I saw these at Macy's while in NYC and can't stop thinking about them.  I didn't buy them, nor even try them on, because technically they are not something I need to spend my money on right now, but these are so amazing I had to share them here.  They also come in a olive-brown option.

I'll be back later today with a few non-New York weekend snaps and will have a full recap of my trip tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by & for being patient while I get my photos together.

MIKOH swimwear | Maui & Banyans

I've got my mind on vacation and eyes on these Mikoh tops.  I have no vacation planned, but want to splurge on one of these, in either that yellow citrus colour or the black.  Not sure which style I prefer, but either way the back detail is killer.  If I was shorter and could fit in a one piece, I would totally go for this.

I am a shoe lover, and if there is one thing I will splurge on, it's shoes.  I have a special birthday quickly approaching, a big one you guys, and while I likely won't buy myself a gift--as some people do--I can still ooh and ahh over these beauties above.  I'd love to add any or all three to my collection.

Souchi sweaters

These sweaters look the same, don't they?  So why the huge price difference, you might ask.  The Claudia, on the right, is hand loomed 100% cashmere, made in the USA.  The Patrizia, on the left, is kind of like a less expensive baby sister; she is made by machine, still cashmere, and still in the USA.

I found this little gem of a sweater on Pinterest and immediately went to the Souchi site to check out what else they had to offer.  Beautiful pieces at higher price points, but after browsing around, this is still my favourite--I would take Patrizia, because I'm frugal like that.  #dreaming

Get.  In.  My.  Closet (preferably in that plum colour... but I'd take black too).


And here a cheaper alternative for all us common folk.

I have several sequinned items; tops, skirts, dresses, a pair of shorts, but no pants and I could see these babies fitting right in.

I'd pair these with a black blazer and silk cami for work or a party with friends and something sexier like a sleeveless top for a night out with my man.  These are definitely flashy but would work so well for NYE and since I'm a pant lover--more so than dresses, usually--these would be the perfect compromise.





...I'd take these also.

I think these might be it, you guys! You know I'm having a strappy sandal moment right now, ones with a prominent ankle strap and have still been debating those Express ones.  I think these might be it though; four colours to choose from, the two above are my faves. 

Which colour would you pick?

UPDATE:  Use Ebates & get 6% cash back on these babies!  Plus get an additional 15% off with coupon code SMAPR1.

How cute are these initial bangles by C Wonder? A little on the pricier side but so fun. Wouldn't it be sweet to wear your boyfriend's initial? Subtle but really cute.


I'm completely obsessed with strappy sandals / heels for Spring and Summer this year.  Normally I love wedges and something less dainty, but this year, strappies are all the rage.

I am still really debating these Express ones (love the thicker and higher ankle strap) as I kind of know I shouldn't, but really really want 'em!

Are you feeling the strappy heel trend?

After coveting and debating these shoes all week in Mexico, I decided I would pull the trigger and get them, only to find out they are sold out of my size.  What a disappointment; all that himming and hawing (and budgeting) for nothing.  #wahwah

Just a few things that I've had either bookmarked or on my mental wish-list recently (or a while) in a fun little collage.

1.  (I love) Ontario necklace.
10. Hot tools curling iron (not on the grid).

Beautiful necklace, and you get to custom choose what it says.  I'd get rose gold and have it engraved with A.Co or A.Co est. 1984.

I saw someone post these on Instagram and immediatley my little fingers were doing the walking to the Target website.  These will clearly be selling out quick and I'm seriously contemplating purchasing a pair.  After missing out on last year's H&M neon heels, these would be a great 'substitute' (kidding, obvi).


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Now I'm no stranger to a sparkly mini skirt, but this one I really love for two things, (1) it's tribal pattern (I actually saw a girl in Vegas when I was at the I Heart Radio concert wearing something similar but of course it was from a store in another state and not in Canada), and (2) the colour scheme.  I love the idea of taupe, purple, lime & black together.  What a great combination!

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