Oh if I had no budget.  While I won't be pulling the trigger on any of these items any time soon, it's fun to drool.  Loving all these pieces and almost everything BCBG puts out.

To purchase:

Ever since receiving my new Lululemon bag in the mail (from an anonymous sender!), I've been debating whether I want to keep the bag or exchange it for a couple new workout items. 

I already have a Lululemon gym bag, but it is many years old.; it still looks good, but the new one is way nicer, hence why I'm torn.  I also feel like because it was a gift, I should keep it and not exchange it... but alas, I'm still undecided.

Here are a few items in my 'exchange' cart currently:

Le Chateau

* Tribal heels  (just got an email notification these are available in my size again!)

* Brenda heels (which colour do you prefer?) 


Since purchasing my car, I'm on a much tighter budget (hello car payments) so instead of clicking purchase on the above, these are a few items currently sitting in my cart.


Forever 21

Also would love to DIY a top in the back like this one.

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