Saturday, July 31, 2010

DIY Burlap Framed Art

I have recently developped a small obsession with burlap.  It's textured, it's cheap and it's oh-so-trendy right now for home decor.  After seeing multiple DIY projects involving burlap, I hit the fabric store and got myself some for my own DIY. 

This is so simple, so quick, and so awesome.  All you need is a hot glue gun, a frame, a small piece of burlap (to fit your frame) and some sort of embellishment (a coin, ribbon, a bead, a button, etc.  Be creative!).

{ burlap, $4/metre }

{ thrifted frame, $3 }

{ I pulled this 'coin' off an old candle }

Cut burlap into size of frame's window (mine is 3x3)

Using your hot glue gun...

... Attach your embelishment to the burlap

Insert burlap square into frame


Thursday, July 29, 2010

They're Here!

They're here!  My wedding shoes have arrived!  I'm ecstatic.  They fit, they are amazing, and I'm so excited!  Yes, they are the ones I said I was getting close to.  Yes, it panned out and yes, I'm so relieved and happy.  I'm keeping it top secret (to surprise my future hubby), so you will have to wait another three weeks or so.

Girl's Best Friend

Gap dress (thrifted), H&M tank (last seen here), Urban Behaviour belt, Aldo pumps (last seen here),
Le Chateau bangle & Suzy rings

...And you thought I was going to talk about diamonds.  Had a little outting with Peanut the other day.  She's such a curious thing, you can not take her off the leash - unless you never want to see her again!  She would take off immediately, especially if she hears kids (she loves kids).


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet M

I've been getting a few questions about my fiancé and some interest in him, and hey, he is my 'better half' so who can blame you.  Thus, I thought I'd put together a little introduction post.  I know you've seen a few snippets of him here, here & here, but that may not be satisfying your curiosity craving (it wouldn't be satisfying mine - ha!).

So let me introduce to you my fiancé.  He's tall, dark and handsome, loves sports (especially football), is a great cook and is super patient (especially with me).  He fully encourages my shoe addiction, is very stylish, and treats me so good.  Love you, babe!


8 Questions ~ 8 Answers

The lovely Emily of Emily Loves tagged me to answer some questions.  Since I'm always up for some blogger tagging, let's go:

Do you like your height? Would you rather be taller/shorter/stay the same? 
I don't mind being 5'11, but would ideally like to be a little shorter so I would receive less flack about wearing such high heels all the time!

Most daring thing you've ever done?
Cliff jumping

Are you more of a cold weather or hot weather person? 
Hot weather, all the way.  While I can't handle extreme heat very well, I do not enjoy the winter (despite being a snowboarder)

Do you like doing makeup on others or just yourself? 
Just myself.  Make-up isn't a super strong point for me, I can do it, but don't have a huge interest (clothes and shoes are more my thing ;)

Celeb crush? 

Have you ever broken a bone? 
Yes - my head (car accident) and right wrist (snowboarding), and I'm right-handed :S

Favourite personality trait in yourself? 
Caring - I always try to go above and beyond for my friends and familly.  I hope they feel the same!

Team Edward or Team Jacob? 
I've never seen Twilight (sorry Em!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Harley Room

Winners top, Sirens bandeau, Mexx skirt (last seen here),
Aldo wedges (last seen here & DIY), thrifted belt,
Swatch watch (last seen here), Ardène necklace,
MK bracelet & unknown animal-print bangle

My parents are bikers.  And I don't mean cyclists, I mean Harley riding bad-ass bikers.  Well, not that bad-ass I guess, but my Dad sure does look bad-ass all suited up.  Before heading out to a surprise birthday party for a family friend, I asked my Dad to snap a few pics in their, 'Harley Room' - this is a room that is fully insulated in their garage that my Dad built - it's pretty sweet.  Complete with mini garage door and regular door to enter through, it serves a great purpose as a home to both their bikes.  It's also decorated very nicely with tons of Harley memorabila and all their riding gear.

{ Dad's bike }

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Furry Friend

Joe Fresh dress, Old Navy sandals & gifted necklace from Indian (last seen here)

We've had a little visitor for the past couple weeks - Peanut, our family dog!  She lives with my parents, but was around when I was still at home.  She's going to be 11 years old this November and is such a treat.  She's little, furry,  and fun to play with.  While she is quite stubborn (apparently a trait of shih-tzu's), she's a real cutie and it's nice to come home to her.  Of course while capturing this outfit, she wanted in on the action and I made the most of it.

* Special thanks to Katie and Cati for the blog awards!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Featured: A.Co on Walk of Fashion

Walk of Fashion featured me as Girl of the Blogosphere! 

Check it out here.

* Thanks Isabel!

The Look for Less

{ Christian Louboutin 'Gazolina', $2295 }

I'm  a huge fan of over-the-knee boots and couldn't contain myself last year and ended up with seven pairs!  A little excesive?  Not necessarily (when you don't spend a forture).  The trend seems to be sticking too, and looks like this fall we will be seeing a lot more of this style.

Now of course can anything really compare to Loboutin's Gazolina boots?  Or Louboutins in general?  Probably not, however, if you're not on a Louboutin budget, you can surely appreciate this Furge version below.  At $33.20, you can afford to be on trend without coming close to breaking the bank!  (Bonus: they possess a pink sole - cute!)

{ Furge, $33.20 }

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedge Win

Dex tee, Le Chateau skirt, Dollhouse wedges, A.Co Designs necklace,
fiancé's watch & Tiffany bracelet (you've seen this combo before)

So the fiancé and I are lying in bed a couple weeks ago watching our newest fave show when the streaming stops.  Argh.  So while he tries to get it fixed, I naturally whip out my phone to check Twitter.  Just then, I spot a message from my (blogger) friend Kate.  I freaked out.  I jumped up and ran to the computer, immediately logged on and checked the Pretty Pleased blog.  Sure enough, I had won their give-away!  Talk about lucky.  I ran back to the bedroom and started jumping on the bed hooting and hollering (yes, hooting and hollering) until I could finally explain to my fiancé what had just happened.

And now, the beautiful wedges have arrived and I rocked them for the first time.  This wasn't exactly the outfit I'd planned on wearing them with, but hey, it's only mid-July, lots more time.  I'm so excited and thankful!

{ I especially love how they look from above }

* Thank you so much Catherine & Mary Chris!!! I love them!
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