Friday, August 24, 2012

Girly Girl

Outfit deets:
* Urban Og dress (old) and seen with nude wedges and turquoise earrings (I sense a sub-concious theme here).
* Accessories:  J.Crew bubble necklace, Swarovski bangle and vintage (thrifted) clutch.

I wore this to a baby shower last weekend and it felt so pretty.  I purchased this dress over a year ago, wore it once (on Canada Day, last year, with red flats) and washed it.  The netting part at the top got kind of ruined in the wash and I threw this dress in the, 'To be altered (or fixed)-pile'.  Well, I finally stitched all the loops back together that had come undone with my sewing machine when I was making a top for myself and can now wear this (and always use a lingerie bag to wash it now).

Thankfully when I was getting dressed (in a rush), the sun was beaming into my room and I noticed that the dress is completely see-through!  OMG.  I quickly pulled out a long tank and bandeau top and made a make-shift tube dress to rock underneath to ensure full coverage.  Imagine showing up at a baby shower, not realizing you're pretty much flashing everyone and having nothing to rectify the problem with?  Eep!

Happy weekend!



Jamie said...

LOVE this dress!!! So pretty! I'm horrible at checking whether things are see through or not and have had a time or two where I've noticed too late haha. I love the detailing at the top of this and a pop of turquoise is perfect!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

hahah yeah- I HATE that with fabrics. Pass a mirror (or run into a good friend) and find out you're showing the goods is never a good feeling. haha.

With that said- you look amazing!! Seriously. Dress was made for you. Props for stitching it together yourself! Just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love this look! It's totally the perfect pretty. That made no sense. . whatever, you look gorge.

Also. . . . VEGAS!!?!!? Colour me jealous! That's amazing!

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