Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What do you wear to bed?

After various discussions with girl friends, I've come to the conclusion that what people wear to bed is almost always a strongly chosen choice, and often, the other options are not even options.  People like to wear to bed what they like to wear to bed.  Doing something different is uncomfortable and not liked.

For me, I used to be a big fan of boy shorts and a tank top, just a few years ago.  Since then, I've been slowly losing my clothes, down to undies, and now my preference is to sleep naked (gasp!).  Part of me just feels the most comfortable like this, but another part of me feels, 'Why dirty more clothes than I have to?'.  That said, I love lingerie, but typically, not when I'm alone.

What about you? Are you strongly set in what you wear to bed?



Anonymous said...

"Since then, I've been slowly losing my clothes, down to undies, and now my preference is to sleep naked (gasp!)."

Why the "gasp"? Is sleeping naked supposed to be scandalous or shocking or something?

jenna said...

sleeping naked may be shopping if there were ever to be a fire and you had to burn rubber outside wearing nothing!! I also sleep naked, so comfortable no matter what!!

Lindsay said...

Seems Anonymous #1 doesn't understand literary expression and Anonymous #2 likes to hide behind a veil. Maybe "THIS topic" does show Amanda's true character - one that is open, honest, charismatic, funny, outside the box.. etc.!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay - I am well aware of literary expressions and why and how they're used, thanks - but the use of the word in this blog post is silly to me; it's being used to suggest that sleeping naked is shocking and we're all supposed to be so amazed that Amanda is admitting it - when really, I can't understand why anyone would find sleeping naked shocking.

Anonymous #3 - that is a seriously, hideously low thing to say - whether it's true or not is absolutely none of your business, and Amanda doesn't know us and is not obligated to admit anything to us.

MelMac!! said...

Yowza....controversy over a 4 letter word? And not one of the nasty 4 letter words either?
Anywho....I do sleep in the nude as well. It is the most comfortable and I feel like it let's me "breathe" during the night. I remember reading a long time ago that only 15% of the population sleeps naked. That percentage must be higher nowadays as most people I know (that I am close enough to discuss this topic with) sleep in their birthday suits as well! Great topic Amanda.

Sarah Palisek said...

I sleep naked every night. Totally comfy, free, not too hot cause I love covers! I also don't like feeling restricted and uncomfortable during the night.

Naked is the way to go for me! Hubby doesn't mind either as he is also a naked sleeper (now after conversion) and sometimes it starts a romantic night when you're both already undressed.

Why are people above getting their sleeping panties in a knot??? Don't read this blog if you can only hide beyond your mean, hateful and anonymous posts. /END

Sharon Lei said...

Sleeping in mah birthday suit is something that I rarely do. Anytime I do sleep in the nude, I wake up with a sore tummy. LOL!

Soooooo... I prefer sleeping in cute and comfy chemises. Yeah, I like look cute even when I'm getting my beauty sleep. :D Sometimes, the Pirate wonders why I buy so many sleeping dresses. hahaha. Guys, just don't get it. ;)

xx Love & Aloha

Candice said...

Sometimes I sleep naked but usually I prefer lingerie, even if my hubby is away on business overnight. It's just so pretty. :)

A.Co said...

@Anon #1: No no, it's not shocking, I was being my sarcastic self with the 'gasp!' #sarcasmFAIL I also can't understand why people would find it shocking to be sleeping nude, but alas, some do. And, thanks for sticking up for me, that was sweet.

@Anon #2 (who has since been deleted): Now, now, play nice ;)

@Lindsay: Thanks for sticking up for me, really nice, and for the record, was great seeing you the other day.

@MelMac: 15%?! I'm surprised, but would think most would sleep clothed over naked anyways.

@Sharon: Why is your tummy sore?! xo

Jamie said...

Interesting topic and also commenting going on up thurr. Anyway, I perhaps am an oddity as I like mixing it up!!! I usually trend towards pj pants or boy shorts and a tank or tee, but I'm equally as comfortable in a lingerie-esque nightie type thing. I find those are easy to reach for when hubby goes to bed first and I have to get dressed for bed in the dark - I don't want to open 2 drawers and attempt to find a suitable match, haha. I'm comfy sleeping naked, too, but don't do it often.

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