Thursday, July 11, 2013

What do you call your parents?

For me it's really simple, I call my parents Mom & Dad and will refer to them as M&D with my sister.  Sometimes I'll call my Mom 'Mother', but she doesn't enjoy that too much (haha).

What do you call your parents?  Any special nicknames?  Do you ever call them by their first name?

(Top photo from my vacation to Florida in 2012 & bottom from my holiday campaign with Place d'Orleans back in December 2012)



Anonymous said...

Growing up I called them Mommy and Daddy. Recently though I started saying Mom and Dad, but I think in my heart they'll always be Mommy and Daddy :)s

LC said...

Mum and Dad. Mum was originally Mom.. but that changed randomly?! I throw out the first name when in a crowd and "MUM" isn't working.
Cute topic!

Ashley Torres said...

Thanks for your sweet comments pretty lady! So funny you posted about this because I was having this convo with my boss, who has a 5 year old that goes to a very progressive school in Venice beach. Apparently now a days kids are calling their friend's parents by their first names instead of Mr & Mrs. so & so. Craziness to me!


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