Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Festive Mood

Outfit deets:
* Dynamite jacket (old) which you've seen many times, but a favourite outfit post with waxed denim almost two years ago.
* Joe Fresh sweater dress.
* Sirens leggings.
* Bumper booties (old) which you have seen with skinnies, an all grey outfit, and (my favourite) a skirt + leather jacket combo.
* Accessories:  OASAP clutch (c/o), Ardene pashmina & gifted square bangle.

Christmas is quickly approaching (hello, less than a month away!) and I'm becoming frantic.  I need to take a breath.  I have started my shopping, but it feels like there is still so much to do; I haven't even decorated my place yet.  Now I know it's not December yet, but, I always say November 20th is the 'go-ahead' day for all things Christmas, for me at least. 

Last year at this time, my apartment was pretty ugly.  I was using hand-me-down furniture (from the 90's) as we were waiting for our house to sell (and in turn, keeping the house staged).  And in all honesty, I felt a little depressed that I couldn't decorate for the holidays.

Well, I could have decorated.

I just felt it was kind of pointless, considering the furniture and coldness of the place.  Still though, it didn't feel Christmasy and I was happy to spend several days at my parent's place surrounded by a beautiful tree, tiny ornaments, garland-laced railings, festive lights, a fire place, and more.

This year is different though.  My apartment feels like home as I have my furniture and have created a space for myself that feels like myself.  Additionally, there is no longer an eye sore that is my living room (ha!).  Ish.  I am so excited for Christmas that, although I really shouldn't be bringing more stuff into my apartment (it's already quite full), I went to my parent's house a few weeks back and picked up a big chunk of my Christmas decor.  I love decorating with reindeer and trees, and tend towards larger pieces.  The stuff has been sitting in a corner of my dining room, but this week I am determined to decorate.  Let's get this Christmas party started!

Do you decorate for Christmas?  Do you have a theme?

*** I have been listening to a local radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7 now, it makes me so happy.  #thelittlethings


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Featured: A.Co on Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie

I'm over at Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie today talking about how I got into blogging, what my biggest shopping splurge was, my favourite DIY's and more.  Come on over!

Collective Haul


Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

 My bestie found this jeans at Winners last week and let me buy 'em (super on sale!) despite them fitting her too.

Friday night date. 

Dinner at The Big Easy (so so soo good!).

Saturday morning woke up to this.  Snow!  Fortunately it didn't stick around (I could use a few more weeks without it, to be honest).

Saturday morning breakfast:  12 grain bagel & pb from Tim Hortons.

I spent Saturday late morning shopping. 
Outfit deets:  Joe Fresh sweater dress, Ardene pashmina, Sirens leggings & Bumper booties.

My friend alerted me to the huge (location closing) sale La Senza was having so I had to check it out.  I ended up scoring huge and got some amazing deals!

Saturday afternoon snack.

Saturday night was my best friend's sister's Stag & Doe.
Outfit deets:  Dynamite sweater (new!), H&M pants & Ash booties.

Delicious drinks.

Even more delicious snacks: wings & deep fried pickles ($6 each after 10pm!) & stag game cards.

Sunday morning breakfast.


Friday, November 23, 2012


Outfit deets:
* Dynamite top (from my first vlog) which you've also seen in bright azule (and something I picked up for my 'Wardrobe Classics', vlog).
* H&M waxed pants (from my trip to Vegas) which you have seen with a thick grey cardigan.
* Aldo wedges (old) that are a staple for me.  Seen also with a pretty printed dress (that no longer fits me; wah!), pink denim pants (a favourite outfit post) and a neon green-yellow sundress.
* Accessories:  MK watch, Aldo necklace & Suzy bracelet.

Happy Friday!

I'm so excited for the weekend.  I have a date tonight which I am stoked for.  Tomorrow is a sleep-in day and relaxing and then my BFF's sister's stag in the evening.  Sunday is open for now, but that likely won't last (and there is always Dexter, of course, on Sunday nights).

Have a super weekend!


Thursday, November 22, 2012


Coveted items aren't always expensive.  Found this cute (super on sale) tee from J.Crew while browsing the Factory store online.  I'd love to pair this with my grey leather skirt or a pair of skinnies and a chunky cardigan.

Don't forget to use Ebates to get 3% cash back at J.Crew Factory, plus 15% off (orders of $100+) with the code GIVEANDGET (expires November 26).

*** I'm not affiliated with Ebates in anyway, but I do get a $5 kickback if you use my link to sign up and you actually purchase something.  Bottom line, I just think Ebates is awesome because with one click, you earn cash back when shopping simply for joining (for free!).


Inter-City Living

Outfit deets:
* Winners top.
* Vigoss jeans (via Alloy) that I love because they come in a 37" inseam & last seen almost three years ago with a classic trench.
* Aldo wedges.
* Accessories:  Club Monaco scarf & Aldo clutch.
(This outfit is actually from early spring last year and I never used it, I'd totally rock this look for fall though).

I love living in the city.  It's been just over a year since I moved out of the suburbs and into an urban area and it's been great.  I love being close to work, downtown, shops and stores and how easy it is to get together with my other city-living friends. 

So while taking a walk on my lunch break the other day, around the neighbouring neighbourhoods, I was shocked when I felt a little sad about no longer living in suburbia.  Surely I couldn't be pining for a lawn and garden to keep up with, not to mention all that extra space a house holds that needs to be kept clean?  But yet I was and I envisioned back to what life was like with a yard, and space, and multiple rooms (a far cry from the one-bedroom apartment I now call home). 

Then a moment of anxiety set in: will I grow tired of city living before my new condo is ready?  Will I wish I was moving back to the quiet subdivisions I always knew and loved?


And the moment was dashed because I know one day, when I'm ready, I will eventually move back to the outskirts of the city, where there is still bustle, but is is less congested and where I will have more space, and a lawn, and a garden and separate living rooms... and besides, I really hate gardening anyways.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vegas Haul

I finally got around to editing my Las Vegas haul video.  I picked up a ton of stuff, hence why the video is a little long (and I blabbed on a bit, obviously) but I did something silly for the first time:  added in some out-takes at the end of the video (ha!).  Enjoy.

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Holiday Photoshoot Final Product

From photoshoot to final product;  I'm on the Place d'Orleans (mall) website!  It's a little bit surreal.

Later this week I'll share some more photos that are up at the actual mall (so crazy!).


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fashion Vlogger Video #3: Bundling Up for Winter

For my third video as the Place d'Orleans Fashion Vlogger, I'm discussing how to bundle up while still looking cool!  I purchased some things such as a snood, hidden-wedge boots and more.

Stay tuned for more videos (specifically on the Place d'Orleans FB page), the next one will be out at the beginning of December! 

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Monday, November 19, 2012

My Vacation in Punta Cana | Sirenis Cocotal resort

At the airport  |  On the plane with my friends (we flew West Jet and the crew was amazing)

Hello friends!  I'm back and feeling slightly guilty for leaving my blog unattended for a full week (a first in almost three years!) but quite rested from my trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  

We left on a Saturday and stayed for seven days at the Sirenis Cocotal resort, a four-star resort with a beautiful beach.  I went with my best friend, her hubby and my other close friend.  The weather was a mix of beautiful and hot, and crazy thunderstorms with heavy rain.  The buffets weren't the best but the a la carte restaurants were delicious!  I'd love to share some photos with you...

Upon arrival at our resort.
Outfit deets:  Le Chateau hat, Joe Fresh cardigan, H&M tank, Sirens leggings, Walmart flats & Winners bag.

 ...and then it poured rain.

Our first day at the pool | Our first dinner out
Outfit deets:  (left) Gap bikini top & Gucci shades  (right) Winners dress, A.Co Designs shredded scarf (as a top) &  Bamboo gladiator sandals.

 Yummy slushy drinks  |  Beautiful pools

One morning on our balcony, we saw a grounds keeper up in a palm tree trimming the palms and throwing down the coconuts.  We watched him climb up use a rope attached to his waist and the tree to climb up and down (unbelievable!).  We cheered him on and next thing we knew he showed up at our door with two coconuts, cut open, to drink from.  We were pretty excited!  (BTW, don't do this; although we were excited, the four of us spent the next four days in the bathroom - eep, TMI).
Outfit deets:  Target bikini top & La Senza bottoms

Two nights out.
Outfit deets:  (left) Urban Og dress, Aldo wedges & J.Crew necklace  (right) Joe Fresh dress, Aldo wedges & eBay necklace.

 Our night at the Japanese restaurant.

I cut my hand really badly while washing a glass (the glass blew out) two days before our vacation which required a trip to the emergency room and three stitches.  I wasn't allowed to get it wet (the entire time!) so had to swim around with my hand out of the pool.
Outfit deets:  Rampage hat, Payless shades & Victoria Secret bikini (borrowed).

Partaking in a game on stage during the nightly show.

Our favourite drink of our holiday:  the Sirenis cocktail.

Outfit deets:  Giant Tiger hat, Foster Grant sunnies & Lisa Curran bikini.

Dinner time outfits (and can I just say styling your hair in serious humidity sucks.  Every.  Single.  Night).
Outfit deets:  (left) F21 top, Wet Seal shorts, Aldo wedges & Suzy earrings  (right) Ardene top, Sirens shorts, Spring gladiator sandals & Suzy necklace.

Limbo on the beach with my bff.
Outfit deets:  Le Chateau hat, Gap bikini top & Garage bottoms.

Outfit deets:  Ardene hat & American Eagle bikini (from separate lines).

Four amigos (our last day).

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Rap Superstar

Sometimes I ask my BFF Sarah to rap for me and she comes up with some pretty entertaining rhymes.  I took a few screen shots of various ones she's sent me and cropped them so I could share with you.  It's pure comic relief and she clearly has mad skills.

Want to join in?  Leave your best rap in the comments (haha!).

Happy Friday!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Packing for Dominican Republic

Today I leave for Dominican Republic!  And since we are going for a week, I packed 11 'night-time' outfits.  Naturally. 

Anyone who said packing was easy is lying.  Or maybe I just am really, extra terrible at it. 


The bottom line is, it's done and I'm happy with my oufits.  Ha.

I love to dress up my shorts at night with a fancier top, but threw in a few dresses and skirts aswell.  I tried to create new outfits I haven't worn before but creatively use things I already owned.  Since I was recently in Vegas, and styled many of my favourite outfits for that trip, I wanted to try to take different items for this trip. 

However, you might recognize that aqua, gauzy skirt from Vegas, the heart romper from the same trip and the pink shorts/black fox top combo from a night out this summer.

Here are some photos of what else is coming along with me...

Daytime outfits.

More daytime outfits (wink).
(The large hats were purchased for my sister's bridal shower, so I'm stoked to have 'em).

Heels for night time.

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The Tuxedo Pant

Outfit deets:
* Smart Set sweater & cami (both old).
* Dynamite tuxedo pant (new!).
* Accessories:  H&M necklace, Old Navy bangle & Lia Sophia ring.

So last night I put a good dent into my packing for Domincan.  I spent hours styling outfits, laying them out on my bed, accessorizing, etc.  I'm a terrible packer and if I don't style my outfits, I will simply throw all of my favourite items into a suitcase and call it a trip.  Problem with that is, all my favourite items equal about 3/4 of my closet... and that doesn't fit in a suitcase... so...

I will be sharing with you tomorrow what I packed, from nighttime looks to bikinis to shoes.  I'm so excited to go away, lie on the beach (slathered in sunscreen) and just relax. 

Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Outfit deets:
* Gap jacket (old) and seen over a denim jacket & LBD, also with black skinnies & a no-knit scarf, with a black & blue striped skirt, and with a navy dress that I love but is far to short on me.
* Joe Fresh sweater cardigan which I recently thrifted (video coming soon).
* Winners top (old).
* H&M waxed pants (from my trip to Vegas) which I la-la-love & wore recently for (Canadian) Thanksgiving.
* H by Halston cap-toe heels (also from Vegas) and Ardene black & gold flats.
* Accessories:  Mexx snood, unknown necklace & Swarovski bangle.

It was so bitterly cold and windy the day I took these photos, the ones without my jacket didn't turn out, hence the lack of photos without a jacket.  Sawry.

Life has been so incredibly crazy, hectic and exciting lately.  Sure, it's not all roses (no one's life is), but I am pretty freakin' thankful for all the great stuff that's been happening to me.  After going through such a terrible year and a half, it feels like my life is finally back on the right path and I feel happy again.  It's nice.

This weekend I'm leaving for the Dominican Republic with some friends and am so excited!  We will be gone for a week and staying at an all-inclusive and I seriously need to get some laundry done.  Tonight is going to be laundry, planning and packing.  I'm going to try my hardest to get a post up about what I'm packing as I like to style my outfits in an effort to avoid over-packing (hahaha, riiight).

C'mon weekend, vacation I'm looking forward to you!

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