Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What are your bad habits?

I have a terrible one:  I bite my nails.


I wish I could stop, and have for short periods of time, but always revert to picking at them.  It's awful but nails, I just can't quit you.

Another bad one?  I'm always late.  It's terrible and I feel bad for the people who are waiting, which in turn stresses  and angers me and I'm the only one to blame!  I just cannot be punctual.  #truth

Sound off, what habit do you wish you could break?



AA said...

I have this horrible habit when I'm stressed out where I pick at and chip off all my nail polish. It's so frustrating - I'll do my nails and the next day they'll look horrible!

I also spin my rings around on my fingers to the point when I either give myself a blister or they fly off my hands across the room. It's not pretty.

Katrina said...

You should get a gel manicure; you can't bite those nails, look really natural, and are not overly expensive.

I also twirl my rings around; I've been really lucky that I've never lost any of them but have come close so I've stopped doing it in public after dropping them and having them roll away from me occasionally.

A.Co said...

@AA: I totally do that w my nail polish, it falls under the nail picking for me, lol. Frustrating for sure with the amount of time we spend manicuring them!

@Katrina: I've had the gel before, and it def helped. I'm considering buying myself a UV light (off ebay!) and some polishes... but haven't yet. Be careful with the rings!!!!!

Sarah Palisek said...

I text and drive ALL THE TIME. I know it is wrong and illegal and I still do it. I am always on my phone and can't disconnect even for 15 - 20 mins while driving. BAAADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! (guilty!).

I stay up too late almost every, single night. I don't sleep enough and that affects my mornings and lateness and stress and the cycle continues. ARGH! I keep saying I need to go to bed earlier, but I never do.

I also drink too much when I drink alcohol. I mix, I drink several too many and then I wind up with a wicked hangover (usually involving vomiting). I feel like I am 19 when I drink and seem to think it won't be as bad as it is. My hangovers are awful now (in my 30s) and sometimes last a full day or so. BAD NEWS! I can always have a tonne of fun not drinking, don't get me wrong..I don't drink that often (usually on the weekend here and there)..but sometimes I just want to go full tilt and then I pay. I pay hard.

Lastly - I swear too much. I must have been a sailor in another life. I notice that I am always dropping the f-bomb diggity. I am around guys a lot and always have been, so it seems to be par for the course. But, sometimes I don't even realize I am doing it. I have to also consciously recognize when it is not appropriate to swear and stop myself from doing so. I want to make a mid-year resolution to stop to swearing, it is so not lady-like.

Ok, enough about my bad habits..I am so imperfect.

A.Co said...

@Sarah: well written & thanks for sharing!! Haha, I totally stay up too late all the time, ugh, as we've discussed far too frequently (everyday!). I don't notice your swearing.... shit, does that mean I swear a lot too!?

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