Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Ruffle & Skirt in the Sunflower Patch

Outfit deets:
* Winners top.
* Jacob skirt.
* Zara basic heels.
* Accessories: Ardene sunnies, Emily Elizabeth necklace, Michael Kors stud bangle, Vince Camuto leather bracelet & Aldo bangle.

We found this amazing sunflower patch and knew we'd have to use it shoot an outfit post.  Only days early they were holding their faces high to the sky, soaking up the afternoon sun but by the time we arrived, they were heavy and starting to fall.  Still beautiful nonetheless.

Hope you're all having a great week!

Photos by Serena Rivard.



Cassandra Spencer said...

This makes me happy on soooooooooo many levels!! Looking fresh and radiant AC!

Jill Sarah said...

I love these pics! I had sunflowers in my yard growing up so they always make me happy :)

586Rexford said...

Since I was a kid I was always afraid of Sunflowers because they remind me of a very old black and white movie I saw called "The Day of the Trifids." In this movie the plants which reminded me of Sunflowers ate people after they squirted something in their eyes blinding them. Yikes! LOL! (I still really enjoyed this post though. All of your blog posts are special to me)

Can we please see a New York shopping haul when you get back? You can't go to New York and not shop!

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