I have a mad love on for social media, however, Pinterest always took a backseat.  I always felt I had enough going on with Instagram, my blog, Twitter, and more recently when I added Facebook into the mix; you get the picture. 

However, that has recently changed and I've been turning to Pinterest when getting dressed in the mornings.  I'm not sure what it is, but it seems Monday through Friday is somewhat of a struggle to get dressed.  I stand in front of my closet for far too long trying to put something that's work-appropriate together; getting dressed on the weekends is much more fun.  Although I work in a large business-casual office, and sometimes push the limits, I try to veer on the side of conservative-ish... kind of.  This is hard to do when knee length skirts and dresses hit me mid-thigh #tallgirlproblems.

Additionally, I cannot pick out my outfits the night before; I need to go on how I'm feeling to get dressed, and that can vary drastically from evening to next morning.  The weather is always a depending factor too, but it's mainly an emotional decision (so complicated, I know).

I have found when I'm stumped, I will call on Pinterest to help me get dressed and look in my -Fashion Inspiration- folder for this.  Since I signed up for Pinterest a couple years ago, I had a good base but recently have been pinning and adding more photos to this folder to help myself on those mornings when I just have nothing to wear.

How do you get dressed in the mornings?

Find my personal style board HERE, and all my boards HERE.

I think if I asked my boyfriend this question about me, he would likely say how nice I am or how giving I am.  He's said those things before and also said I'm just, 'so nice'.  Hmph (too nice, perhaps?).  

Although I can say I'm a pretty nice person, I don't feel like I'm that nice; I mean, we all have our negative qualities, right?   But, then again, we are almost always our toughest critic.

I think it's hard to think about what my best trait in my relationship is as it feels weird honing up to it and putting it out there so...publicly.  And then there's the part where maybe he doesn't feel that way and reads this and goes, 'Uhhh, backspace, delete, rewind!'.  Additionally, it really depends on the person you are with as sometimes someone will bring out a trait in you that is so good that you didn't have before or couldn't have before.

I think my best quality is that I give a lot of love.  I try my best to make my partner feel loved and that goes in various ways; physical affection, doing something nice for them, sending sweet texts or giving them their space to do their own thing too.  

I think I'll stop there because this feels weird writing it out!  I can't help it, you guys, it's a little awkward putting this out there.  Please don't leave me hanging, comment below & join in on the discussion.

* Thanks Katrina for a similar suggestion to this topic & please leave your Let's Chat topic suggestions below.

I have never given a second thought as to exposing my toes at work, despite knowing it used to be a faux pas. 

I personally think that it is completely acceptable now in a business casual environment.  What made me think twice about this was seeing a woman's gross looking, unpolished toes in the bathroom stall next to me the other day.  Ick.

I think there is something to be said about feet that aren't taken care of and in my personal opinion, those feet and toes should not be exposed.  Ain't nobody got time--or the stomach--for that (at work).

Agree or disagree?  What are your thoughts?
All of the photos above are outfits and shoes I've worn to work.  I noticed recently that I actually own more toe-exposing shoes than not... This was of course noticed on a day where my feet were not up to par and I need to keep them hidden until I had time to give myself a pedi!

Thanks for your comments & suggestions for Let's Chat, I'm going to keep the series and would love use your suggestions in the coming weeks.  If you have a topic suggestion, please leave it below.  Thanks for reading and your support, love you guys!

For me it's really simple, I call my parents Mom & Dad and will refer to them as M&D with my sister.  Sometimes I'll call my Mom 'Mother', but she doesn't enjoy that too much (haha).

What do you call your parents?  Any special nicknames?  Do you ever call them by their first name?

(Top photo from my vacation to Florida in 2012 & bottom from my holiday campaign with Place d'Orleans back in December 2012)

I have a terrible one:  I bite my nails.


I wish I could stop, and have for short periods of time, but always revert to picking at them.  It's awful but nails, I just can't quit you.

Another bad one?  I'm always late.  It's terrible and I feel bad for the people who are waiting, which in turn stresses  and angers me and I'm the only one to blame!  I just cannot be punctual.  #truth

Sound off, what habit do you wish you could break?

I have never been on a blind date, but I have done online dating before.  Meeting the person for real is kind of like a blind date; you've seen a picture, but never met in real life.  You've chatted, likely just online or through text, but maybe never heard their voice before.  I remember feeling very nervous and trying on a bazillion outfits.

Also, how do you greet the person?  A handshake seems so formal, but a hug is so personal for a 'stranger'.

Would you ever go on a blind date?

FUN FACT:  My parents met on a blind date.

I know many of you are married, but many of you aren't, so I'm asking this question today.

It seems, as the years pass, more and more people are living together, having babies together, buying homes together, all without getting married.  I know several people who will opt to have children before getting married and not because it was unplanned.

As most of you know, I was married (and now divorced) and it has changed my views a bit.  I love the idea of marriage, and am a bit of a hopeless romantic, but the thought of making a committment like that again is honestly a little scary.  Marriage is a beautiful thing, but knowing what I know now, I'm not so sure if I would go through with it again (watch me bite my tongue down the road!). 

What about you, would you get married?  If you are married, would you do it again?  Feel free to comment anonymously.
Patricia, the photographer on my Christmas campaign photoshoot (yes I'm heels, but still).

To be honest, I have my days.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm tall, as in 5'11-towering-over-all-my-friends-in-flats-and-everyone-else-when-I-wear-heels.  Yeah.  Tall.

When I was younger, I had a hard time, but as I've gotten older, I have become much better with it.  Some days I love being tall, and then there are days when you have about five people, including strangers, gapping at you like you're some sort of weird creature.  If I had a nickle for everytime I heard, 'OMIGOD, you're so tall', I kid you not, I would be able to buy a lot more heels.

Once while shopping, a couple years ago, a girl came over the same rack I was perusing, she looked up at me--all 5'2 of her--and gasped, 'Wow! I was feeling so tall when I was at the front of the store and now beside you I feel tiny!'  Thank you.  And now I feel like a sasquatch.

I think people think that it is acceptable to point out someone's height when they are tall because, perhaps they view it as a positive and kind of an awe-inducing thing. Whereas pointing out someone who is short would be insulting. It doesn't really make sense, but I try to take it as a compliment.

Since there is nothing I can do about my height, and I come from a tall family who have always told me to be proud of my height, I am and accept it.  People frequently ask me why I wear heels when I'm already so tall.  I often want to roll my eyes but I will politely smile instead and say something along the lines of, 'Everyone else gets to wear them, so why can't I?' and they nod in understanding, or something, and off I go. 

What about you?  Are you happy with your height?  Wish you were taller or shorter?

 My parents: my mom is 5'10 & my dad is 6'3.

 My little sister who is 5'7.

Some of my girlfriends during a night out last summer.  My lips are at their foreheads.

I am super fair skinned and while pictures of me as a kid prove slightly different, I can't seem to get much a tan now if my life depended on it.  That said, I'm very sun-safe and have made it my personal mission to be that way for the last six years.  I wear sunscreen on my face and neck every single day, haven't stepped foot in a tanning bed and always wear sunscreen on the beach.

As I get older and start to see fine lines appearing, the last thing I want to do is expedite the process with further sun damage.  I know I've damaged my skin already as I spent an eight month stint working at a tanning salon when I was 20 and was so dark wouldn't even recognize me.  I continued to tan for a few years after that to maintain the colour--I cringe when I think about it now.

To be honest, I long for dark, tanned skin and have always dated men with dark skin and find women the most beautiful who possess dark skin and hair (funny, right?).  I wish I could get a tan easily, but, it is not the case so I proactively protect myself instead.  Sometimes we just have to accept our 'flaws' and hope fair skin becomes trendy sometime soon (please?).

For the past almost-three years I've been regularily spray tanning which gives me the colour I crave--and can't obtain--with less risk (I hope?).  I definitely feel better with a tan, slimmer and feel my clothes look their best.  It might seem superficial, but ultimately, it's a confidence boost and that along with working out makes me feel pretty darn good.  Why wouldn't you want to feel pretty darn good, right?  Right.

So sound off, do you like the colour of your skin?  Would you change it if you could?

(See my spray tan in full action in Mexico--I get a spray tan before vacation, sit in the shade, and come home more pale than I went there.)

I love to shop, that's clearly no secret and I think pretty common among women (and some men).  Just yesterday I was doing some online browsing and thought to myself how wide our access has grown to aquire different things.  Think back to just a decade ago when online shopping didn't exist.  Imagine your life without it; would you be affected?

Do you prefer online or in-store shopping?

I love online shopping, the convienence but mainly the accessibility.  I love that I can get something from halfway across the world or simply from a store here in my city that no longer has my size.  Then you receive your parcel in the mail a bit later and it's always so exciting opening it up.  It's awesome.

That said, I still love shopping at the mall more.  Touching and trying on the clothes, the rush you get when you walk out of the store with your new purchases.  Holding that tangible item immediately.  Hard to beat.

What about the type of shopping you do:  Are you a sale shopping or will pay full price for the latest and greatest?

I am a big sale shopping and don't tend to pay full price for something very often unless it's shoes (my size, 10, is rare and sells out quickly).  When I do purchase something full price I often feel guilty because I know it's going to be on sale soon.

That said, I have been trying to make a concious switch in my shopping within the past month or so.  Instead of buying cheaper, trendy items, I'm looking for more quality-made, staple pieces.  Items that will stick around in my closet for a while that are well made.  I kind of came to this realization about two months ago while shopping at Forever 21 and then stepping into Zara.  Now, for the record, I love F21 and you can find some great pieces there and I'm not discounting that, but going into Zara immediately after and loving almost every beautiful piece that came across my vision made me think twice about where I'm spending my money.  Investment pieces aren't really something I was interested in purchasing up until now, and while I can't pass up a good sale, I also am trying to focus my purchases towards slightly higher end items.

Lastly, do you ever return items or have buyer's remose?

I return stuff like nobody's business and have become quite good at keeping my receipts organized just in case.  I have no problem returning something if I've changed my mind; no point letting it sit in your closet and throwing away your money, find something else that you will love instead.  While returning can be a hassel, thinking about what you could purchase instead is my motivation.  When I've purchased something I cannot return, I'll either keep it in my closet and let it go to waste, or take it to a consignment shop try to make some money back.

Sound off on the (lengthy) topics above!

(Top photo at my favourite store in Montreal in 2007; in Syracuse, NY in 2008)

I am a girly-girl, no question about it.  I love fashion, shoes and getting dressed up.  I can roll with the guys, but prefer to roll with the girls.  I absolutely have more girl friends than I do guy friends; I simply love bonding with women. 

I have a few guy friends, and they are great as there is never drama and it's a simple friendship, but not much can beat a shopping trip, gossip sesh or brunch with my ladies.

I know there is that stereotypical drama thing that can happen, but what's a little drama when the ultimate benefits of women friendships are so wonderful.

Do you have more girl or guy friends?

My best friend pointed something out to me a couple weeks back:  I frequently compliment strangers. 

I hadn't given it much thought, but am aware that it's something I do.

My thinking behind it is (1) it's awesome to get a compliment in general, and (2) coming from a stranger is unexpected and can really brighten someone's day.  Bottom line, why not?

I think we sometimes think that people who are close to us that compliment us are just saying it because they have to (which isn't true, typically) but from someone who doesn't know you, it's an unexpected surprise.  I know we all compliment each other in the blogosphere a lot, but in person puts a new meaning behind it.

Do you compliment strangers?  If not, will you try it today?

My answer is simple: no.

I have a good job, a great job even, that affords me a pretty nice life style.  I'm not rolling in money but I can buy things, go out and well, enjoy life.  I am so grateful for my job and that I am able to do these things, and worked very hard to get to where I am.

Disclaimer aside, it's not my passion. 

I'm not living what I love. 

I dream of a day where I'm living what I love, doing something in fashion, or social media, blogging, styling or helping people get dressed.  These are things I'm passionate about.  These are things that get me excited.

These are not things that would currently pay the bills.

I struggle with the idea of ever leaving the job I'm in.  It's a job many people would want, kill for even, and like I said, it affords me a lifestyle I like.  Leaving it would be so scary, and if I didn't make as much money, would I be as happy or comfortable?  I don't even feel that comfortable, so I can't imagine making less.  On the other hand, if you're doing what you are really passtionate about, wouldn't that be enough?

Sound off:  are you living what you love?

I have never been the sort of person that has the urge to have children.  I've never gotten that feeling of, 'I can't wait to have a baby!' or the like.  You know some people just have it, and some don't?  I don't.

My sister is currently pregnant and she's always been one of those women that wants to have children.  Since she was little I can remember her saying she wanted to be a young mom and to have kids.  I, however, was never sure if I wanted children...and still don't.  Sort of.

As the years have passed and I've gotten older, I kind of thought that feeling would come, that I would get the urge or something, but despite being 29, there is still none of that. 

That said, you know what they say, typically one doesn't regret having the baby even if they never had the urge, your life is forever changed and blessed and wonderful (in between those trying times with zero sleep and spit-up all over your not-so-clean clothes) and the couple ends up happy they went through with it.  I also think it would be somewhat of a lonely life, later down the line, when you're older and all your friends have aging children and you are alone with your spouse for holidays and special times throughout the year.  Yes, you can always share that with other families, but your family will be just two (assuming you spend your life with someone).

All that said, I had a conversation with my mom the other day and she and my dad had been discussing whether or not they thought I would have kids.  My mom was unsure, but my dad said he did not think I would, and in turn I felt...insulted! (?)  I'm not sure why, but I felt like jumping up and being all, 'Nooooo! I will have children!'  So funny considering how I'm distinctly perched up on that fence.

What about you; assuming you don't have kids (or pre-children), do/did you want them?

(Photo of me & old friends' baby, circa this time in 2006).

When I was little, my mom taught me the art that is squatting when using a public washroom.  As I got older, I basically said F-this-noise and began covering the seat with toilet paper and sitting instead.  I couldn't be bothered to get a leg workout--relalistically, people--while trying to pee.

That said, I would never not at least wipe the seat so it always surprises me when people just run in and sit down.  A friend of mine once did that without looking and sat in someone else's pee (ick!), so I always check.

Do you squat or sit?  Are you diligent like me about wiping the seat?

I love a good joke, as much as the next person, but someone recently pointed out to me that I don't like racist jokes.  This kind of caught me off guard, I'd never thought about it, but do have strong feelings against racism. 

That said, it's not that I've never laughed at a racist (or stereotypical) joke before, I have, but ultimately, I don't find the majority of them funny.  I just feel bad because I don't feel it's right, or something...

I hadn't given it much though until it was pointed out to me.

Do you find racist jokes funny?

And now a racist joke...

I think we can all agree we've dated some interesting people in the past, and there is a reason those people are in our past, right?  Right.  And I think with each relationship, we learn a bit about ourselves, our likes, dislikes and what we would consider a dating deal breaker.

And the obvious disclaimer being that it's important to compromise in a relationship and work together and blah blah blah.  But let's get to the nitty gritty.

I can easily, off the top of my head, list off several things I do not want in a partner.  It's important to me that someone is motivated to work hard, ambitious, has good hygiene, patient, friendly and easy going.  I also cannot stand someone who is cheap (and have dated someone like that before and it was terrible, to say the least) or has a bad temper.  These are deal breakers for me.  Cannot see past them.  Cannot accept them.

I know my own weaknesses and while I work on those, I look for strengths in my partner that I don't necessarily possess as it often creates a good balance and we can learn from one another.

What are your deal breakers and what are you willing to see past?

I had never thought of this before until someone mentioned it, but, does it bother you when people use a 'couple photo' as their profile picture?  For instance, a boyfriend/girlfriend duo that posts a picture of the two of them for the photo?

The argument I heard was that everyone has their own, for example, Facebook account, so why would you use a picture of two people when it's your own profile.  Similar to your driver's license, it's a picture of just you, not you and your husband, etc.

Personally, this does not bother me, I think it's sweet and the person is who owns the profile is still in the picture and you can clearly distinguish who is who.  On the other hand, I do find it kind of strange when someone uses their baby or child's photo as their PP; that clearly isn't you and you likely have an entire album, or six, dedicated to your child (I know I would, who's with me!?) so why not use your own face for the main picture?

This is a weird topic but how do you feel about it?

After various discussions with girl friends, I've come to the conclusion that what people wear to bed is almost always a strongly chosen choice, and often, the other options are not even options.  People like to wear to bed what they like to wear to bed.  Doing something different is uncomfortable and not liked.

For me, I used to be a big fan of boy shorts and a tank top, just a few years ago.  Since then, I've been slowly losing my clothes, down to undies, and now my preference is to sleep naked (gasp!).  Part of me just feels the most comfortable like this, but another part of me feels, 'Why dirty more clothes than I have to?'.  That said, I love lingerie, but typically, not when I'm alone.

What about you? Are you strongly set in what you wear to bed?

Since we shared our biggest body hang-up last week (which can get a little depressing if you think about it too much), I thought this week we could lift ourselves up and share our favourite physical feature!  There has to be at least one thing you really love about your body, and ain't nothing wrong with that.

For me, isn't it obvious? 

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