Outfit deets:
* Thrifted denim jacket (old) that you've seen with cropped light denim (wow that's an old outfit post!).
* Part Two top (c/o Renee Levesque) that I picked up during my 'modelling' gig almost two months ago (I was eyeballing it the entire time I was there working).
* Garage tank underneath.
* Sirens leggings.
* Aldo wedge (canvas) hidden wedge boots that you've seen with red pants & with a LBD and moto-style jacket.
* H&M zipper snood that I picked up during my trip to MTL this time last year, which you've seen with skinny pants (a favourite outfit post, actually).
* Accessories:  MK watch & Aldo bangles.

What's up friends!?

I took last night to really focus on me and kick it solo.  Things have been busy lately (as I've mentioned) and while I love it, sometimes you need to get shiz done, or simply do things you've put on the back-burner or things no one else has interest in (ha).  

I went to the gym, put in a good run on the treadmill and then made my way home after picking up a baby shower gift.  I made myself a salad, worked on my blog, and just did me.  

This week is going to be nutty busy so I think taking a night to re-group and re-energize will only put me in a better place to fully absorb and take on the week (which I'm very much looking forward to). Happy Tuesday!

 Outfit deets:
* Lori B dress (thrifted).
* Costa Blanca blazer which I've had for about a year now but haven't worn it on the blog.
* Smart Set cami (I own these in all colours of the rainbow because once upon a time I was obsessed with them).
* Diva Lounge wedges (you know I love these) which you've seen with white skinnies & two different white dresses.
* Accessories: F21 belt, H&M bangle, Foster Grant shades & Dollarama ring.

What are you doing for the weekend?  I'm hosting my sister's bridal shower on Sunday and have lots of last minute prep to do for that.  Otherwise, heading to the Katy Perry movie with some girlfriends tonight with some snacks and drinks afterwards.  A great kick start to the weekend.  Have a great one!

Happy Friday the 13th!

(I'm wearing a top I made myself)
Outfit deets:
* Costa Blanca top (new & thrifted) which I have in white and seen with a black, lace (thrifted) pencil skirt.  I bought the white one many years ago in a size small.  This black one is an extra large.  The white one is far too tight for my liking (it looks pretty tight in these pictures, but I liked it like that, back then) now so I'm happy I found it in black as it's such a pretty top.  Smart Set cami underneath.
* Tribal skirt (thrifted) which I've worn twice already (love it) but this is the first time on here.
* Guess pumps (which you've seen a million times).
* Accessories: Emily Elizabeth Jewelery necklace, Joe Fresh bangle (gifted from my sister for my birthday), F21 bangles & Gucci shades.

Wednesday!  Hoorah!  Middle of the weekend closer than ever to the weekend.

This week has been kind of a slow week, and yet I feel so exhausted.  On Monday evening, my girl friend and I helped another friend start packing up her place (she's moving in a month) and she made us an amazing dinner.  Afterwards we indulged in The Bachelorette and strawberry shortcake.  While I've been hoping to get some sewing done, it just hasn't happened, but I have stayed on top of my dishes, which is pretty incredible (my nemesis).

This weekend is my sister's bridal shower and I couldn't be more excited.  It was a surprise, but unfortunately someone ruined it (doesn't that just make you so mad when that happens!?), however, it's still going to be an amazing day.  So between doing last minute prep for that, getting organized and enjoying the beautiful weather, well, I guess it's understandable that I could use some extra shut eye.  But, it's summer, and I always say, 'Who cares, it's summer!  We can sleep come winter!'  And it's true.  I want to make the  most of my summer, even if that means being a little more tired than normal as these are the best days of our lives and we should enjoy them!  

Have a wonderful day.  xo

Outfit deets:
* Jacob dress (thrifted) which you have seen once before with a pink cardigan (one of my favourite outfit posts, actually).
* Payless nude pumps (new!) that I picked up recently and absolutely love (and get a ton of compliments on).  They also have a rubber bottom so it makes walking in them super easy.  I want these next!
* eBay necklace that is no longer available but here is a similar metallic orange one and another one in turquoise (currently sold out but you can request to be notified when they re-stock it).

Dress to impress him... or yourself?

This is something I've given quite a bit of thought to lately.  In my previously relationship, I didn't care what he thought, I wore what I liked and he usually liked it too.  Now, I know there were certain things he wasn't a fan of (leggings) so I typically avoided those when we would be doing something together (despite my love for them), but generally, I didn't really care.  My body, my style, my choice.

To this day that stays true.


Sometimes I know I'm wearing something kind of man repelling and certainly not for the guys (hello, it's for me and tha ladies);  but at the same time, I don't want to dress in something someone I'm dating will find unattractive, either.

Has your style changed due to your relationship?

Who do you typically dress for (other than yourself)?  Women or men?

 Smart Set sweater (worn backwards), vintage lace skirt (thrifted &last seen here), unknown back-seam thigh-highs, Aldo pumps (last seen here) / Anne Michelle pumps (last seen here)

Another episode of 'This or That'!  You guys killed it in the comments section of my first post like this so I'm making this a reoccuring post.  I love hearing your opinions (some were good, some were like, 'I don't like that skirt - sorry,' and that's totally cool!  We can't all like everything everyone wears, the thing that matters is that the wearer loves it and feels good).  

Oh, and someone asked me if I wore the last TOT outfit to work, and the answer is yes.  Almost all my outfits on my blog are worn to work and I love getting creative with them.

This week, I decided to go with the all-black look, monochromatic (something I've been know to do before...) to keep things seamless.  However, the punch of a colour is sometimes nice in an otherwise colour-less outfit.  Which shoes do you prefer?

 Reitman's blazer (thrifted), Joe Fresh dress, unknown tights, Aldo boots (last seen here), Ardene watch, Mexx & F21 bracelets, Hot Diamonds, Suzy & Sirens rings

I stopped by Value Village a couple weeks ago and had tremendous luck, this jacket being one of (three jackets) I picked up.  

It's from H&M and a size 6.  

It had a couple stains on it, but I noticed the tag said it was machine washable so figured it could be worth a shot.  When I got to the cash, I mentioned the stains to the cashier and she gave me 30% bringing the price to a whopping $10!  When I got home, I washed it (without any stain fighter) in the machine and it came out as good as new.  

New jacket love all up in this piece.

Seduction jacket (last seen here), Joe Fresh cardigan, La Senza top, 
Zara jeans (thrifted), Aldo wedges (last seen here) & unknown bangle

Hubs and I decorated our Christmas tree last night, and while I can't wait to show you all the tree and festive decor, it will have to wait because by the time we were done I was exhausted and in no state to take photos, edit said photos and post them.  Soon, very soon, so for now you get an outfit post.

So being unable to rely on hubs to take my outfit photos is getting a little bit frustrating.  My sister is good, but she's hit or miss and bailed on me the last two days in a row.  Last night, hubs wasn't in the most festive of moods for taking photos, and ultimately, not owning a tripod is becoming an issue.  Why an issue now and now month ago?  Well my lovely readers, I'll tell you why.  Why, because the weather is turning cold, hell-o, it's December (can't believe it!) and while I can always find something to prop the camera on outside, indoors is much different.  A good chunk of our place is carpet, and I refuse to walk on it with my shoes (clean freak coming through) and there are only so many places that warrant an 'acceptable' background.  However, like my sister said, she doesn't want to get me a tripod if I'm just going to purchase a SLR in the very soon future (fingers crossed) and then need a new tripod to fit the new camera.  Le sigh.  What's the solution?  Complaining a bit more might help... 

BTW, we've had about two inches of rainfall (or at least that's what's expected by this morning) and it's melted all the snow!  YES!  Love it.  While I obviously love snow at Christmas, it can hold off till a few days before ... but, in all honesty, that's not going to happen (it's suppose to snow tonight - ugh).  Which reminds me, the last time I wore this jacket, it was so warm, and the photos turned out so good too.  Damn gloomy winter weather.
 Ashley B jacket (last seen here), La Senza tank (last seen here), unknown suede skirt (thrifted), 
Qupid wedges, Suzy necklace, Bay ring & Michael Kors bracelet

This post could have totally been titled, 'Thrifty Thursday', as I was sort of planning on starting to do , but instead I'm going to give you a list of five things I don't like.  Yes, don't like, you know, fashion-wise, for me of course, not necessarily you.

1.  Spaghetti straps... while I'm not opposed to them on other people, I have come to realize that this style does not work for me.  Not only is it inconvienent that you have to wear a strapless bra, it will make anyone who's not petite look large (and in charge).

2.  Cowl necks... I love cowl necks, I'm drawn to them, they look pretty, I enjoy them on others, but this has to stop.  I have enough cowl necks and I don't wear them.  I just don't.  There might be the odd one, but there are so many better necklines out there for me, I need to just step away from the cowl necks (even though they call me during stints at the mall).

3.  V-Necks... Too casual, can't get past it.  Same goes for a crew neck.  Give me a scoop or a boat and I'm golden.

4.  Ribbed tanks... no, no and no.  For girls (like me) that carry (extra) weight around their mid-section, ribbed tanks are not your friend.  They add bulk and no one wants to do that on purpose.

5.  Socks and sandals... there, I said it.  I just can't come to terms with this trend.  I always appreciate when other women courageously jump aboard a trend, or rock something out of the ordinary and really express their personal style, and even this I'm not opposed to... on others, but you will not see me adopting this trend... OTK socks and sandals, well, that's another story.


Things that come to mind after writing this post:

- I wear this jacket a lot

- These shoes just arrived in the mail on Wednesday night 
(wore them immediately)
...don't they remind you of the Ash Lotus wedges?

-Got another, 'OMG you're soooooo tall' comment today... I should 
seriously start keeping track of how many comments like this I get
on a daily, or at least weekly basis... If I had a dollar...
 Ashley B jacket, Urban Behaviour sweater, F21 top, Smart Set cami, Parasuco jeans (thrifted), 
Liliana wedges (last seen here), Le Chateau pashmina, Bijoux Terner necklace & Aldo bangle

While pulling outfits a couple weekends ago, I was reminded by Tiffany that I'd see a post by Maegan where she cut her sweater in half to make a cardigan.  I had this bat-wing-boat-neck sweater that I hadn't worn in a couple years (yes, really) and get this:  I have two (of the exact same sweater - I guess I loved it that much... ) so I figured no harm, even if it didn't turn out as I would still have one left.  Fortunately it did turn out and I loved the end result!  An instant cardigan, with some good length.  Since then, I've been rummaging through my closet to see what else I can cut in half.


Soia & Kyo jacket, Smart Set turtleneck, Le Chateau skirt & H&M hat

While I'm not a huge fan of 'theme' days on blogs, this is something I've been wanting to do for a while.  I absolutely love thrifting and started when we were planning our wedding.  I was on a super tight budget, but still wanted to shop.  I found I was getting the same 'thrill' in finding vintage/unique items at the thrift store, as I normally would at the mall, all on a much cheaper budget.  There are five thrift stores between our house and work, which makes for some excellent budget-friendly shopping (so long as you only buy things you love or need... not just for the sake of buying).  I've found so many great things in the last six months (yes, we planned our wedding in five months), what better way to showcase them?  Now that the wedding is over, you might think I'd head back to the mall, and yes, I have, but I still have a huge love for thrifting that I cannot give up and scoring something no one else will have, plus at a great price?  Can't beat it.

Onto the jacket.  Last year, about this time, the BFF and I were shopping (at the mall) and she found the most beautiful jacket.  It was the Soia & Kyo 'Cali', a brand we'd never heard of before, with a cool price of $400.  Beautiful, without a doubt, but with that beauty came a hefty pricetag.  Fast forward two months and her then-boyfriend surprised her for her birthday with the jacket (hint dropping works!).  Needless to say, since then, I might have scouted out the Soia & Kyo website and looked at their collections and drooled a little - they have some beautiful stuff.  To my surprise, while shopping at Winners a few weeks ago, I noticed they were carrying two styles of the brand, for a fraction of the price ($200).  Still, I didn't need another black jacket, so I passed them by, but noted what a great deal it was.  The next day, I popped into one of my (five) thrift stores and perused the rack.  You would not believe my utter shock and excitement when I pulled this Soia & Kyo jacket from the rack... in my size!  I zipped to the fitting room and the rest is history.  Oh I forgot, it was $13.   *insert happy dance here*

I came home and washed it immediately, which was a bitch.  Too cheap to dry clean it, and too lazy to hand wash it, I threw it in the wash and hoped for the best (and consoled myself by saying, 'If it doesn't turn out, oh well, it was only $13' - but I seriously would have been pretty upset).  The washing machine doesn't really like wool, and it took two extra, 'Spin & Drain' cycles, on top of the norm, to get it somewhat wringed out.  From there I had to wring it out myself and hang it over the laundry tub so it could drip dry.  Fortunately, all my efforts were not lost and I can't say I'm looking forward to winter, but this jacket will make it somewhat sweeter.

Ack!  Burrrrrrs

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