Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do You (Boo)

Outfit deets:
* Thrifted denim jacket (old) that you've seen with cropped light denim (wow that's an old outfit post!).
* Part Two top (c/o Renee Levesque) that I picked up during my 'modelling' gig almost two months ago (I was eyeballing it the entire time I was there working).
* Garage tank underneath.
* Sirens leggings.
* Aldo wedge (canvas) hidden wedge boots that you've seen with red pants & with a LBD and moto-style jacket.
* H&M zipper snood that I picked up during my trip to MTL this time last year, which you've seen with skinny pants (a favourite outfit post, actually).
* Accessories:  MK watch & Aldo bangles.

What's up friends!?

I took last night to really focus on me and kick it solo.  Things have been busy lately (as I've mentioned) and while I love it, sometimes you need to get shiz done, or simply do things you've put on the back-burner or things no one else has interest in (ha).  

I went to the gym, put in a good run on the treadmill and then made my way home after picking up a baby shower gift.  I made myself a salad, worked on my blog, and just did me.  

This week is going to be nutty busy so I think taking a night to re-group and re-energize will only put me in a better place to fully absorb and take on the week (which I'm very much looking forward to). Happy Tuesday!



LandOfTheGlam said...

That outfit looks super comfy. I wish that Renee Levesque line was sold in Ontario.


Schnelle said...

Love the comfy look and those boots!! Glad to hear you're making time for you.

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