Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Does it bother you when someone uses a picture of themselves with their significant other as their profile picture?

I had never thought of this before until someone mentioned it, but, does it bother you when people use a 'couple photo' as their profile picture?  For instance, a boyfriend/girlfriend duo that posts a picture of the two of them for the photo?

The argument I heard was that everyone has their own, for example, Facebook account, so why would you use a picture of two people when it's your own profile.  Similar to your driver's license, it's a picture of just you, not you and your husband, etc.

Personally, this does not bother me, I think it's sweet and the person is who owns the profile is still in the picture and you can clearly distinguish who is who.  On the other hand, I do find it kind of strange when someone uses their baby or child's photo as their PP; that clearly isn't you and you likely have an entire album, or six, dedicated to your child (I know I would, who's with me!?) so why not use your own face for the main picture?

This is a weird topic but how do you feel about it?



AA said...

Having your significant other or child, pet, friend, etc. in the picture WITH you doesn't bother me. As long as your profile picture features YOU, I'm fine with it.

But I definitely agree - people who use just their child's picture as their profile picture confuse me. It's your profile - not your kid's!

Jamie said...

My first reaction to your post was "that's fine but I hate when people post their kid as their PP!!!" and then you went and said it. I agree with you, and as AA said above - if you're also in the pic, it's fine to have the pic contain others - but just one person who isn't you, kid or otherwise? Strange!!

A.Co said...

Haha thank you AA & Jamie! We're totally on the same page :P

Sarah Palisek said...

Meh - I think it's ok if it's you and your S.O, but when it's a pet, a rando pic, a cartoon of some sort or your child/children, I no like.

^^ Agreed with above (smart ladies!) ^^

I heard them talking about this on the radio the other morning too and then I started to think more about is YOUR page or profile or whatever. Have an album with other pics if you want, but I have always liked a solo pic for social media platforms.


Kate said...

It doesn't bother me at all but I do understand why some people have an issue with it - some people, when they get into a relationship lose their sense of self and don't even have an identity without their significant other, and I think people get annoyed at that and associate having a "couple-y" profile picture with not being able to separate yourself from your S.O. - which isn't always the case, but often is.

Anonymous said...

I would totally put a couple pic for my profile... if I had a man!!! that's why i dont like it because im jealous!! haha i think its stupid, but to each his or her own :-)

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