Friday, June 21, 2013

New Kicks: Material Girl 'Gwenyth'

When I saw these brand new kick-ass hi-tops at The Bay on Sunday I picked them up, looked them over and thought to myself about how much I liked them.  I turned them over, saw the price, and walked away.

Oddly enough, Tuesday night I was still thinking about them, which surprised me; I really wanted these shoes.  I had a gift card for The Bay, so I called, put my size on hold and made them mine.

Note: these shoes run super big.  I'm always a size 10--and somtimes an 11 at places like Aldo--but I actually sized down to an eight.  What! 



Danna said...

sweet... great taste in kicks :-)

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Danna: Aw, thank you! :)

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