Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is your best trait in your relationship?

I think if I asked my boyfriend this question about me, he would likely say how nice I am or how giving I am.  He's said those things before and also said I'm just, 'so nice'.  Hmph (too nice, perhaps?).  

Although I can say I'm a pretty nice person, I don't feel like I'm that nice; I mean, we all have our negative qualities, right?   But, then again, we are almost always our toughest critic.

I think it's hard to think about what my best trait in my relationship is as it feels weird honing up to it and putting it out there so...publicly.  And then there's the part where maybe he doesn't feel that way and reads this and goes, 'Uhhh, backspace, delete, rewind!'.  Additionally, it really depends on the person you are with as sometimes someone will bring out a trait in you that is so good that you didn't have before or couldn't have before.

I think my best quality is that I give a lot of love.  I try my best to make my partner feel loved and that goes in various ways; physical affection, doing something nice for them, sending sweet texts or giving them their space to do their own thing too.  

I think I'll stop there because this feels weird writing it out!  I can't help it, you guys, it's a little awkward putting this out there.  Please don't leave me hanging, comment below & join in on the discussion.

* Thanks Katrina for a similar suggestion to this topic & please leave your Let's Chat topic suggestions below.



Katrina said...

I think my best traits are that I'm incredibly loyal and supportive. I always do my best to encourage my husband with anything that he wants to put his mind to and I'm very loyal to him; we have our differences of opinion for sure and we certainly don't agree on everything, but when it comes down to it, I have his back and would never tolerate anyone criticizing him in my presence. I don't think he's perfect but I think it's disrespectful to either bash your partner or tolerate someone else doing it around you.

Giving the other person space to do their own thing is also really important too; I totally agree with you and it's important to me to have my own time and space as well.

Sarah Palisek said...

I like that Katrina! A lot. :)

Gosh, I find it also hard to decipher and write down in words the best traits of your own relationship, especially the ones that YOU bring to the table. Hmmm.

I would say that I am pretty easy-going and can go with the flow and do what my hubby wants to do a lot of the time. I am not too picky with things and sometimes indecisive to a fault. I am fairly medium-maintenance haha (typed "low" then deleted it and thought, ok, he wouldn't think I am LOW maintenance..haha.)

But, I also think you can really tell your relationship qualities by looking at the things you bring to the table with your good SHOULD be the same qualities minus the really gushy, physical part. This is a good indicator when you can see and find the same traits across the board. All relationships (friends/family/significant others) take work on both sides, or it doesn't work.

Subsequently, it is also a good tell-tale sign of the things that you need to work on in your personal relationship, when you look at your relationships with your friends and family. Easier to see it sometimes when you take the horizontal mambo side out of things! ;)

Good Let's Chat sesh friends..ciao for now!

A.Co said...

Katrina: I like that a lot too, really nice :) We should all do that.

Sarah: You are pretty go with the flow, actually! Haha and I guess you're medium maintenance, hence the GWTF portion. I like what you said about being the same across the board; yeah! MAkes sense!

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