Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What kind of shopper are you?

I love to shop, that's clearly no secret and I think pretty common among women (and some men).  Just yesterday I was doing some online browsing and thought to myself how wide our access has grown to aquire different things.  Think back to just a decade ago when online shopping didn't exist.  Imagine your life without it; would you be affected?

Do you prefer online or in-store shopping?

I love online shopping, the convienence but mainly the accessibility.  I love that I can get something from halfway across the world or simply from a store here in my city that no longer has my size.  Then you receive your parcel in the mail a bit later and it's always so exciting opening it up.  It's awesome.

That said, I still love shopping at the mall more.  Touching and trying on the clothes, the rush you get when you walk out of the store with your new purchases.  Holding that tangible item immediately.  Hard to beat.

What about the type of shopping you do:  Are you a sale shopping or will pay full price for the latest and greatest?

I am a big sale shopping and don't tend to pay full price for something very often unless it's shoes (my size, 10, is rare and sells out quickly).  When I do purchase something full price I often feel guilty because I know it's going to be on sale soon.

That said, I have been trying to make a concious switch in my shopping within the past month or so.  Instead of buying cheaper, trendy items, I'm looking for more quality-made, staple pieces.  Items that will stick around in my closet for a while that are well made.  I kind of came to this realization about two months ago while shopping at Forever 21 and then stepping into Zara.  Now, for the record, I love F21 and you can find some great pieces there and I'm not discounting that, but going into Zara immediately after and loving almost every beautiful piece that came across my vision made me think twice about where I'm spending my money.  Investment pieces aren't really something I was interested in purchasing up until now, and while I can't pass up a good sale, I also am trying to focus my purchases towards slightly higher end items.

Lastly, do you ever return items or have buyer's remose?

I return stuff like nobody's business and have become quite good at keeping my receipts organized just in case.  I have no problem returning something if I've changed my mind; no point letting it sit in your closet and throwing away your money, find something else that you will love instead.  While returning can be a hassel, thinking about what you could purchase instead is my motivation.  When I've purchased something I cannot return, I'll either keep it in my closet and let it go to waste, or take it to a consignment shop try to make some money back.

Sound off on the (lengthy) topics above!

(Top photo at my favourite store in Montreal in 2007; in Syracuse, NY in 2008)



Anonymous said...

First of all, a decade ago (2003) online shopping ABSOLUTELY existed and I was all over it! Just not as many retailers as today. :)

I am an online shopper most of the time (like 90-95% of the time). I like the seeing, touching and immediately having that you get from the store, but I always feel too busy to wander in stores. Usually if I go to a store or mall it's for something specific I need now (like a gift for someone) or to check out something I saw online.

I like sales but am not a sale shopper. I buy high-end expensive items usually and kind of just jump on them when I see them! A sale is just a bonus to me if I catch one.

I rarely return. I've become a pro at analyzing something before pulling the trigger to know if it's for me or not. My only remorse usually comes from NOT buying something and having it be gone!

A.Co said...

@Anon: I like your style!! I have to agree, lately since I've done more and more online shopping, I find shopping IN store takes quite a bit of time!! Before I know it the mall is closing and I'm like, 'Wha!? I'm not done yet!'

Samantha said...

Online shopping is fun but there's nothing like being in a store and walking out with your purchases - that is definitely true!!

Isabel said...

i love online shopping due to convenience but i tend to only buy beauty products online. Id rather try clothes on in store to make sure they fit. I havent been shopping much the last while due to serious budget constraints but I need some cute spring/summer clothes!

Rebecca @ Thats So Pearl said...

I love online shopping! It's so much easier for me now that I have a toddler. Fitting rooms + baby stroller don't mix and looking around for the perfect top or pair of pants is not so much fun with a whiney child! LOL. I much prefer shopping online after she goes to bed (with a glass of wine in hand!).

Jamie said...

I really don't love online shopping. Mostly because I have an oddly proportioned body and so many things just don't fit me right. I'd probably love it more if returning was easy, or free, with online shopping, but more often than not the buyer has to pay return shipping and take the extra time to go somewhere to ship it. That being said, I'm also not big on store returns - again, for the extra time! I'd rather not buy something and then take the time to make the trip back because I really want it instead. And that definitely happens - but that's how I know I'm making purchase I really love! One other thing I definitely agree on - sale shopping!! I am of the mindset that retailers overprice items at regular price because they know they'll go on sale (my husband works for Macy's and I know for a fact that this is part of their business structure), so I only ever buy at full price if it's something I'm in love with and will be sad about missing out on, or if it's super high quality and I know it won't ever really "go on sale" (like Ray-Bans or Coach bags!).

Franziska said...

I wasn't a list maker until recently, but now that i have a plan going into each month, it really helps cut down on impulse purchases, and therefore I like my clothes a lot more. I also only buy online if I can return it either with free shipping or can return in store. I rarely buy anything full price because I'm cheap.


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