Sunday, October 31, 2010

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I've redesigned my shop and added over 20 new items.  Check it out.


Happy Halloween

 { Leopard 2009 }

 Happy Halloween!  Did you go out last night to a party and get dressed up?  I love dressing up for Halloween and thought I would share my costumes from the past three years.  We have an annual Halloween costume contest at work, which I entered last year (as the leopard) and won second place!  This year, I didn't dress up and people were actually surprised as it was so unlike me.  Tonight, we will be giving out candy to the kiddies, which is always fun.  My girlfriend is even coming over to help as she doesn't have a place to give out candy - fun!

 { 80's Aerobics 2009 }

{ Sailor 2008 }

Yes, it's a wig, what do you think of me as a brunette?

Friday, October 29, 2010


I have recently become a huge fan of tutorial hair vlogs and attempted to do this one.  While my hair didn't turn out exactly like hers, it's a starting point and learning different techniques is always great.


Hey Shorty

Gap jacket, Banana Republic dress (last seen here), Le Chateau skirt & pashmina,
Aldo wedges (last seen here), Suzy belt, vintage necklace, Bay bangle & Mexican bracelet

Happy Friday! Aren't you all seriously so happy the weekend is here?  I know I am.  Between car problems, helping plan and style an event and getting up extra early to carpool in with my sister (I know, really, that's not so bad...), I'm so ready to sleep in tomorrow.  I need it.  Otherwise, the weekend is going to be pretty low key, I think.  We've been invited to a few Halloween parties, and normally I'm all about Halloween, but this year, I'm not sure if I'm feeling it (strange, 'eh?).  Regardless of what happens, know that there will be some sleeping in, some jewelery making and some maxin' and relaxin'.

{ this is me showing you how short this dress would be without the skirt underneath - 
not exactly work appropriate! }


PS - Are you guys sick of these shoes yet?  Because I can't get enough!

PPS - Yes, I'm wearing a skirt underneath my dress, again.  
Being tall isn't always all it's cracked up to be!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Five Things

 Ashley B jacket (last seen here), La Senza tank (last seen here), unknown suede skirt (thrifted), 
Qupid wedges, Suzy necklace, Bay ring & Michael Kors bracelet

This post could have totally been titled, 'Thrifty Thursday', as I was sort of planning on starting to do , but instead I'm going to give you a list of five things I don't like.  Yes, don't like, you know, fashion-wise, for me of course, not necessarily you.

1.  Spaghetti straps... while I'm not opposed to them on other people, I have come to realize that this style does not work for me.  Not only is it inconvienent that you have to wear a strapless bra, it will make anyone who's not petite look large (and in charge).

2.  Cowl necks... I love cowl necks, I'm drawn to them, they look pretty, I enjoy them on others, but this has to stop.  I have enough cowl necks and I don't wear them.  I just don't.  There might be the odd one, but there are so many better necklines out there for me, I need to just step away from the cowl necks (even though they call me during stints at the mall).

3.  V-Necks... Too casual, can't get past it.  Same goes for a crew neck.  Give me a scoop or a boat and I'm golden.

4.  Ribbed tanks... no, no and no.  For girls (like me) that carry (extra) weight around their mid-section, ribbed tanks are not your friend.  They add bulk and no one wants to do that on purpose.

5.  Socks and sandals... there, I said it.  I just can't come to terms with this trend.  I always appreciate when other women courageously jump aboard a trend, or rock something out of the ordinary and really express their personal style, and even this I'm not opposed to... on others, but you will not see me adopting this trend... OTK socks and sandals, well, that's another story.


Things that come to mind after writing this post:

- I wear this jacket a lot

- These shoes just arrived in the mail on Wednesday night 
(wore them immediately)
...don't they remind you of the Ash Lotus wedges?

-Got another, 'OMG you're soooooo tall' comment today... I should 
seriously start keeping track of how many comments like this I get
on a daily, or at least weekly basis... If I had a dollar...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chewy Ginger Cookies

I love ginger.  Especially in the fall, it's so spicy and festive and perfect for cold weather with a hot cup of tea or cider... and I don't even like cider.  When I came across this recipe, I had to give it a shot.  To my delight it was (1) easy, (2) super tasty (and yes, they were chewy), and (3) produced two dozen cookies (um, score).  Normally when I bake, I'll often take some into work to share, but not these, these I devoured all to myself... sort of.

 { I used whole wheat flour because I'm healthy like that ... don't tell my husband }


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


 Ashley B jacket, Urban Behaviour sweater, F21 top, Smart Set cami, Parasuco jeans (thrifted), 
Liliana wedges (last seen here), Le Chateau pashmina, Bijoux Terner necklace & Aldo bangle

While pulling outfits a couple weekends ago, I was reminded by Tiffany that I'd see a post by Maegan where she cut her sweater in half to make a cardigan.  I had this bat-wing-boat-neck sweater that I hadn't worn in a couple years (yes, really) and get this:  I have two (of the exact same sweater - I guess I loved it that much... ) so I figured no harm, even if it didn't turn out as I would still have one left.  Fortunately it did turn out and I loved the end result!  An instant cardigan, with some good length.  Since then, I've been rummaging through my closet to see what else I can cut in half.



Sunday, October 24, 2010


 Dynamite blazer (last seen here), C'est Moi top, Seduction leggings, Bronx boots, 
vintage clutch (thrifted) & necklace, Le Chateau bangle & Hot Diamonds ring

Last night I went out to dinner with one of my bridesmaids (LM) -can I still call her a bridesmaid even though the wedding has already taken place?- and we ate here.  It was delicious and I'm telling you the sushi is to die for (so fresh).  It was fantastic catching up, talking about the wedding, her birthday and trip to NYC.  We were total campers and had a fabulous time.

I bought these boots last year and although the red are no longer available, you can get them in black here.

* photo cred LM

Saturday, October 23, 2010

MMM Slouch

MMM Slouch

I have had my eye on a pair of Maison Martin Margiela booties and the slouch open-toe ankle boots are absolute perfection.  My faves are the tan colour and the black python, and you?

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Stripes

Free Apparel top, H&M tank, Bongo pants (last seen here), 
Aldo pumps (last seen here), vintage necklace, hubs' watch & Mexican bracelet

A fave blog friend of mine (Elisharon) teamed up with Alainn Bella and had a fantastic give-away about a month ago.  I was uber shocked when I won, and so excited!  Up for grabs, a sweet white and black striped mini.  When I spoke with Alainn Bella owner, Megan, about the sizing of the skirt, she said it may be a tad short for me, since I'm so tall (5'11).  She generously offered me the opportunity to put the value of the skirt against any other item in her store.  I was so excited because I had my eye on this sweater before the give-away but was trying to 'be good' (aka minimal shopping).  Megan was super sweet and very helpful.  She mailed the sweater out to me within days, despite getting her wisdom teeth out (talk about a trooper!).  I was so excited when the package arrived, I had to wear it immediately.  I know this is something that is going to be getting tons of play this year.  Thank you so much Megan & Sharon.

 { the neckline is wide so it can be worn off the shoulder, as well }

FYI sweater is a size Large
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