Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Featured: A.Co on FabSugar

FabSugar featured me in their Look of the Week! 
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Special thanks to my BBFF Jamie at GLAM LATTE
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Throw Your Diamonds in the Sky

A.Co Designs top, H&M denim, Aldo shoes (last seen here),
Swatch watch (last seen here), Bay ring & necklace & thrifted clutch

I wore this out to dinner for my Aunt's birthday on Saturday night.  Almost immediately after capturing these shots, my necklace broke.  Not impressed.  I'm hoping I can fix it with some super glue but I guess we'll see.  The kicker though, is that it's one of my more expensive (costume) jewellery pieces.  I certainly scored it at a deeply discounted price, but initially, it was pricey!  It always amazes me when my more costly items break and the cheapie stuff outlasts it.  Something is wrong with that picture.

Lastly, this top is another one of my creations, made without a pattern and I have to say, it's probably my most favourite article of clothing I've ever made (not that there are tons, but a few which you can see here, here, here, here, here & here).  I've worn it twice within two weeks (which is kind of a record for me - I really try to spread things out), like this, and once to the office tucked into a pencil skirt.  The cut is perfect for me (boatneck, cap-sleeve, long in the body, slightly a-line & low back), in my opinion, and it's comfortable.  When I saw the fabric, I had to have it.  I initially planned to make more of a tank style, but then grew ambitious and this end result was more than I hoped for.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Point Redemption

F21 jacket (last seen here), H&M Dress (last seen here),  Skyluxe wedges,
Joe Fresh necklace, Swatch watch (I won this!), Aldo ring & unknown bangles

So while doing some grocceries the other day, I of course had to peruse through the clothing department.  Yes ladies, in Canada, we have a groccery store with clothes.  The line is called Joe Fresh and it's super cute.  They carry a variety of items at great price points, including business casual, athletica, swimware, shoes, undergarmets, accessories and more.  I saw this necklace over a month ago and fell in love... but I resisted.  I didn't need it per-say, as as you know, I'm trying to save for the wedding (August).  Imagine my surprise when I saw it for 50% off!  It was a no brainer.  On top of that, I've been accumulating points (through my groccery shopping) and have been waiting to redeem them - perfect opportunity!  So, I didn't fork over any cash, just used my points and left very happy (and guilt-free!).


* I finally gave in and got a FORMSPRING account. 
Click the link to ask me anything.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Private Property

  Gap denim jacket (thrifted) (similar here), Lily Pulizter top (last seen here), H&M skirt (last seen here),
Dynamite belt, wedding shoes*, Kathy van Zealand bag & uknown bangles

On my way home, I was looking for somewhere different to take some photos and decided the entry way to a golf course would be great.  Wrong.  Since it was 'prime time', most staff were leaving (either that, or there were a lot of golfers in today's dreary-rain) and people would literally come to an almost-complete-stop and stare at me.  Awkward much?  I even had three people stop to see what I was doing and two to tell me it was private property - okay thennn.  So I took my camera and bolted.  I won't be going back there again.

On a side-note, I bought this jacket last week from the thrift store in my quest for a DIY.  Once I got the jacket home and washed it, I realized I loved it too much to 'trash' it with my planned DIY.  So, I've decided I will use a different jacket from my closet.  So stay tuned.

 * these are my | future | wedding shoes! 
I know, I know, but they need to be broken in, sadly. 
Thankfully I'm breaking them in too because they are killing my feet

{ there is a hook & eye for this top, as you can see, but I prefer it left open }

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet Strawberry Shortcake

{ fresh whipped cream }

For the evening of Fathers' Day, we headed over to my future in-laws place for a BBQ.  Everytime we go there, it's a huge feast, and as I've mentioned before, my fiancé's mother is a super chef.  She made fantastic burgers from scratch, along with three salads (mixed greens, potato and pasta).  However, my favourite part of the meal was obviously dessert.  She had picked strawberries that very morning and baked some tea biscuits.  When the time came, she whipped up some fresh whipped cream and we all indulged.  And when I say indulged, I mean really indulged because I couldn't get enough and had two. Ha.

Costa Blanca top/dress, Seduction tube top, Jacob Connexion skirt,
American Eagle sash, vintage necklace, Bay bracelet,
fiancé's watch (last seen here) & Tiffany bracelet

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Weekend ( Baby Shower ) Recap

Seduction dress, DIY belt / necklace, Aldo wedges (similar here & here),
Le Chateau bangle (last seen here), Aldo necklace & thrfited clutch

On Saturday I went to a baby shower for a friend (also my friend's sister) which was fabulous.  She is due in two months and is glowing.  The shower was fantastic complete with great people and amazing food.  She knows she's having a boy, but is keeping the name under wraps until he is born.  We are all so curious as to what it will be, but, I guess we will have to wait!

{ watermelon baby carriage }

{ presents! }

{ the mother of the mom-to-be made this cake - isn't it great!? }


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ooh La La

sexy vs. sweet

Click on image for pricing



My mom and I hit up Aldo today to look for a clutch for her for the wedding.  While there I found these, the 'Gersten' wedge.  I died.  I grabbed them so quick and held on tight, look at my mom and gave the look of, 'Omigod-these-are-amazing-and-I-need-them-NOW'.  She then gave me the look, no, actually she said, 'Yeah, to go with your other 170 pairs of shoes...' while rolling her eyes.  Sadly, I left empty handed.

Boo hoo.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Banana Republic top, Urban Behaviour skirt (last seen here), Promise platforms,
A.Co Designs necklace, Latico bag (last seen here), Le Chateau lucite bangle,
fiancé's watch (last seen here), Swarovski bangle, Tiffany bracelet & Suzy ring

Do you remember the last time I was at this location?  It was abruptly interupted by the police!  I thought I'd try to do another shoot here since the graffiti wall got a ton of positive feedback from you, the lovely readers.  Isn't it amazing how much the shrubs and grass have grown in a month!?  Several feet - incredible. 

Lastly, I know you're probably getting tired of seeing my fiancé's watch (which is offically now mine, according to me), but I just cannot get enough.  Not only did I get it sized to fit, I'm also really getting used to having a time-teller on my wrist - so conveniet and chic (all in one).  However, stay tuned as I did just get my new Swatch watch (which I won) sized, so I'll be able to switch it up a bit.

{ it's hard to tell, but they are blue patent }

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