Thursday, November 24, 2011

Celebrate Good Times, C'mon...

 Dynamite jacket (last seen here), La Senza tank, American Eagle sweater, Foxy jeans (last seen here), 
Aldo wedges (last seen here) & H&M snood (last seen here)

Last night I had one of my closest friend's over to celebrate her birthday.  I told her that I would bake whatever she wanted for her birthday dessert and she chose a chocolate mousse cake.  Something I've never made.  Turns out, chocolate mousse cake can be pretty darn overwhelming, however, I did it!  It feels like such an accomplishment because while I enjoy being experimental with cooking, baking is more my sister's hat and something altogether different.  I will be posting the pictures and the recipe in the next few days as it turned out really good (at least everyone said it was really good...).

Today is her official birthday and we are celebrating today by going for a morning break at the cafeteria at work.  Happy Birthday J!


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