that, tells people she's taller than them, lol. That's so funny how your bff is so much taller but you were in grade 2! (PS - if you ever come to visit her, we gotta meet up!)

@MelMac: Haha you had me laughing out loud with the nose comment; good one and SO TRUE!!! And your comments almost brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much, that's so sweet. It's funny you're 'only' 5'7 because I thought you were taller (despite the boots you had on that night :) PS - I totally feel the same as you about dating a shorter guy. No thanks. #wahwah

@LOTG: I totally agree in feeling out of place. It's def a work in progress, thanks for sharing such an awesome comment :)

LC said...

Ringing in from the 'other' corner - I'm 5'1.5" (I NEED that .5!). People are just as quick to point out that I'm short (really?! Hadn't noticed!). My entire family is tall (mom 5'9", bro 6'+ dad 6', fiance 6'+) so my shortness is accentuated. I regularly get: shorty, short-stuff, small and believe it or not "midget". Doesn't bother me any except for when people are pointing it out (not sure if they're trying to compliment, insult or just say words to hear themselves talking). Tall & short both have pros and cons. My fav pro is that my man can stand BEHIND me at concerts and we both get a great view (err.. he does, while I stare at someone's back)!
Cool topic!
Agree with MelMac's list - made me laugh. My first housewarming gift was a step ladder - so I can reach the kitchen cabinets... :S

Amanda_714 said...

I am 5'9. Like you, I have my days. For the most part I am fine and really like my height. But every now and then I feel self-conscious about it. It also doesn't help that my BFF is 4'11. We always say we wish we could meet in the middle and both be 5'5!

I often get asked why I wear heels too. Because they are pretty, that's why!

Melissa said...

I agree with everything you said and the comments of @LC because, I, myself, am rather on the short spectrum. Standing tall at 5'2, I often get the oh my you're such a little thing, or oh its so cute. I almost feel like people are going to pat me on the head like I was a child. As mentioned before, there are pros and cons to both. For example, I don't have to duck on the second floor of those double decker busses SCORE! BUT I gain 5 lbs and it shows...On the same playing field, I ALWAYS have people tell me WOW you have such tiny feet (I wear a size 6), well yeah I'm short, it kind of goes with the package. I remember when we met at the Wine Bar and I think I mentioned our height difference, so I really hope I didn't offend :).

A.Co said...

@Amanda: they ARE pretty!! :D

@LC: haha concert talk ;)

@Melissa: I think small feet are nice, especially compared to MY feet (size 10 OR 11) which people tend to point out, 'Your feet are HUGE!' Um, thanks *crawls into hole* Haha, you didn't offend me :) I loved meeting you!! I still think about it :)

Sarah Palisek said...

I am a comfortable 5'7" and I like my height. I can wear 3" - 6" heels without worry and I can still be the right height for jeans/pants/skirts without ever having to hem them. WIN! I am still "taller" than a lot of females at work/friends etc. All "regular" stores carry stuff my size and it makes it really easy.

I wouldn't want to be much shorter, but I could use another couple inches taller perhaps. I used to tell people I was 5'9 when I was 19-21, for some reason.

Bottom line: being tall is AWESOME and I personally think it is better than being short. My mother (4'10) was always picked on for being little, luckily my Dad (6'2)'s height came to me somewhat. Out of the 4 sisters in my family, I am by far the tallest. My 3 brothers are all tall-sih 6'0 range or so.

It was a benefit playing competitive sports growing up and height was an advantage to many other things. I am not TALL by any means...but being somewhere in the middle works for me.

Whatever height you are: OWN IT, cause you can't change it.

anne-marie said...

I'm 5"9, my sister is 5"11 and my brother is 6"5. We're Singaporean so we get stares when we're out together because Asians tend to be petite. I kinda enjoy the attention, actually. And to avoid feeling tiny, I prefer wearing heels when I'm with them.

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