Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun in Favour of Sleep

Outfit deets:
* Costa Blanca top (new & thrifted) which I have in white and seen with a black, lace (thrifted) pencil skirt.  I bought the white one many years ago in a size small.  This black one is an extra large.  The white one is far too tight for my liking (it looks pretty tight in these pictures, but I liked it like that, back then) now so I'm happy I found it in black as it's such a pretty top.  Smart Set cami underneath.
* Tribal skirt (thrifted) which I've worn twice already (love it) but this is the first time on here.
* Guess pumps (which you've seen a million times).
* Accessories: Emily Elizabeth Jewelery necklace, Joe Fresh bangle (gifted from my sister for my birthday), F21 bangles & Gucci shades.

Wednesday!  Hoorah!  Middle of the weekend closer than ever to the weekend.

This week has been kind of a slow week, and yet I feel so exhausted.  On Monday evening, my girl friend and I helped another friend start packing up her place (she's moving in a month) and she made us an amazing dinner.  Afterwards we indulged in The Bachelorette and strawberry shortcake.  While I've been hoping to get some sewing done, it just hasn't happened, but I have stayed on top of my dishes, which is pretty incredible (my nemesis).

This weekend is my sister's bridal shower and I couldn't be more excited.  It was a surprise, but unfortunately someone ruined it (doesn't that just make you so mad when that happens!?), however, it's still going to be an amazing day.  So between doing last minute prep for that, getting organized and enjoying the beautiful weather, well, I guess it's understandable that I could use some extra shut eye.  But, it's summer, and I always say, 'Who cares, it's summer!  We can sleep come winter!'  And it's true.  I want to make the  most of my summer, even if that means being a little more tired than normal as these are the best days of our lives and we should enjoy them!  

Have a wonderful day.  xo


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