Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tina Live in Concert Tee + Industry Night (Dinner) in Ottawa Recap

Outfit deets:
* DIY Tina Turner concert top (thrifted for $2 & cut up; I used THIS tutorial, sort of) which I made for the gym and have only worn it out instead.
* F21 liquid leather bralette (I'm loving bralettes lately and never go bra-less but did on this day...).
* H&M skirt from my trip to Toronto Fashion Week (part 1 & part 2) in March 2013 (see the vlog / video I made HERE).
* Accessories:  F21 bangle, Ardene cross-body/clutch & Gucci shades.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  How has your week been thus far?

Monday night was awesome, I went on a double date to an Industry Night dinner; basically what that means is a special dinner, mainly for people in the serving industry (I'm not one of them...anymore), that is put on by a top chef of a restaurant in Ottawa.  I had vaguely heard of this before, but never been.  

It takes place on the last Monday of every month and is a four-six course meal for $25.  The word meal is relative as the portions were sharing plates between the four of us, except the main dish--shared between two--and the dessert where everyone got their own.

The restaurant that was putting on this month's evening was Town, a restaurant that I would say is a mix between Italian and French food.  A place I've been to once, been meaning to go back to, and really loved (have the meatballs, if you go). 

We tried a variety of food, and this is definitely a meal you need an open palette for; not for the picky eaters, that's for sure.  We had things like smelt fish, octopus, porchetta, lamb sausages etc.  I am a big food lover and not shy to try anything so this was right up my alley!  Everything was delicious, but the octopus and lamb sausages took the cake for me.  

I ended up vlogging our evening and am currently editing the footage to share with you very soon!  Here's a peak at my outfit from Monday night.

Hope you're having a great week--cheers.




Unknown said...

a love that outfit! rock wave :D

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Eleni: thank you!!

Steph said...

I'm loving that whole outfit! The dinner sounds fun too!

Unknown said...

I want to wear the dress with my blazers for fashion

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Steph: thanks girl!! :)

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