Friday, November 23, 2012


Outfit deets:
* Dynamite top (from my first vlog) which you've also seen in bright azule (and something I picked up for my 'Wardrobe Classics', vlog).
* H&M waxed pants (from my trip to Vegas) which you have seen with a thick grey cardigan.
* Aldo wedges (old) that are a staple for me.  Seen also with a pretty printed dress (that no longer fits me; wah!), pink denim pants (a favourite outfit post) and a neon green-yellow sundress.
* Accessories:  MK watch, Aldo necklace & Suzy bracelet.

Happy Friday!

I'm so excited for the weekend.  I have a date tonight which I am stoked for.  Tomorrow is a sleep-in day and relaxing and then my BFF's sister's stag in the evening.  Sunday is open for now, but that likely won't last (and there is always Dexter, of course, on Sunday nights).

Have a super weekend!



Franziska said...

Ever since I saw you wearing this top in your blog, I've been looking for one just like it. No luck so far :( You look so cute!

Samantha @ Sam ipsa Loquitur said...

Love your pants! Coated denim looks like hell on me, but you seriously have me reconsidering. Love the whole thing, top to bottom!

Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

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