Monday, September 17, 2012

I Won the Vlogger Contest!

I'm cutting right to the chase:  I won the Vlogger Search contest yesterday!

In an exhilarating, competitive and super fun day, I came out on top for the Fashion Vlogger search that was happening at my local mall.  I couldn't be more excited!

So after all of you amazing people voted for me on Facebook, and placing first (thank you!), I was called back yesterday to compete in the finals against nine other Fashion Vloggers.  Upon arriving at the mall, we collected our name badges and signed in.

We were called to the stage at 11am and took turns introducing ourselves in front of the judges and audience (I was totally nervous).  From there we were given our challenge:

They gave us $200 gift cards to shop and find the following fall fashion trends:
* Shape
* Texture
* Colour
* Pattern

Then we were off.  We had an hour and a half to complete our shop-off before returning to the stage.

My strategy was simple: find an item for each category, and then go back and 'beef up' my haul with additional pieces and remaining money. 

I picked up key pieces: peplum & envelope (shape), waxed jeans (texture), polka dots & leopard print (pattern) and hunter green, rose gold & burgundy pieces (colour).

Once we all returned, we took the stage to take turns pitching our findings to the judges and growing audience.  The order of presenters was randomly draw and guess who was picked to go first?  Me.  Cue the butterflies!

We had five minutes to talk about what we purchased, as if filming a vlog, with a microphone and a small chair to put our items on (should we choose).  I gave it my best and although I forgot to say many things (like how I only had 33 cents remaining on my gift card; talk about stretching your money!), I must have done okay as I was chosen to be the next Fashion Vlogger for the mall.  So exciting!

So here's the deal:  for the next six months I will be given $300 per month to shop and vlog twice per month.  These vlogs will be posted on the Place d'Orleans Facebook Page and I'm hoping I can post them here for you all as well (if not, I will certainly link up).

Thank you again to all of you who voted, sent kind messages, congratulated me and more!  You're awesome & I couldn't have done it without you!

Now, onto some photos!

The judges deliberated and then each spoke about the winner, without revealing her (me!)...

...and then they announced that I was the winner!  
I will admit I did the 'dance of joy' as per my Grammy, on stage:

Here is a list of the girls who participated that have blogs:

(And a few more fun photos on Instagram, if you'd like).



Jenny said...

That is so awesome! CONGRATULATIONS! What a fun experience also!

xo Jenny


Congratulations! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to hear about your monthly purchases!!

Anonymous said...

Hair looks really good that shade of blonde! And congrats!

Life etc... said...

Wow congrats on winning! Lucky you being given shopping money for six months - that's so awesome!! :)

Life etc

myedit said...

Your happy dance shot is amazing!

Unknown said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting!
Btw I love your jeans and you look utterly gorgeous :-)

Your Joseph said...

Atta squirrel! So proud of my lil Frederick!! I like shiny things btw. Soooo if you wanna buy me something one month, I would not be upset! :) Muah xx

Sam said...

That is unreal - congratulations! Can't wait to see the vlogs.

And as someone above said - love your hair that colour! You looked great!

Marionberry Style said...

That is so exciting!! Congratulations! What an accomplishment (and under some serious pressure too...nicely done!)

Kat E. said...

Congratulations girl!!! :) said...

That is great, congratulations! The jeans are awesome!

Sheral said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm very excited for you.

Emmett Katherine said...

Congrats on the contest! Hope you guys all had a good time during the event!!

Schnelle said...

CONGRATS!!!! That's so exciting! What a great prize and great experience you have ahead of you.

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