Happy Sunday girls!  Just wanted to share a little workout wear--or lounging wear, for that matter!  I'm all about the leggings from Lululemon, they are definitely on the pricier side, but the fit is just so kind to everyone's body.  They really do work wonders, are super comfortable and stay put.  I wear mine to workout and around the house.

These leggings are new in, and a feature product so they won't be around forever.  If you're new to Lululemon, there are various fabric types, depending on personal preference and/or activity.  I usually go for the full-on luon (which gives a 'sucked in' feel), but these are the luxtreme fabric and the sensation is 'hugged' and I love it.  They are more slippery than the luon, but have a great compression to them, which is great. 

If you ladies are anything like me, once the weekend hits--or evenings, for that matter--off come the day clothes and on come the leggings.  I love being comfortable at home and on the weekends, and while I typically live in heels during the week, there is something about flats and sneakers that have become oh-so-appealing.  

It might be a sign I'm getting older, and although I won't be giving up my heels anytime soon, you can still look stylish and put together in said 'comfy' clothes....


You ladies know I'm a huge sucker for leggings, but the athleisure trend that is happening currently is right up my alley.  I know a lot of you work in offices, so is there really anything better than being comfortable and stylish come the weekend?

I find myself, more and more, opting for comfy basics when the weekend hits but I still want to look pulled together.  To pull of the look, grab your neutral workout pieces, and then I like to up the cool-girl factor with high-tops.  I'm loving these fresh white kicks for Summer--nothing better than a new pair of sneaks #amiright ?!


I have been obsessed with high-waisted leggings for about six months now, specifically for the gym.  They keep you held in, are uber flattering and if the seaming is right, give the booty some shape.

I wanted to share my new leggings, which I'm slightly obsessed with--I love that they have a bit of a sheen to them, but not so much that it's shiny.  They are thick but not warm, very high waisted (perfect especially if you're tall) and super long--I have been rolling mine up to create a cropped look for Summer.  The perfect pair to add to my collection (and to motivate me to get to the gym!).


I've shared bits and pieces of my fitness routine here on the blog, and while I love being healthy, sometimes even the best of us can fall into a rut.  Recently, during and after our trip to LA, I ended up  taking a non-planned two week hiatus from the gym, and I ain't mad about it.  Sometimes you just need a break.  However, when I did return, it was that much harder to lift the weight and I kind of wanted to walk out halfway through my workout!

Instead, I pushed through, and although it wasn't my best workout, I broke the streak and got back into my routine.  The first time back is always the hardest, so today I wanted to share my top 9 tips to get motivated...


I have been incorporating more lower body into my fitness routine and have seen some big changes.  It seems like everyone and their mom is about that booty, so today I'm sharing three of my favourite moves to target the glutes to give you that round asset we're seeing all over social media.

These videos are sped up a bit to give you an idea of the move at a faster pace.  Your moves should be slow and controlled.  Form is always number one, so if the weight is too heavy, drop it slightly--no shame in making sure your form is on point before adding more.

Two more videos + a tip after the jump...


Happy Sunday ladies!  If you have signed up for the A.Co Newsletter, you know I've started a new Instagram fitness account.  I share various exercises and tons of outfits I like to wear to the gym.  It's kind of a 'more real' Instagram where you can get to know me a little better but also we can motivate each other with our workouts.

That said, I know some of you ladies have asked where I've picked up various things I'm wearing so I thought I'd put it all together in a post with shopping links so you can scoop up some of these great pieces for yourself.  Looking good to feel good is half the battle!  #amiright


Hi ladies!  A few of you ask me what I like to do at the gym and I'm a big fan of lifting heavy weights.  I've been lifting for over two years and even more seriously since May.  I'm finally starting to see some muscle build and definition--but still a long way to go.

I know lifting weights can be intimidating, it was for me because I was such a cardio fanatic for many years.  That said, now I really enjoy lifting weights and for the first time in my life, my body is slowly starting to change.   I wanted to share with you what I do, as it's pretty simple, in a video below...


This is a typical gym outfit outfit for me (I swap out my kicks for these upon arrival).  I love the edge of the graphic tee paired with the bright coloured shorts.  The open back and strappy sports bra adds some style which is a fun way to make getting to the gym a little easier.  #whatevergetsyouthere 

I've talked quite a bit about working out and my routines over the past couple years and one thing I've always gravitated towards are shorts.  Shorts are a great way to play up your legs and keep cool at the same time.  I rotate between pairing them with a looser fitting graphic tee, or my favourite snugger fitting tanks.  I also love the look paired with a long sleeved tee for when the temperature drops at night or you want to show a little less skin.

Shopping for workout clothing has been one of my favourite things over the past six months, not necessarily because I'm working out more, per say, but simply because they're comfortable!

I love checking out Marshalls and Winners as they always have new stock every week and offer some of my favourite brands at great prices.  Since they turnover so quickly, I have to continuously be checking so I don't miss out (haha, what a theory!).

Today I'm sharing a huge, collective workout clothing haul from bottoms, tops, sports bras, etc.  A lot of the items I've purchased are available on line so check out the links below.

At the beginning of the month I posted about a plank challenge that I was going to be doing and I wanted to provide a little update if you'd like to read...
Click for more... 

If there is one thing that gets me to the gym it's a cute clothes... and a killer workout playlist.  I don't keep a ton of music on my phone but always keep my Soundcloud updated with my favourite tracks.

Since I prefer to lift heavy weights, I like music that's upbeat and pumps me up--often of the hip/hop and EDM variety.  So today I'm sharing what's on my current loop of songs that I play non-stop in the gym to keep me going.

Music after the jump...

The other night, my bestie and I were at the gym, like old times, and we decided to do something a little bit crazy for March...

Today I'm sharing an at-home booty and legs workout.  While I do hit the gym for my workouts, these are all moves I do and that can be done anywhere.

Since leg day is something I always do on my own, this is my own routine I've come up with that works for me.  I find leg day takes the longest workout to bang out, but I always leave with shaky limbs and sore muscles days afterwards--which proves it's working!

One quick tip before we get into the workout: don't forget to consume some sort of protein within 30 minutes post-workout (I like Muscle Farm Combat in Milk Chocolate because it's quick, but if you're not into protein powder, chicken, fish and eggs are great sources).  Your muscles are torn and need protein to build and repair.  If you don't consume protein after your workout, your muscles are not being fed and therefore cannot grow and tone to their full potential.

Now, onto the workout! 

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Today I'm finally sharing my shoulder workout.  Several of you have asked to see what I do when I workout, which is super flattering so thank you!  I'm no pro but have been lifting heavy weights for about a year and a half.  Prior to that, I was all about classes and cardio but for the first time in my life, lifting weights has shown me that you can change your body through exercise.  It's amazing to see little muscle slowly starting to pop (under a little layer of dessert, albeit!) after all the hard work.

I'm no expert, but with the help of my boyfriend, a few friends and various fitness apps and YouTube videos, I've learned quite a bit.  I also wanted to show you how you can do this workout without a gym membership but with some simple free weights you could purchase for your home.  

Finally, I aim to do five different exercises, for the specified body part, and I aim for three sets of each with 10 reps.  Remember, form is most important so if you're losing form, your weight is too heavy.  It's better to have great form with a slightly lower weight to build your muscles and avoid injury--as time goes on, you will be able to lift heavier.
Full workout after the jump...
Outfit deets:
* Bench jacket (similar & love this one).
* Mondetta tank (love this one).
* MPG leggings (dark grey, on sale & a personal fave).

I'm not someone who really enjoys cardio, however, up until about a year ago, it was a huge part of my workout.  I started running about seven years ago, on a treadmill, at the gym.  I had never run before and never thought I could run until a friend shared her running 'program' (see below) and I tried it myself and eventually 'became' a runner, I guess.  

Over the years, I've taken my running outside and at first disliked it but eventually preferring it to running on a treadmill.  The most I have run is 6 kilometres (3.73 miles) and the most I have run without stopping is 5 kilometres--which was a pretty proud day considering when I started, my goal was to run 1 kilometer without stopping!

I have taken a break from running since the Spring, but I have been trying to incorporate more cardio into my workout routine by going for walks at lunch, climbing the stairs in my building and using the bike at the gym (while catching up on my favourite YouTubers).  Every little bit helps.

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I love looking at flat layouts so thought I would start a new series of sharing what I wear to workout, depending on the activity.

For today's post, I'm sharing what I would wear for a typical leg day.  I tend to wear leggings (over shorts) since I'm doing a lot of squats, lunges and general bending over-ness (ha).  I love wearing bright colours to the gym so these purple pants and neon orange sports bra fit the bill.  I tend to alternate snug fitting tops to bubble tops depending on how I'm feeling.

More recently, I've started wearing skate shoes for leg day as typical gym shoes--like my Nike Free 3.0's--are made to lift your heels and push your weight towards your toes.  When squatting, it's important to keep your weight in your heels and it's recommended to wear a shoe that is flat; Converse would work well, and I often see heavy lifters going bare-foot.

Lastly, pumping music is key for me and I like to switch it up between the music on my iPod and the music I stream on my phone via Soundcloud playlists I create.

Item deets after the jump...
It's been a while since I've done a fitness related posts (see all those posts HERE) and since I've changed up my routine, what better time to share.

I gave up my GoodLife gym membership over four months ago.  I had been a member with them for almost a decade but since the beginning of 2013, I really hadn't been using my membership.  Sarah--my bff--and I started working out on our lunch hour in May 2012 and really got into a good groove alternating between running outside and body resistence workouts inside.  I loved that my workout was over and done with for the day by 1pm and when work was over, I could go home and relax or do whatever I wanted without the impending after-work workout.

To be honest, I was a little worried about giving up my membership, despite having not been for about three months.  I had a fear I would give up working out or be less motivated, but that did not happen.  I continued working out on my lunch hours, which I preferred and was saving money in the end.

Just over a month ago, I joined The Athletic Club, and have been working out there in the evenings and on weekends.  Sarah recently announced her pregnancy and we've kind of abandoned our lunch time workouts.  Not because she is expecting, simply because we are being lazy.  I would still be going at lunch had I not gotten the gym membership but since the urgency isn't there like before, I feel kind of meh about it.  Additionally, I really love spending lunch hours with her catching up, shopping or just sitting to enjoy a meal.

As far as running goes, I haven't run in a while.  I ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill a few weeks ago, and try to get some cardio in, but I have definitely cut back.  I wouldn't say I love running, but what I do really enjoy is seeing my improvement, which never ceases to amaze me.  My goal two years ago was to run 1km without stopping.  I surpassed that goal and ran 2km that summer without stopping.  Last summer was the first time I ever ran 5km without stopping which was such an accomplishment.  From there, I focused on less walking 'breaks' while running and I slowly started to bring my time down.  That doesn't mean there were set backs, or times when my time was worse, but gradually it got better.  When I started running 5km on my lunch hour, I was averaging 35 minutes; my best time came near the end of the summer at 29 minutes. 

When the colder months came, I ran inside on the treadmill but would never do 5km because I was bored after 20-25 minutes and would wimp out and get off.  I kept my cardio up by running tons and tons of stairs on my lunch hour with Sarah; it was brutal but it helped when this summer rolled around and we started running outside again.  Almost immediately we were beating or averaging our best time from last summer and on one 5km run, I broke 26 minutes!  A time I never thought I'd be able to accomplish--also a run that was brutal and I wanted to quit on so many times throughout.

All that to say, running has been put on the back burner for now; my knees get really sore or can get really sore from running and I've re-hurt them again by playing in a softball tournament last week.  I don't have a huge desire to run, but at the same time, don't want to lose my endurance.  I'm sure I'll go back to it when I'm ready whether that be indoors or out.

So what have I been doing at the gym lately?  Instead of body resistence workouts with an elevated heart rate and considerable amounts of cardio, I'm now more focussed on strength training with heavy weights and working out one part of my body each time (eg. arms, shoulders, back, legs, etc.).  I use a combination of machines, barbells and free weights and almost always tac on an ab workout at the end of each session.  It's definitely a change and a challenge but I am enjoying it, for the most part.

If you made it to the end of this post, thanks for sticking with me and reading.  I know fitness isn't everyone's cup of tea, and for me it's definitely a daily work in progress.  It's still a struggle for me to go to the gym, I make it happen but definitely groan about it and an often dragging my ass to get there.  It's not really 'fun', but the way I feel afterwards is amazing.  My mood is elevated, I feel more confident, I know it helps me look better and I overall feel better.  I find when I hit the gym less or slack off, I start to get a little bit bitchy, so it's good for me to get my blood pumping and body moving.  If I know I won't be going to the gym that day--or for a few days--I simply try to make healthier choices; park far away, take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a walk at lunch.  Bottom line, get your body moving, everyday.

Thanks for reading! xo

Have you guys ever done the Crow?  It's an advanced yoga move that I learned by watching a video on YouTube.  I taught my workout partner and bestie Sarah and she nailed it on the first try!  I, on the other hand, couldn't get it until I tried it on day two, as pictured above.

It's quite difficult and requires some mad balance, and I can't stay up long.  Try it yourself, see if you can master it.  In the video I linked above, she teaches you how to do a baby crow first before the actual one I'm doing which is a great transitioning pose.

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