Sometimes I ask my BFF Sarah to rap for me and she comes up with some pretty entertaining rhymes.  I took a few screen shots of various ones she's sent me and cropped them so I could share with you.  It's pure comic relief and she clearly has mad skills.

Want to join in?  Leave your best rap in the comments (haha!).

Happy Friday!

Outfit deets:
* Jacob sweater (thrifted).
* Smart Set skirt (last year).
* Qupid sandals that I worn on my birthday in Florida this year, last year in Florida (with a similar skirt) and with a pretty floral dress I belted once.
* Accessories:  J.Crew bubble necklace (got a couple more).

Thank you to all who voted yesterday.  Today is the last day to vote so please, please take eight seconds and vote for me to become my mall's fashion vlogger for the next six months.  Every little vote counts, so thank you!

So, a 'brief' Xtreme Waterparks update:

We got to Calypso around 8am (with our Starbucks & SPF) and met with our contact point, Rachel.  From there we went into the park, filled out our waivers and headed to the first slide in our swimsuits.  The park was still closed at this point so we had the entire place to ourselves with people catering to the camera crew and us (so sweet).  

We started on a group ride where the four of us sat in a large tube in a circle and went down a super steep slide and into kind of a half-pipe wall and down (a boomerang-like style).  It was a little scary but really exciting.  We did it five more times including having a camera man come down with us twice.

From there we moved on to the scariest slide in the park: AquaLoops.  This was the slide I was the most scared for and I was literally shaking.  I didn't think I was going to be able to do this floor-falling-out-from-under-you-and-dropping-50-feet... but after lots of encouraging words from my friends and the film crew, I actually did it.  Twice!  Talk about terrifying, exhilarating and something to be proud of!  We did this slide twice; the first time was normal and the second time we each took our turns holding small Go-Pro hand-held cameras to capture our faces during the ride down.  Check out the demo video of this slide.  Cray.

We took a short lunch break and refueled.  From there, it was onto a fast-four-person-tube slide with a steep 90 foot drop.  Pretty freaky the first time, especially when our friend in front flew up about four feet in the air (yes, the camera caught it!).  We did this ride five or six times and it was the tallest tower of the park.  We climbed a lot of stairs.

Afterwards we climbed the same high tower to ride a two-person tube slide that had an even steeper drop; while sitting in the front I seriously thought I was going to somersault forward at times.  Freaky!  We did this one six or seven times until we got every angle on camera possible.

In between doing slides the camera crew would interview us individually, ask for high enthusiasm but to also be real.  They would film us running up the stairs to the slides from behind, then get us to stop and film us from up the stairs while we came towards them. They filmed us getting on rides, excitedly talking before getting on, getting off the rides, high-fiving and expressing how we felt after the slides.  It was so much fun!

By the end of the day, a whopping nine hours had been spent climbing over 150 flights of stairs (not kidding), riding some of the scariest slides, by-passing all the people in line (and pissing some of them off until we'd say, 'We're filming a TV show!'), and having the times of our lives.  We have been told that our episode likely won't air for a year or two but until then, you can check out the Travel Channel on YouTube to see other previews of Xtreme Waterparks.

Something crazy is happening today.  

My friends and I have been chosen to take part in the filming of Xtreme Waterparks.  The show debuted on the Travel Channel in July of this year and they are filming all over North and South America (from what I understand).  Our group of four beat out twenty other groups that applied for this.  Crazy!

That said, what you see above is what I will be wearing all day today during filming (HD filming, ack!), so we are hoping for warm weather.  I'm seriously freaking out, actually, as I'm somewhat of a chicken when it comes to the more extreme water-slides (what have I gotten myself into!?). 

Wish me luck and I'll let you know how it goes.  Happy long weekend Monday!

Pre-show outfit: Sirens top, Stitches skirt & Spring gladiator sandals.
On Saturday night I had a little modelling gig.  Now first let me start by saying I'm not a model (obviously) but the opportunity came up so I said, 'Why not'.

A friend of a friend is in the early stages of opening up a styling business.  With the help of a local boutique, a photographer and a shoe company, she was looking to put on a small fashion show; sort of a Fashion's Night Out, sort of thing.  She recruited five girls to model (one being from an agency) and we each had six looks.  We had a fitting a few days prior to the show for the boutique and her to select our looks.

The day off, we arrived around dinner time, rehearsed, had our hair done and sat around for a while (I got a few pages in on my new book).  We helped set up the food and before we knew it, it was time to walk.  

There were about 25-30 people in the small boutique.  With each outfit we wore, the boutique's employees hand selected the accessories to match our outfit before we went out.  Sometimes we carried a bag, sometimes we didn't.   The best part was afterwards seeing the women who had watched the show, purchasing the exact look we had modeled (fun!).

While I didn't capture every look I wore from the show (it was a mad dash changing in between looks and getting back out to strut our stuff), I did manage to capture a few snippets from the evening that I'd love to share with you. 

Gosh lipstick (bright pink).

This was my finale outfit's necklace.  Worth a whopping $389!

Models helping set up for the show.

Custom cupcakes.

One of my outfits (this photo is from the fitting.  I wore the grey strappy shoes for the show).

We were asked to bring our own shoes in case the contract with Aldo fell through, 
which it did.  These were mine (among a few that are missing).
The hair chair.

Models waiting to walk.

Clothing at the store where the show was held.

Models off duty (haha).

My wardrobe.

The jewelery side of the store (all hand-made).

My first and final outfits.

Have you seen this?  You've obviously seen this (over 10 million people have!)... and I'm posting it waaay later that I wish I was, but in all honestly, I was just turned onto this, so it's new for me. 

And hilarious.

If you're a girl.

I have watched this almost 10 times in less than a week.  

It's still funny.

There are two more episodes too!  (part 1 is my fave though)

Pssst!  Viv posted one about 'Shit Brides Say' and since I'm the MOH for my sister's upcoming wedding, I thought I'd share with you guys (and it's pretty funny too).

Have you seen this Craigslist ad?  I laughed out loud, multiple times.  Click here for the larger image.

I'm in the market for a new pair of glasses.  Currently I have these but found the above last week and can't stop thinking about them.  I snapped a quick pic so you could all weigh in.  I've never had plastic frames before because they're hard to find to fit my face.  So, ladies, help a sistah out: are these glasses the ones?

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Tonight I am getting together with seven other girls for dinner downtown at a hot spot.  Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in and get some laundry done (those baskets are overflowing) and then heading to a birthday party in the evening.  Sunday, of course, is Mothers' Day and my sister and I are hosting a brunch at her place for our mom.  Jam packed, just the way I like it.  Have a great weekend!

Here are some fun links from around the web:

* These booties are calling my name... except they are no longer available in my size.

* How incredible is this starfish bracelet?

* 9 Things guys find sexy about you.

* How cool are these (very slight) in-motion photos.

* Sometimes you just need a good laugh.

* Oh yeah, I joined Pinterest.

My great friend Shannon brought my attention to this hilarious comic strip to my attention.  Hope it brightens your day as it has mine.

Sirens top (last seen here), H&M tank, Garage skirt, Sirens leggings & Spring gladiators

This past weekend, my most amazing friends took me to Montreal for a wicked Bachelorette party weekend.  My BFF planned an incredible stay with only the best of the best activities and events.  Everything was top secret until it was happening and it was perfect.  We had an action-packed two days in the busy city and I am so grateful to have such wonderful, caring friends!  Thank you ladies for making this one of the most memorable trips I've ever taken, your generosity has not gone unnoticed and I appreciate each and every one of you!

{ first stop:  a private pole dancing class for just us }

{ on our way back, I insisted on getting a picture in the tunnel we walked back through... }

{ ...this was the aftermath }

{ beautiful buildings }

{ bruised-pole-dancin'-feet }

{ the girl who planned it all:  my BFF }

{ back to the hotel for some good ol' bachelorette fun }

Cappucino dress, thrifted bandeau, Anne Michelle heels (last seen here), Suzy belt, vintage clutch & unknown hoops

{ dinner at Macroni }

{ thank-you prezzies for my ladies }

{ time to party }

{ cool patio }

{ a little retail therapy the next day }

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