Outfit deets:
* Forever 21 coat (old) that you saw on my birthday last year (...speaking of birthdays, I've got a special one approaching quickly).
* Urban Behaviour pants.
* Aldo Klarr boots--my favourite and their first snowfall, worn specially for this shoot, and then quickly brought inside and dried off.
Accessories:  Dolce & Gabbana glasses.

Guess what you guys?  I'm the newest Ambassador for Clearly Contacts!  Heyooooo.

We did a fun little interview and they let me pick out a new pair of glasses.  I chose these chic cat-eye frames because I've been wanting to get a pair and this was the perfect opportunity.  They are pretty bold, but I love the plastic frame and the gold plate detail on the arm.

As soon as I placed my order I knew exactly what I wanted to pair with the glasses to make them pop: this oversized leopard coat--which btw, I'm wearing a leather jacket underneath for additional warmth--black skinnies and boots.  It was pure luck that huge snowflakes began to fall from the sky and we experienced some milder weather so we could shoot outside.  

Hope you are all having a great weekend--almost weekend time--and if you're in need of some glasses, pop over to Clearly Contacts and use discount code ACOSTYLE to get 25% off your order.

Photos by Serena Rivard.

Outfit deets:
* Urban Planet top (old).
* Sirens pants (the same ones I have in camo).
* Shoemint 'Romy' heels which I recently got (and love, and am making the most out of any sunny and beautiful day to wear them because Winter is around the corner).
* Accessories:  Limite necklace, MK watch, Aldo bangle & Urban Planet 'love' bangle.

I'm stoked to share these pictures with you because (1) I took them myself, and (2) do you know how hard it is to get a blurry background when photographing yourself?!  I kind of can't believe these photos turned out so well and am patting myself on the back a little.  The photography course that I took a few weekends ago is paying off (not that it was expensive to begin with, but worth it for sure).

To de-glamourize these photos, I spent about 35 minutes focusing, adjusting, running back and forth between each, single, self-timed shot.  Lots of frustration but also some victories as proven by these photos (hoorah!).  I kind of wanted to include more but it would have been photo-overload, and I already feel it somewhat is.

Hope everyone is having a great week thus far.  The past two nights I have spent at Place d'Orleans pulling outfits and shoes for the upcoming #MYVIPNIGHT on Saturday!  I'm styling six outfits and all the shoes for the fashion show, which is very exciting.  It's going to be a great event and I'm excited (and a little nervous) to host.  I hope you can make it out, I would love to meet each and every one of you (and get pictures?).  You can find all the details HERE.

Outfit deets:
* Alexander Bartlett top (from Winners & old) which you've see with a cognac leather jacket & flared jeans.
* Smart Set chinos (new!) and come in a slew of different colours I might need to snatch up a few more (but be forewarned they do stretch out).
* Christian Louboutin Passmule wedge (old) which I don't wear a ton--they aren't very comfortable, to be honest--but break 'em out every now and again to get my money's worth (haha).  Last seen with the same top (wtf?) and a lime yellow-green cardigan (okay, so clearly there is a pattern here).
* Accessories:  Cleo pony hair belt, Gucci shades, Claire's necklace, Sirens ring & F21, gifted chain bracelet & my DIY Ropes Maine bracelet (I couldn't afford the real deal, so I made my own).

So good news and bad news.  

The bad news is my computer is ladden with viruses, on the verge of completely dying and I could lose everything.  

The good news is I'm getting a new one.

Not ideal circumstances, but when it takes you 26 minutes to boot your less-than-two-year-old laptop up, every click takes minutes and you can't edit your videos in under three hours, there's a problem.  I've been putting up with the problem for a long time now and it's just getting to the point of anger, frustration and tears sometimes when I use it.  So, the time is now.  

Even better news?  I'm going with a MacBook Pro and am so excited (c'mon you guys, it's a big purchase)!  I'm a PC user so the switch to Mac is a little scary and daunting when I think about learning a new system, but everyone who's had one or has one loves it and I've toyed around on one before and got the hang of it in a matter of hours.  Additionally, I'm an iPhone junkie so it only makes sense.  I have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive, which sucks, but let the countdown begin.

Anyone out there with a Mac book and want to share some quick tips and tricks for a first time user?

Outfit deets:
* Old Navy jacket (old) which you've seen with black skinnies (love this post), during the fall with beautiful leaves and cool tights, with a leopard skirt in the rain and with a pretty olive green dress.
* Zara sweater which you've seen in this post about confidence, and on the weekend (also have the black on and wore it that same weekend as well), and in my original haul video.
* Smart Set cami (which I own in almost every colour of the rainbow and wear constantly).
* Joe Fresh skirt which was originally a t-shirt that I turned into a skirt using THIS method.  Also seen with olive green & a belt I love (and haven't worn in forever).
* Accessories:  Ardène pashmina, Alfred Sung sunglasses, H&M large bangle, Swarovski bangle & Joe Fresh necklace.

Thanks for all the sweet comments you guys leave on a semi-daily basis.  It's so nice to share parts of my life with you all, and hearing from you makes it even better.  I also love how interactive we're getting in the Let's Chat posts every Wednesday, it's so interesting hearing what you guys think and how you react to various things.

Additionally, I know we don't all share the same opinions, but that's what can also be great, so long as we respect others opinions and can share and learn.  What I write is how I feel, not how you have to feel or  like, but if we can learn something from each other, at the very least, that's a great bonus!

Tonight I'm getting together with three girlfriends for a semi-impromptu girls' dinner.  We are all bringing something, and I was in charge of the side so I put together a quinoa salad, based loosely on this recipe I randomly found online.  I tried some for dinner last night and it turned out great. 

I'm on somewhat of a quinoa quick, but have been for a while.  It's such a great substitute for rice and is a great source of protein as well as carbohydrate.  It's filling and healthy and all the right things.  It's pretty bland, but you can spice it up with spices or sauces (which can take it from being healthy, to less than healthy, but...) or just eat it on it's own.  I personally don't mind the taste, and like it on it's own.  My favourite is as a plain side with chicken and veggies for dinner.  You can also mix it into salads, breakfast and I've even heard of it being used in desserts!  Google it & jump on the band wagon.

Outfit deets:
* Joe Fresh jacket.
* Winners top.
* Ardène pashmina & shoes.
* H&M pants.
* Accessories:  gifted belt, MK bracelet & Swarovski bangle.

Funny how the last time I wore these pants it was in a eerily similar outfit. 

So last night I was supposed to get together with Sarah for our Christmas gift exchange but she turned up with the flu and the evening was cancelled.  We are going to try again for tonight, which is pretty exciting.  Dinner, drinks, my bff and presents?  Hello.

Happy Thursday!

Outfit deets:
* Smart Set ruffled neckline top which you have seen with dark denim (a favourite post, too).
* Sirens dress pants (old) that are actually long enough for me to wear with heels (shocker).
* Accessories:  H&M belt, Bijoux Terner bangle, Bay ring, Gucci shades & consigned necklace (no brand).

I love love love mixing stripes with leopard and this was kind of my first time doing it.  Later that week I did it with polka dots.

So, how is everyone doing with their Christmas shopping?  I'm rolling along quite nicely, considering how stressed I was last week.  Do you ever find that one awesome gift for that one person and feel so much better?  Like a whole bunch of stress has been lifted as you can now focus on the small stuff, last minute items and stocking stuffers.  I'm so excited for Christmas and while my shopping isn't yet complete, I'm getting pretty close and that's a relief.

Happy 12/12/12!
Outfit deets:
* Urban Behaviour jacket (old).
* A.Co Designs top which you have seen with white skinnies, a leopard skirt/circle vest combo & a circle scarf I made, worn as a skirt (a fave outfit post).  I made this top myself and love it, definitely in the top 10 from my closet.
* Seduction jeans (old) seen with a belted white top & in a another fave outfit post with over-the-knee boots.
* Accessories:  Ardene pashmina, F21 Bangle, A.Co Designs bracelet, Good Works leather wrap bracelet & Gucci sunnies.

I'll admit, I took these photos about a month ago and never got to posting them; hence the beautiful fall leaves and colours.  We certainly don't have any leaves left on trees anymore and while I was hoping to capture more of the fall colours in outfit posts, it seems by the time I would leave work, it was dark out and I'd missed the opportunity (these were taken on my lunch break one day). 

And so, here we are in December, with Christmas quickly approaching and as I look outside it's slowly started to snow, large fluffy flakes that are coming down sparse, but slowly speeding up.  Winter is here, despite the mild temperatures we've experienced the past few days.  Some people wish for snow, but not me.  I'm not a fan of the cold and while I love snow on Christmas, if it melted shortly thereafter and I'd be fine with it.

Speaking of the holidays, does anyone have any Christmas parties to go to?  I have my work Christmas luncheon this Friday and a party next Saturday night (which I'm so excited for because it has been years since I've been to a real, night-time Christmas party! Eep!).  What is everyone wearing?  Dress? Skirt/Top combo? Pants?

Outfit deets:
* Dynamite jacket (old) which you've seen many times, but a favourite outfit post with waxed denim almost two years ago.
* Joe Fresh sweater dress.
* Sirens leggings.
* Bumper booties (old) which you have seen with skinnies, an all grey outfit, and (my favourite) a skirt + leather jacket combo.
* Accessories:  OASAP clutch (c/o), Ardene pashmina & gifted square bangle.

Christmas is quickly approaching (hello, less than a month away!) and I'm becoming frantic.  I need to take a breath.  I have started my shopping, but it feels like there is still so much to do; I haven't even decorated my place yet.  Now I know it's not December yet, but, I always say November 20th is the 'go-ahead' day for all things Christmas, for me at least. 

Last year at this time, my apartment was pretty ugly.  I was using hand-me-down furniture (from the 90's) as we were waiting for our house to sell (and in turn, keeping the house staged).  And in all honesty, I felt a little depressed that I couldn't decorate for the holidays.

Well, I could have decorated.

I just felt it was kind of pointless, considering the furniture and coldness of the place.  Still though, it didn't feel Christmasy and I was happy to spend several days at my parent's place surrounded by a beautiful tree, tiny ornaments, garland-laced railings, festive lights, a fire place, and more.

This year is different though.  My apartment feels like home as I have my furniture and have created a space for myself that feels like myself.  Additionally, there is no longer an eye sore that is my living room (ha!).  Ish.  I am so excited for Christmas that, although I really shouldn't be bringing more stuff into my apartment (it's already quite full), I went to my parent's house a few weeks back and picked up a big chunk of my Christmas decor.  I love decorating with reindeer and trees, and tend towards larger pieces.  The stuff has been sitting in a corner of my dining room, but this week I am determined to decorate.  Let's get this Christmas party started!

Do you decorate for Christmas?  Do you have a theme?

*** I have been listening to a local radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7 now, it makes me so happy.  #thelittlethings

Outfit deets:
* H&M dress (worn as a top) which I purchased in Toronto almost two years ago.
* H&M pants that you've seen with wedge boots and a sweater and when I dressed up as an Elf at Christmas.
* Kelsi Dagger wedges that I wore with a skirt and new specs.
* Accessories:  Aldo belt, Walmart necklace & Joe Fresh bangle.

I feel like I have some serious writer's block right now.  What to talk about... what to talk about...

Outfit deets:
* F21 jacket that I bought super on sale a couple years ago and am so glad I did because it's turned out to be the perfect coat.  I've worn it before in autumn and also in one of my first outfit posts (eep).
* Mexx dress that I've worn for Halloween as a sailor (and everyone thought I was a nurse) and once at the park where something embarassing happened.
* Diva Lounge wedges that are becoming a quick favourite.  Seen with denim shorts for my birthday, an Easter outfit and another white dress.
* Accessories: Bijoux Terner beaded necklace, Aldo gold necklace & Baby Phat glasses

Everytime I wear this dress, without fail, someone tells me I look like a nurse.  

With. Out. Fail.

Keep on keepin' on.

Jessica Simpson blazer (last seen here). H&M dress, Sirens leggings, Aldo booties (last seen here), Pandora, Dynamite & F21 bracelets, Dollarama ring & Walmart multi-'A' necklace

I'm anxious.



Here's why:

I have a hair appointment on Thursday with my old colorist...the same girl that did Mike's hair for many, many years.  Years before she ever did my hair.  Basically, I ruined my hair with a box colour once, prompting it to turn goldfish orange, and she saved my life... er... hair.  And ever since then, we've been living in perfect-hair-colour harmony.  Until Mike and I split.  And then I figured, 'I can't go back there...it's his hair stylist...what will I say?!' (she came to our wedding!).  Even after Mike told me he doesn't go to her anymore, and I went somewhere else that was ridiculously over-priced and the girl turned my hair grey, I still didn't want to go.

However, I bit the bullet.

I called and made an appointment last week.

My appointment is this Thursday.

I'm very anxious.

The reason I'm going back to her though, is because she's amazing.  AH. MAY. ZING.  She gives me the perfect colour blonde, the price is great and I know what to expect (and she knows what I like).

I haven't coloured my hair since September and my roots are killing me.  With a potential seaside vaycay in my near future, I'm determined not to go down south with these roots because while I love the ombré look, I feel like I've missed that bandwagon and I hate jumping on after it's been a trend for over a year (with my luck, I'd likely 'jump on' only for it to be really dated in a month from now).  Plus, I simply love love love being blonde. 

Would a situation like this make you feel anxious?  Am I crazy?  Any tips? 
F21 jacket (last seen here), Smart Set turtleneck, F21 skirt, unknown tights, 
Aldo flats &booties (last seen here), Suzy necklace & ring

The weekend is finally here (and passing ever so quickly, of course).  This week has been a tough one for getting out of bed in the mornings.  I love sticking to the sheets; the earlier, the stickier.  However, the weekend is finally here which means sleeping in and doing fun (non-work-related) things.  I'm currently out of town brought my laptop with me and was able to get an Internet connection.  The weather is crisp and cool and you can see your breath, perfect for a night in with fresh home-made Indian cuisine, Queen Elizabeth cake for dessert and some of my favourite people. 

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