Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Operation (maybe) Buy a Car

Outfit deets:
* Smart Set cami.
* Seduction skirt (old) which you've seen with a navy tee and red flats.
* Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' wedges (new-ish) which I'm wearing 24/7 it seems; seen with my DIY denim cut-off shorts (when I purchased my condo), also with white skinnies & shades of green.
* Accessories: Club Monaco belt, A.Co Designs necklace & a close up of my arm stack.

I have been driving the same car for almost nine years.  NineYears.

Long time, 'eh?

So lately, there have been a few things happening with my car, and it's needed some loving.  Half a new exhaust system here.  A new wheel barring there.  And so on.  Fortunately my Dad is a (retired) mechanic and can sometimes do the work for me, and more importantly, taught me how to keep my car nice.

So a week ago, on a Sunday afternoon, while visiting my parents, we were laughing at how none of us were very sure how much longer the 'Silver Bullet' would last (yes, she has a name).  She is 12 years old, after all, and anything can happen.  And so, we started to peruse the AutoTrader, talk cars, and so forth.  And while it seems every Spring I seem to do the, 'This is the year, I'm selling my car and getting something else... finally,' but this Spring I didn't want to do that.

I'm finally settling back into life, getting my finances in order and feeling pretty good.  The thought of a car payment (after so many years without) is a little terrifying to me.  I know for most people, a car payment is just something in life, but when you have gone for years upon years without one, you grow accustom to that extra cash every month.

I figured, at this point, I will drive my car into the ground (versus selling it for peanuts now) and then buy something.

Well, 'then' might have come sooner than later.

Last Monday morning on my way to work, my car broke down.  I wasn't even halfway there and I took off from a set of lights and she did not like the feeling of second gear.  Nor third.  Nor back to second.  

Uh oh.  

I pulled over as she chugged along and called CAA immediately.  They eventually sent a tow truck while I waited for over an hour in the humidity.  Fortunately, after three days of work (trial, error, research, ordering parts, installing, etc.), my Dad was able to fix the problem (and save me about $500), however, who knows when and what will happen next.

And so, the process of, 'Operation (maybe) buy a car,' has potentially begun.

Has anyone purchased a new car recently?



Laura said...

Ah I love those wedges - I would be wearing them with everything too, they're gorgeous! And I totally remember the days of having a car that could break down at any second! It finally did break down while I was driving it on the highway (transmission just died, it was really scary!), and we ended up buying a new (but end of the year model) Ford Escape, which has been great to us for the 3 years we've had it. Good luck! :)

LandOfTheGlam said...

Just like Laura's comment, I had an older car that died while I was on the highway! It had 1 of 4 working windows and no AC. It was time, so I ended up purchasing a "new" car (2007 Hyundai Elantra Sport) through Autotrader. I don't think buying brand new is the way to go, the price depreciates very quickly. I bought mine through a dealer to make sure I knew what I was getting. Buying a new car is really exciting but can be intimidating if you've never done it before. Just do you research and don't settle! Good luck!

Schnelle said...

Ohh I've been there! I bought my car (used) in 2009 and as soon as the warranty runs out, I'm selling it and getting something new (well used, but new for me). Warranties are the way to go, having that piece of mind is key. My dad is a retired mechanic and my brothers have learned quite a bit from them so they've always helped me out- we're lucky that way!

jenna_lynn85 said...

I also had a silver bullet!! haha i had my celica for 8 years and it broke down every now & again which upset me because I (also) wanted to drive it to the ground. I bought a 2010 Lancer Ralliart in the spring and loooove it. I was afraid of the extra payment but have made it work by staying in a tad more but I told myself its worth it having something that makes you so happy. Especially when you drive it every single day :) Good luck with whatever you decide!!

Nicole said...

I just recently got a new job which requires me to commute, and I had a very good car but it was getting up there in miles. I got a BRAND NEW car in May and I am very happy with it. Buying a car is a big step, and having a car payment can suck. But if you can buy your condo and go it alone, you can do anything!

Life etc... said...

Oh no that doesn't sound like much fun! Personally I would rather buy a second hand car outright than be stuck with repayments on a new one, but that's just me! Love your outfit here - the pastel colours are so pretty :)

Life etc

Franziska said...

I was in the same situation. I only had my car for 3 years, but it was 14 years old when I bought it for ~$2000. About 3 months ago I went in for a routine oil change and they told me that all the things wrong with it (besides that the AC no longer works and the doors don't look) would cost more to fix than the car was worth. My dad and I had already put in $300+ in parts that we fixed ourselves, so I knew it was just time. I bought a brand new Scion xD. I never thought I would buy a new car, but it's the car I'll have for the next decade, the one I will (hopefully some day) drive my children around in. Yes, having a car payment after not having one sucks, but getting in a car you feel safe in, that you know isn't going to stop working on the interstate, is worth it. I've had my car for 3ish months now, and I'm still excited every time I get in it. My advice is make a list of things you want in a car (for example, I wanted mine to be a manual hatchback for my dogs) and then go test drive all the cars that fit that criteria. You'll know which one is right when you drive it :)

Anna said...

No car advice here -- my parents came home one day with a car for me -- and an IOU. It's a Dodge Stratus, and has been riddled with problems, so I guess my only recommendation is not that, hahah!

Your whole outfit is adorable, though! I love that shirt every time you wear it -- I need to get myself together and learn to sew!

Sharon Lei said...

My car is silver, too! But definitely not a bullet. lol. It's sorta a family friend car. Which is weird, because I got it 10 years ago and I was only 20 and having a family was definitely not on my mind. LOL. My car is doing pretty amazingly well, though Very low milage (around 70,000). I guess that's the perks about living on a small island. hee hee. I've always told myself that I'm going to drive this call until it "dies". haha.

I hope your car lasts you a little longer, because having car payments aren't any fun. I remember when I paid off my car, I felt so free!! wheeee. :) If you do get a new car, what do you have in mind?

And on a sartorial note, I loves that blouse! Make me one, please. hehehehehehe.

xx Love & Aloha

Anonymous said...

A lot of new cars are very expensive to maintain, sometimes $100 oil changrs because of the oil it takes and filter. I got a Honda civic 2010 its still cheap to maintain. I would buy from the dealer yhat the car make is from even if its not new, and talk to the service department to see if it is expensive on parts. Because usually the car sales guys don't know anything about that. See if you can get like a year worth of oil changes in the car frap too. I used to work at a big dealership***

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