Hi all, sorry for the radio silence, it seems this time of year is already keeping me insanely busy and exhausted but I wanted to hop on and share my exciting news: I won second place in the Made in Blog awards in the Lifestyle category!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the three categories that I was nominated in (Lifestyle, Style & DIY) to put me into all three top tens.  From there the judges deliberated and picked me in the top three for Lifestyle!  I'm so excited and grateful to have won.  I've shared the pic above to show you the prize I will be getting, which is sweet, but in general just happy to be picked.

See you tomorrow!

I entered Ann's give-away months ago and won a whole slew of make-up goodies.  She gave away three different packages (all with similar items but in different shades and colours) and I won this one.  I've been wanting to try out the Cover Girl mascara and I'm absolutely in love with my new Mac fluidline liner (look at that green!  Pure love).  On top of that, I've never tried any Stilla products and the two Cover Girl lip products are fantastic and the perfect (coral-y) colours.  Thanks so much, Ann!

Congratulations to Rebecca S on winner the CSN Stores give-away!! Check your email Rebecca, I have sent you your prize.

Thanks to all that participated!

Back at the end of November I entered Natalie's give-away to win three beautiful gold necklaces from Emily Elizabeth Jewelry.  I was so ecstatic to open her blog a couple weeks later to discover I won! IMy package finally arrived yesterday and I tore it open to find the three beautiful necklaces you see above, inscribed with, 'Faith, Hope, Love'. The necklaces can be worn separately or together cohesively.  I will certainly be getting a ton of wear out of them so thank you so much Emily Elizabeth Jewelry and Natalie's Sentiments!

Free Apparel top, H&M tank, Bongo pants (last seen here), 
Aldo pumps (last seen here), vintage necklace, hubs' watch & Mexican bracelet

A fave blog friend of mine (Elisharon) teamed up with Alainn Bella and had a fantastic give-away about a month ago.  I was uber shocked when I won, and so excited!  Up for grabs, a sweet white and black striped mini.  When I spoke with Alainn Bella owner, Megan, about the sizing of the skirt, she said it may be a tad short for me, since I'm so tall (5'11).  She generously offered me the opportunity to put the value of the skirt against any other item in her store.  I was so excited because I had my eye on this sweater before the give-away but was trying to 'be good' (aka minimal shopping).  Megan was super sweet and very helpful.  She mailed the sweater out to me within days, despite getting her wisdom teeth out (talk about a trooper!).  I was so excited when the package arrived, I had to wear it immediately.  I know this is something that is going to be getting tons of play this year.  Thank you so much Megan & Sharon.

 { the neckline is wide so it can be worn off the shoulder, as well }

FYI sweater is a size Large

Congratulations to Kate of Fashion's Maven for winning the CSN gift card Give-Away!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

A blogger friend of mine, Katie from Fashion's Maven, recently had a 100 Followers Give-Away providing us with the opportunity to win some goodies from Sephora, so of course I entered.  Well guess what?  I won!  I'm super pumped too because I have never bought anything from Sephora.  I know, I know, some of you might have just fallen off your chair, but it's true.  I've already been using the eye shadow frequently (almost religiously, I really love it!) and the mascara daily.  Thank you so much, Katie!


{ Katie even included a super sweet note - love that }
Dex tee, Le Chateau skirt, Dollhouse wedges, A.Co Designs necklace,
fiancé's watch & Tiffany bracelet (you've seen this combo before)

So the fiancé and I are lying in bed a couple weeks ago watching our newest fave show when the streaming stops.  Argh.  So while he tries to get it fixed, I naturally whip out my phone to check Twitter.  Just then, I spot a message from my (blogger) friend Kate.  I freaked out.  I jumped up and ran to the computer, immediately logged on and checked the Pretty Pleased blog.  Sure enough, I had won their give-away!  Talk about lucky.  I ran back to the bedroom and started jumping on the bed hooting and hollering (yes, hooting and hollering) until I could finally explain to my fiancé what had just happened.

And now, the beautiful wedges have arrived and I rocked them for the first time.  This wasn't exactly the outfit I'd planned on wearing them with, but hey, it's only mid-July, lots more time.  I'm so excited and thankful!

{ I especially love how they look from above }

* Thank you so much Catherine & Mary Chris!!! I love them!
When Toni from The Fashion Cloud contacted me to let me know I won her big give-away, I practically fell off my chair because the give-away was soo good.  The package has finally arrived and I unwrapped it with great excitement to find a plethora of wonderful things inside. Thank you so much, Toni!  Ladies, I'm sure you will agree when I say this is one of the most generous give-aways ever... check out what I won:

{ the parcel - so exciting! }

{ asos cloud necklace - for Fashion Cloud }

{ re-useable bag made specifically for this give-away }

{ American Apparel, Le Sac dress - can't wait to wear this! }

{ Swatch watch - my favourite part! }

{ Kage signature t-shirt }
* Don't forget to enter my A.Co Designs give-away !

When Lena from Quality Rivets contacted me to inform me I'd won the (awesome) give-away on her blog, I jumped for joy!  I'm so pumped and couldn't believe I won!  Well, the package has arrived and the Samantha Vega clutch she sent me is awesome and it will certainly get lots of use.  Thanks so much, Lena!

* On Monday I was sick and stuck in bed all day. 
Thank you for all your amazing comments and I
will catch up on your blogs asap!
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