I know I don't normally do this, but when your BBFF is competing in a really cool contest that is being run by Project Runway Alums, you do everything you can to help a sistah out.

Jamie (you might recognize her from Glam Latte or The Wear to Go Girls), is up against another blogger in a style contest and if she wins, she has the opportunity to go to Fashion Week.  As a fashion lover, how amazing would that be?  You know it would be amazing. 

Here's how you can help (it's free!):
* Visit the Project Style page
* Sign up with your email (don't worry, you can opt out of newsletters if you'd like)
* Verify your email

Voting started today and you can vote once per day.  

Thanks to all that vote.

Have you ever met someone you felt you knew for a long, long time, but really only knew them online?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with another blogger?  Have you ever Skyped, emailed and bonded simply through today's technology yet never physically been in the presence of someone you consider your 'friend'?

Jamie from Glam Latte and I 'met' over two years ago after discovering each others blogs.  We became Internet friends fast and  blog comments turned to emails and emails turned to Skyping and last week that turned into meeting in person.  She tells the story so much better than I, but I have to say it was so great finally meeting my BBFF (best blogger friend for-evah; yes, we are that cheesy and we love it).  It was a fluke and the stars aligned or something, but it happened.  We had lunch, chatted for hours, and got one picture (ha!).

Have you ever met a blog friend?

Could you live in 500 square feet... with your spouse?  That`s not much space, but Erin & Danny do it really well.  It`s quite impressive.  I don`t know E & D, but their place is amazing and can you believe they`ve hosted a dinner party with 20 people?  What!  In 500 square feet?  How is that even possible?  I`m amazed so I had to share.

Joy the Baker is my favourite food blog.  Not only does she whip up amazing desserts, dinners, appetizers, cookies, cakes, breakfasts, soups and more, she's hi-larious.  No seriously, she is.  And witty, she's so witty she's makin' all the kids want to be just. like. her.  I have made several of her concoctions before (my fave ginger cookies are courtesy of her) and this time I took on two recipes at once.  At once!  Quinoa Cakes (with some stuff in 'em) and a Vegan Broccoli Soup.  And hot damn they were good.  Seriously, this girl knows what she's talking... er... cookin' about.  Don't take my word for it (or my photos, because not only  is girl a phenom chef, she takes extraordinary photos too), check her out.

* I modified my recipes a tad just because I didn't have a few ingredients.  Here's what I used in lieu:
Sage instead of cumin
Lime juice instead of lemon
No olives
Cilantro instead of parsley
Today is a very special today, it's the day my BBFF (best blogger friend forever - yes, because we're corny like that) turns one year older!

Jamie and I 'met' almost a year ago and 'hit it off' immediately.  We always talk about meeting someday and visits to each other's blogs are a daily occurrence.  Jamie is such a sweetie and I obviously cannot deny the fact that she is smokin' hot so head on over to her blog and show her some birthday love.

Happy Birthday Jamie!


One of the very first blogs I ever started consistently reading was Veronika's Blushing.  A fellow Canadian girl now living in the southern States with her husband and dog Lulu.  I was so flattered when Veronika put me in her blog roll, but when she contacted me (and two other bloggers) to participate in a 'round-table-like discussion' on women, self-esteem, and self-confidence, I eagerly jumped at the chance.  Check out what we all had to say about the issues here.

{ the day I received the box I snapped these photos with my iPhone as I opened it up }

When one of my closest blogger friends Sharon told me she wanted to send me something in the mail, I was intrigued and excited.  Well, the package has arrived and let me tell you, girl spoiled me something good!  First off, she spent $27 in shipping costs alone, isn't that wild?! Isn't that so generous?!  I know!  Secondly, she sent me a whole box full of goodies.  Not just one or two things, a whole box full.  She decorated the inside of the box with magazine models (you can see in the pic above) and wrapped everything up in her signature print: Hello Kitty.  I can't believe everything she sent me.  It's ridiculously generous.  We've never met in person (hopefully someday we will), I've 'known' her for just under a year, but we've become great friends.  She lives in Hawaii, me in Canada, it's like worlds apart, yet, I feel so lucky to have made such a great friend through this amazing place we call the blogosphere.   

Sharon, thank you so much for these gifts, I love them all so much!

{ Maui cookies - they are so good }

 { Hawaiian lotion, chocolates & chips, some cute sticky notes & black ankle socks (not pictured) }

{ cute vest she sent with great crochet-like detail at the back }

 { la piece de resistance:  Jeffrey Campbell sandals!!  
My first pair ever!  Isn't Sharon the best?! }

Now that you've drooled over the amazing Hawaiian goodies and been saying to yourself, 'Wow, Amanda is so lucky to have such a great Hawaiian friend', head over to Sharon's blog and show her some love (and tell her to get better because she's been under the weather the past couple days).


 Chelsea, the girl behind the blog Maritime Shopaholic, contacted me after she'd caught a glimpse of my shoe collection and asked if she could feature me on her blog.  I was obviously very flattered and honoured, so head on over and check it out.

I'm so excited to be featured on Fashion Jinx!  Check out my interview.

I have recently become a huge fan of tutorial hair vlogs and attempted to do this one.  While my hair didn't turn out exactly like hers, it's a starting point and learning different techniques is always great.

Free Apparel top, H&M tank, Bongo pants (last seen here), 
Aldo pumps (last seen here), vintage necklace, hubs' watch & Mexican bracelet

A fave blog friend of mine (Elisharon) teamed up with Alainn Bella and had a fantastic give-away about a month ago.  I was uber shocked when I won, and so excited!  Up for grabs, a sweet white and black striped mini.  When I spoke with Alainn Bella owner, Megan, about the sizing of the skirt, she said it may be a tad short for me, since I'm so tall (5'11).  She generously offered me the opportunity to put the value of the skirt against any other item in her store.  I was so excited because I had my eye on this sweater before the give-away but was trying to 'be good' (aka minimal shopping).  Megan was super sweet and very helpful.  She mailed the sweater out to me within days, despite getting her wisdom teeth out (talk about a trooper!).  I was so excited when the package arrived, I had to wear it immediately.  I know this is something that is going to be getting tons of play this year.  Thank you so much Megan & Sharon.

 { the neckline is wide so it can be worn off the shoulder, as well }

FYI sweater is a size Large

Congratulations to Kate of Fashion's Maven for winning the CSN gift card Give-Away!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

A blogger friend of mine, Katie from Fashion's Maven, recently had a 100 Followers Give-Away providing us with the opportunity to win some goodies from Sephora, so of course I entered.  Well guess what?  I won!  I'm super pumped too because I have never bought anything from Sephora.  I know, I know, some of you might have just fallen off your chair, but it's true.  I've already been using the eye shadow frequently (almost religiously, I really love it!) and the mascara daily.  Thank you so much, Katie!


{ Katie even included a super sweet note - love that }

The lovely Emily of Emily Loves tagged me to answer some questions.  Since I'm always up for some blogger tagging, let's go:

Do you like your height? Would you rather be taller/shorter/stay the same? 
I don't mind being 5'11, but would ideally like to be a little shorter so I would receive less flack about wearing such high heels all the time!

Most daring thing you've ever done?
Cliff jumping

Are you more of a cold weather or hot weather person? 
Hot weather, all the way.  While I can't handle extreme heat very well, I do not enjoy the winter (despite being a snowboarder)

Do you like doing makeup on others or just yourself? 
Just myself.  Make-up isn't a super strong point for me, I can do it, but don't have a huge interest (clothes and shoes are more my thing ;)

Celeb crush? 

Have you ever broken a bone? 
Yes - my head (car accident) and right wrist (snowboarding), and I'm right-handed :S

Favourite personality trait in yourself? 
Caring - I always try to go above and beyond for my friends and familly.  I hope they feel the same!

Team Edward or Team Jacob? 
I've never seen Twilight (sorry Em!)

Walk of Fashion featured me as Girl of the Blogosphere! 

Check it out here.

* Thanks Isabel!

Meet Sarah from the blog, 'For the Love...'.  This seriously crafty mom has stolen my heart.  I found her blog a mere, oh, two weeks ago, maybe, and was instantly hooked.  Not only is she amazing at DIY's, stylish, thrifty, super kind & a hair stylist - she's gorgeous!

Sarah was so sweet to help me out in looking for some suggestions for my upcoming nuptuals.  She has given me tons of cool ideas to incorporate into our big day, and, she blogged about it!

Lynds from From Skirts to Skillets gave me a blog award, which was so sweet.  Thanks so much, L!

In true blog-award spirit, I will pass this onto some faves:

Veronika @ Veronabrit
Helen @ In Elegance
Sharon @ Elisharon

FabSugar featured me in their Look of the Week! 
Check it out here.

Special thanks to my BBFF Jamie at GLAM LATTE
for letting me know about this!  <3 you girl!


Leslie from Lemon Sweet Life gifted me with the bloglovin' award! YIPEE!! Thanks so much, Leslie, I've never received this one before, which is uber exciting.

I'm going to pass this onto:

Melinda @ Shop T.O. Live
and by the wei
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