Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This or That?

 Smart Set sweater (worn backwards), vintage lace skirt (thrifted &last seen here), unknown back-seam thigh-highs, Aldo pumps (last seen here) / Anne Michelle pumps (last seen here)

Another episode of 'This or That'!  You guys killed it in the comments section of my first post like this so I'm making this a reoccuring post.  I love hearing your opinions (some were good, some were like, 'I don't like that skirt - sorry,' and that's totally cool!  We can't all like everything everyone wears, the thing that matters is that the wearer loves it and feels good).  

Oh, and someone asked me if I wore the last TOT outfit to work, and the answer is yes.  Almost all my outfits on my blog are worn to work and I love getting creative with them.

This week, I decided to go with the all-black look, monochromatic (something I've been know to do before...) to keep things seamless.  However, the punch of a colour is sometimes nice in an otherwise colour-less outfit.  Which shoes do you prefer?



lbenoit said...

I'm usually all for a punch of colour, but I prefer the all black in this case. Maybe if the shoes didn't have a pattern and were just a solid colour in the 2nd pic.

Modern Luxurious Magical said...

Love the all black. Maybe add some bright lipstick for a pop of color?

xo, MLM

Lauren K said...

I agree - I also prefer the all-black ensemble!


MollyPops said...

Black shoes for sure.

Anonymous said...

black shoes all the way! I think its amazing that the corporation you work for lets you dress like this, I have to wear boring pantsuits everyday!!

Schnelle said...

Beautiful dress! I like the first look.

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